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Penny Alley is what I publish my paranormal, dark fantasy and urban fantasy romances under. You might fight spanking threats, a smack or two delivered during sex, and very dominant Alpha men in these books, but you will not find spankings. My Penny Alley titles include:

Demon Seduction WEBSITE USE

Kaelythus the Corruptor was a demon of the ninth echelon. He was strong, formidable, one who had walked the world for almost two millennia—and he had a problem.

It wasn’t that he’d been mugged on his way home, or that subsequent slip in self-control when he’d revealed himself in all his demonic glory and sent his would-be mugger running down the street. It wasn’t that news of his disgrace seemed to be developing wings, spreading farther and faster than he could counter. It wasn’t even that Kael was going to have to join forces with the infamous Hesoniel, a demon turned Redeemer, in a desperate bid to save himself before the Powers That Be judged him…retire-able. No. No, a clever demon could still come back from all that. Unfortunately for Kael, his biggest problem was who had seen him: his lovely, across-the-alley neighbor, Delilah.

The name alone should have told him something…

Available for $2.99 at Amazon.

Golden Song_ARE

Psychic Polly Martin saw him for the first time standing across the subway car. She knew he couldn’t be real. No one was that tall, that strong, that handsome. No one growled like that, so low and seductive under his breath, a rumbling sound that moved through her traitor’s body like a physical caress. Certainly no one had eyes like he did—glowing and yellow, vaguely reptilian in the way he watched her, so hungry and intent. Predatory, even as he smiled.

No, there was no way a man like that could be real. She had to be hallucinating. And really, after four very long days without sleep, the only thing that ought to surprise her about that was that it hadn’t happened sooner.

Warning: This is an erotic romance novelette is 23k words in length (78 printed pages) and involves dragon shape-shifters. There are explicit sex scenes, menage situations and anal intercourse. If you find any of that disturbing, you might not want to purchase this story.

Available for $2.99 at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Incubus Moon_ARE

Ishara, the Goddess of Life and Birth, once wandered the world of men and she loved them. She loved them so much that she gave birth to the incubi and spread her children among all who worshipped her. But her ‘gifts’ were not well-received and her children grew hungry and cruel. Now, centuries later, demons overrun the world and man is fast becoming an endangered species.

When the tiny farming community of Breckenhold is attacked, Veda becomes its only survivor and her life inextricably changed. Her body and will no longer her own—the captive plaything of the incubi who save her—it is to this shunned and forgotten goddess that Veda must now go if she hopes to stop Ishara’s savage children before her people and all of those she now holds dear are hunted into extinction.

Available for $4.99 at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Karly's Wolf_Kindle










On the run from her abusive husband, Karly Whitaker flees across state lines and finally settles in an old mining town called Hollow Hills. Starting over has never been so scary. To make it worse, on her first night in a new place she hits a dog—the biggest, blackest, wolf-like creature she has ever seen. Although he appears more dazed than hurt, Karly takes him home. But while it’s comforting not to be alone, it’s hard to ignore the strange things happening around her. All she wants to do is hide from her husband, Fish and Game won’t leave her alone, her gun-toting neighbor scares her to death, and every morning Puppy vanishes, leaving her to deal with Colton Laurens all on her own. Colton—the dark-haired, honey-eyed Game warden, whose gentlest touch makes her battered heart ache and whose hungry kisses burn her from the inside out. For the first time in her life, Karly knows what it’s like to live unafraid, but with more than ghosts haunting her footsteps, she’s beginning to suspect not everything in Hollow Hills is what it seems…

Available for $2.99 at Amazon.

9 thoughts on “Writing as Penny Alley

  1. I really enjoyed Incubus Moon. Got it from Blushing Books. I loved that it was so long. Actually felt a little lost when I finished it. I’m going to read some of your others.

  2. I know I just posted yesterday, but I just read incubus moon and it touched me more than a book has in a very long time. I have been crying my eyes out for the last 30 minutes after I finished the book and desperately wish for something similar to read as I have not gotten enough. It’s by far the best book I have read in a long time, I just wish it ended differently as Scar was my favorite person. Still sniffling

    • Oh, honey! I’m sorry. Scar was my favorite character too. I cried for weeks over the ending of that book. You will never know how hard I tried not to have it end that way, but no other ending worked. I am working on the next Penny Alley, tentatively titled Idyllwood Draft which will be in the same vein as Incubus Moon. But it will be at least a year before it’s ready. Let me recommend a couple books to keep you until then: Cottonwood or The Last Hour of Gann both by R. Lee Smith. If you have not tried this author, seriously, you should. Her world-building is unbelievable. You will be sucked into story lines you never thought you’d be interested in and you will fall in love with the most incredible characters.

  3. I just got done reading Karly wolf and i loved it. Was wondering if there would be more from this town or if its one of a kind? would love to read more with the other two unmated members of the pack to find their brides.

  4. I loved Karl’s wolf and gables bride , just finished them . Are you going to write more from hollow hills ?

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