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Corbin’s Bend Series:


Corbin’s Bend, Season One: Last Dance for Cadence

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The ad read: “Full-time housekeeper/nanny position. Live-in preferred. References and experience required. Salary negotiable. Apply in person.”

Cadence Westmore knew she wasn’t qualified for the job, but for a paycheck and an apartment, she was determined to apply. As an ex-dancer with two bad legs and no experience with children, she expected to be turned down. What she didn’t expect was the instant attraction she felt when Corbin’s Bend’s resident doctor took her in his capable hands.

A widower with three boys to raise, Dr. Marcus Devon knew he needed help. But he also knew Cadence Westmore was the last person he should hire. Still he gave her the job, opening his home and his life to a woman as stubborn as she was lovely, and as determined not to need him as he was to make her his. She was her own worst enemy, pushing herself to exceed her wounded body’s physical limitations until the doctor finally stepped in to apply some good old-fashioned bare-bottom medicine. The more she rebelled, the more he took her across his knee until at last Cadence realized if she wasn’t careful, she just might lose everything all over again.


Corbin’s Bend, Season Two: Have Paddle, Will Travel

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When a freak snow storm threatens to cut off the already remote community of Corbin’s Bend from the rest of the world, the residents scramble to get enough emergency supplies from neighboring towns before the mountain roads are closed. It’s sheer luck of the draw that force Ettie and Vance into the same car together. The only problem is, they can’t stand one another. She’s a submissive who hasn’t been spanked in four very long years (four years, seven months, thirteen days…not that she was counting). He’s the resident paddle and strap maker, a man known to answer the call of needy submissives everywhere. In his workshop at home, Vance has every implement he’d ever need to win a war like this. In a car in the middle of nowhere with the storm of the century bearing down upon them…who will win this particular battle was anybody’s guess.



Masters of the Castle Series:


Masters of the Castle, Book 1: Holding Hannah

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Hannah Alder used to know who she was. She used to be strong, have confidence…then the thing happened, and suddenly Hannah seems to have lost everything… including herself.

Freshly-released from her father’s hospital, she is banished from home, sent to live with an uncle who puts her to work for the summer, interning under the chief building inspector in a small Ohio town. No one knows her, yet – somehow – everyone seems to know exactly why she’s there.

It’s while on the job that Hannah first discovers The Castle, a massive stone structure set in the wheat fields of Ohio. It’s soon-to-be THE vacation destination for the kink-inclined…if the Doms who run it can ever get it properly permitted and licensed, but Hannah’s nasty boss is determined that that will never happen. While on an inspection visit, one Dom in particular catches Hannah’s eye: Master Sam–strong, dark, wickedly-attractive, every inch of him the very last thing someone like Hannah needs in her life.

Sam Cooper sees Hannah coming a mile away, looking horribly out-of-place in a poorly-fitted business suit, Girl Friday to the building-inspector who’s determined to shut them down before they even open. Sam is experienced in the BDSM world, a partner in a major kink-friendly resort… definitely not his first rodeo. Yet what he sees in Hannah’s astonished eyes as he gives her a private tour of The Castle makes him do something he can’t believe: he slips her his business card.

Will Hannah call? Of course not. Not when she’s working so hard to get back everything she’s lost. She’s getting better after all…

Sometimes what you fight the hardest, is what you need the most.

Welcome to the Castle.


Masters of the Castle, Book 2: Kaylee’s Keeper

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Kaylee Waters has saved her pennies for almost two years, mentally debated for six months, changed her mind no less than two-dozen times and finally purchased a three-day pass to what promised to be the vacation of a lifetime: The Castle, the kinkiest theme-resort-to-end-all-vacation-resorts.

So what if she’d fibbed a little on her online application? (Everyone does!) So what if she’d never “actually” engaged in BDSM before? (She’s thought about it a lot.) So what if she’d never even been spanked? (She’s read tons of books.) This was the Castle, after all, and it promised to change everything. Unfortunately, her first scenario is a catastrophe and sends her from the room in tears, only to be sent to Master Marshall’s office – like a bad girl sent before the principal.

Marshall Leaf, founding partner of The Castle, has seen a lot in the three years since the resort opened, but Ms. Kaylee Waters pretty much takes the prize. As far as he can determine, the only truthful thing on her application is her name, and he’s not even completely sure about that. She lied so heinously about her past experiences (which are exactly zilch) that what he should do is refund her money and put her on a fast bus home. Instead, for reasons he can’t quite understand, he gives her the first spanking of her life, and then sends her back out into the resort. He doesn’t give a damn whether she wanted the spanking or not: it was exactly what she needed.

Kaylee should be ecstatic. She’s already gotten a spanking, and The Castle is perfect: everything she’s dreamed of – and more. She can be anything she wants: sassy maid, naughty schoolgirl, bad “baby” in the nursery, captured princess in the dungeon. But, even though the ice has been broken, why isn’t she still fitting in anywhere? Why does everything just feel wrong? Why does she break the rules again and again, and find herself right back in Master Marshall’s office?

Why indeed?

Welcome to the Castle.

saving sara (2)

Masters of the Castle, Book 3: Saving Sara

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Once upon a time, Jackson and Sara were friends. Close friends. Friends with benefits, even. For him, making that leap into a committed relationship seemed like a no-brainer. For her, it was scary as hell. Having seen more than one submissive become lost in the illusion of a relationship that was then incapable of surviving in real life, Sara was terrified. She knew she was falling in love, and she had no idea with what: Jackson the reality, or the masterful illusion. Then the accident happened and Jackson was there for her. And that’s when Sara knew – she was going to lose herself in the illusion. Terrified, she ran.

Now, years later, Jackson is chief of security for The Castle – the hottest BDSM fantasy resort in the country. Summoned to the dungeon on a trouble call, Sara is the last person he expects to find huddled up against the bathroom wall. After three long years filled with even longer nights, he’s had plenty of time to consider all he’d do if ever she fell back into his life. When he sees his chance, he doesn’t hesitate. One day – that’s all he has before the buses come and Sara runs again. One day to rekindle old passions, to bury old fears, to prove once and for all just what is illusion and what is not.

Sweet Sinclair

Masters of the Castle, Book 4: Sweet Sinclair

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Since a competing sweet shop opened its doors, things have not gone well for Sinclair’s candy shop, Maybe’s Candy. Business was slowing, her finances were dropping and no matter what she does she just can’t think of any way to get her business back on top. Even the one highlight of her week – that moment when handsome Parker Johnson, a man she had been flirting with for over a year, came to buy his usual bag of caramels – even that wasn’t much of a treat. How could it be when Sinclair already knew something was wrong with him? She couldn’t quite put her finger on what it was – was he married, gay, or a homicidal maniac? But a guy just didn’t show that much interest in a girl and then not ask her out, at least not without a good reason. And Parker most definitely had not asked her out.

Then, an unexpected ray of good luck: From out of the blue, she’s offered a job. All she has to do is cater a lavish candy party – one day, 900 people, and her store would be financially set all the way through summer. The only catch? The venue is a place called the Castle, a fantasy BDSM resort inhabited by some of the hottest Masters she has ever met. And one of them just happens to be Parker, the same man she’s been drooling over for the last year.

What a coincidence! Or is it? Sinclair always knew there was something wrong with him. What she didn’t know, was how he could make WRONG feel so wonderfully RIGHT.


Masters of the Castle, Book 5: Chasing Chelsea

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Chelsea is out of work, between homes and nearly out of money when, while filling out job applications at a busy bus depot, she find the opportunity of a lifetime simply lying in the trash. It’s a prepaid vacation voucher—room, meals and clothing all included. All she has to do is get on a bus and for the next ten days she’d be sleeping in a bed instead of her car. Unfortunately, the voucher is for a place called The Castle and no one lives in Granger for long without hearing one or two things about that very adult resort. Still, prepaid is prepaid, and just because she goes to the resort doesn’t mean she has to participate, right?

Then she meets Selena, and suddenly Chelsea’s a slavegirl in a BDSM wedding, an unwilling confidant in a secret Sara can’t bear to tell Jackson, the enigma Master Marshall just can’t figure out…and then there’s Kade. The big bad wolf, Selena calls him. The biggest and baddest the Castle has ever known. Everyone warns her to steer clear of the playboy Master, but right from the very start steering clear is the one thing Chelsea can’t bring herself to do. From the moment he smiles at her – the moment his experienced touch burns into her skin – she’s drawn.

Poor Little Red, she never had a chance.

Anthologies and Boxed Sets:


The Naughty List Box Set – Available for a LIMITED TIME only! Grab this amazing holiday collection of five novellas from some of old-fashioned romance’s favorite authors. Each of these five books is all-new for the 2013 Holiday season. Almost 130,000 words of reading for one great low price.

Something Has to Give by Maren Smith (Author of #1 Erotic Romance bestseller “Kaylee’s Keeper”)

Freshly divorced and newly-discharged from the military, Quint Rydecker comes home for the first time since his wife left him, expecting to find his house empty and quiet.

Elsie Redding thinks she’s found a place to call her own–an old abandoned farmhouse in the middle of the Utah desert–where she might finally evade the debts and hard times haunting her.

Now, like soldiers on opposing fields, Quint and Elsie wage war with that old farmhouse as the only prize. Both are determined to get rid of the other before winter closes in. But no matter how much she tries, Elsie can’t seem to harden herself against the guilt of taking Quint’s home; no matter how much he tries, Quint can’t resist the lovely, kissable and all-too spankable Elsie’s charms.

Something will have to give, and it might just be their hearts.

Saved by Renee Rose

Jack could not sink lower than working as a rent-a-cop at the department store, but with the injury to his leg during his tour to Iraq, his preferred careers are closed to him. The only bright spot of the job is watching Melinda, the vivacious brunette behind the cosmetics counter. When she takes off after a shoplifter, needlessly endangering herself, he threatens a spanking and to his surprise, finds she is amenable to his punishment.

Enamored with the dominant but wounded warrior who comes to her rescue, Melinda lets Jack take her in hand, but finds herself repeatedly shut out emotionally. Not understanding it results from self-loathing over his injury rather than a lack of interest, she writes him off. But when real danger threatens, Jack steps in again.

Can he reveal his true feelings this time? And if so, will her submission to his discipline help him feel like a man again?

Christmas Joy by Patty Devlin

Joy hitches a ride headed to the Double R ranch, looking for a job. She is desperate to find a place to stay before the snow flies, however, she isn’t prepared for feelings the ranch’s owner, large, sexy and entirely dominant Nick stirs up deep inside her. Living on the road has been hard; with her past she should stay and beg for the job. But running is easier than dealing with her fears and these new feelings, isn’t it? So she runs – again.

Nick is used to being in charge, he knows just what Joy needs, and he’s more than willing to put her over his knee and give it to her. But he’s also used to people leaving. Can he find her, convince her to trust him, and bring her back? Will Nick be able to bring Joy into his home, his heart, and keep her there—for good, not just for Christmas?

A Father for Christmas by Dinah McLeod

Clara Jones is a busy social worker that’s a bit of a Grinch when it comes to Christmas. As a single mother who sees more than her fair share of trouble day in and day out, she’s looking for an escape, even if she doesn’t know it. Can Adam and his domestic discipline give her what she needs?

Everything Christmas by Maddie Taylor

Sparks fly when these sexy neighbors meet. She is sweet and very interested. He is jaded having been burned by love. He also has very specific ideas for what he wants in a relationship but is he willing to risk his heart again? There is something special about his new neighbor. Could it be that the woman he has been pushing away is exactly what he has been searching for?

This collection will be available for a limited time only.

My stand-alone books:

Holy cow…I think I need a vacation.

Angel of Hawkhaven_ARE

Ella Rayette hadn’t felt the touch of fine clothes or known any security since the night her father died. Now, all grown up and struggling to survive in the hells of London’s gambling district, all of Ella’s best efforts have come down to this: a cruel beating at the hands of her employer, surrounded by the jeering patrons she’d once served. Or, at least, it would have come to that, if not for the angel who saved her. He whisked her out of Hell, took her home in a fine carriage, gave her two pounds to help keep back the wolf of starvation and even offered her a job caring for his invalid sister. A job! Had she known he might do that, she’d never have stolen his waistwatch. Ella watched him ride away with the timepiece burning a hole in her pocket. It was a struggle not to feel badly about the theft but she needed the money far more than her angel. And really, unless she took him up on the promise of that job, what were the chances she’d ever see him again anyway? You’ll love this new spanking romance from Maren Smith! For adults only.


Audrey had her popcorn, ice cream and Diet Coke, perfectly chilled and ready for consumption, as well as a stack of her favorite B-flick movies at her side when a sudden stroke of lightning zapped her out of her living room. The next thing she knew, she was behind the wheel of a beat-up, old dinosaur of a pickup, bouncing along an unpaved road, and nothing was in color. When a six-foot tall spider dashed across the road in front of her, suddenly Audrey knew: She was in the movie!

Now Audrey must follow the script of the worst film ever to be put to paper, do battle against huge man-eating spiders (made in Japan, naturally), and pray that sometime before the credits roll and the film fades to black, she gets magically zapped back out into the real world. And she has to do it all while in the company of the most maddening human being alive: Morgan Kreiter, a man who doesn’t hesitate to put her over his knee and paddle her backside if she doesn’t follow her lines. Impossible man! She’s so hoping he gets eaten next!










Originally title Bippity Boppity Boo (Books 1 and 2), it has since been renamed.

Two stories for the price of one, right here for your reading pleasure. Jack Morgan had been out of work for nearly two months. He’d finally lost the fight and was made homeless by a woman with purple hair, spent fifty-five fruitless days job hunting, ate pizza from a dumpster, and sat through over a hundred interviews with the rejection notices to prove it. He knew what desperation felt like, because certainly desperation was the driving force that propelled him past that Help Wanted sign in the window and into a very ordinary looking lobby. He needed a job, and he’d do anything to get one–even if that meant working for a place like Fairy Godmothers, Inc. Except, there was no way he’d ever wave that cussed wand. A man just had to have some pride. Although that long whippy end certainly did pack one hell of a sting…

Mature subject matter for adults only. 22,701 words

Black Sheep_ARE

Never in his wildest dreams would Leverton Strathsford have imagined that his family was broke. Upon his father’s demise, however, the ugly truth was revealed: everything they owned had been mortgaged to support a wildly imprudent gambler’s bad habits. Condemned to make his own way in the world, Leverton had no choice but to find a job.

And so, to Dallyhone Bog he went, responding to an advertisement for an estate manager. But when he arrived, for the second time in nine short days, he learned that life isn’t always as it seems. The lord of the manor which Leverton would now call ‘home’ was in actuality — a woman! And not just any woman, but a maddeningly, ravishingly lovely young woman with an equally maddening penchant for doing the most outlandish and unladylike things.

Leverton hadn’t been a servant very long, but he suspected there might be rules against estate managers paddling their employers. Certainly there had to be rules against falling in love with them. And it was unfortunate really, because before the week was out, he just might be guilty of both.

Spanking romance at its best! Mature subject matter for adults only. 30,965 words


After years of loyal service to Ethelred the Unready, Tremen of Southby has received the greatest prize that any third son of a nobleman could hope for: Lands of his own. And not just any parcel of much-coveted property, but Burkshire Keep, a significant holding along a key section of the Welsh coast. All he has to do now is keep it from falling into the hands of the marauding Vikings, defeat the scheming Robert (who desires the Keep above all else), and woo the warrior maiden who lives there–Hallie, his wife by proxy.

Of the three, the first two tasks are quickly proved the easiest to accomplish by far. Fortunately for Tremen, a lifetime of battle has strengthened his right arm. He’s confident that, given enough time, enough patience–and enough birch switches freshly cut from the garden–eventually, he’ll bring even a head-strong woman like his wife to heel…that is, if she doesn’t outrun, out-fight, or even outright kill him first.

The Diva v2_ARE

Ida Mayfield had dedicated her life to opera. She’d worked hard, clawing her way up through the ranks to become a world-renowned Diva… Until a horrible car accident brought her whole world crashing down.

It took a full year of rehab and sheer stubborn grit just to get her walking again, but whatever she had to do, Ida did it, working through pain, sweat and tears; through long days of near-nonstop rehearsals until she had once more reached the top. If it took a Vicodin or two to help her through the worst of it… well, she was in pain, so where was the harm? Except that it was taking more and more just to get her through the day, though nobody knew it. Not even Lucian de Averley, the most infuriatingly high-handed man with whom any Diva ever had to work opposite.

Try though she might, it was getting increasingly harder to hide her secrets from him — both those of a medical nature and those infinitely more personal ones that left her hot, flustered and blushing every time he came near her. It was really too bad that he seemed much more inclined to paddle her bottom raw than to kiss and hold her. No, keeping him at arm’s length was really the best decision that Ida could make. Unfortunately, like everything else in her life right now, Lucian was doing his best to make sure it didn’t turn out quite the way she wanted.

Mature subject matter for adults only. 26,923 words


When Duncan MacRae met the new superintendent of the Caxton Home for Orphans, he was, to say the least, not pleased. Sadie was much too bright for such an austere place. She was also much too talkative, much too beautiful and her head was full of all the wrong reforms. Unfortunately, he was in no position to summarily have her replaced. The best he could do was teach her how a proper orphanage should be run. But ‘under his wing’ was more like over his knee! And his feisty Sadie was becoming more unnervingly beautiful with every heated confrontation between them, both on and off his lap! Oh no! Friends, they were not! But unless he could get his increasingly passionate nature–and Sadie–under firm control, their safe, comfortable roles as ‘enemies’ was about to come to a screeching, earth-shattering, smiling, laughing, entirely too-kissable stop. For adults only.

The Great Prank_ARE

Brandy just turned eighteen and it`s her last year at St. Walburga`s Catholic High School. Soon, Brandy Smith and Nellie Goodman will pass out of the spotlight of notoriety that they`ve inhabited for the past four years and into the oubliette of obscurity. Unless, that is, they can pull off the Big One…the Great Prank that will set the standard for all eternity and make their names immortal in the annals of St. Walburga`s. All Brandy has to do is come up with an idea…oh, and carry it off under the eagle eye of the Mother Superior and her paddle, known as `The Board of Education`…not to mention avoiding any further `corrective measures` at the hands, or rulers or switches, of the new Science teacher…and of course, she has to do whatever she`s doing before her elusive and as-yet-identified rival can out-prank her.

Oh, it`s going to be a good year.

How To Live Without A Man 2

They were seven friends, thrown together over the course of attending class after dismal and uninspiring self-help class. For over a year, they’d tried to bring the magic back, rekindle the spark, light the fires. They’d tweezed, plucked, shaped up, slimmed down, jazzercised, sexercised—hell, they even attended a course on masturbation, and for what? Aileen and her husband were still more roommates than lovers, Vivian’s ex-husband was still a cheating bastard, Gail’s left her for his twenty-something secretary, and the list just went on and on. When the self-help classes stop working, what else is there to do but give up and form your own group?

Except that now, all of a sudden men are coming out of the woodwork and the only thing they have in common is a strong arm, an iron palm and the willingness to put them both to use—including Aileen’s husband, whose determination to re-open the lines of communication begins with a long-overdue trip across his knee!

Welcome to How To Live Without A Man—meetings every Monday night. Bring your best potluck and a pillow for sitting.

This modern-day spanking romance consists of seven chapters/45,264 words. If you are at all bothered by heroes who don’t think twice about turning their lady-loves bottom-up, then please don’t buy this book.


Levina “Jinxie” Wainwright knows there’s more to life than copying file cards in the tombs of her fiancé’s museum. What she doesn’t know is what that ‘more’ might be.

While unpacking a crate shipped from the Amazon, she finds a strange flower smashed in amongst the packing leaves. One of the best amateur botanists in Boston, when Levina can’t readily identify the orchid, she knows she’s found something special, something previously unknown to science, something that could help prove she’s more than just a jinx. All she has to do is journey to the Amazon, find more of these strange orchids and bring them home again.

What could possibly go wrong?

Jaguars, caimans and headhunters, oh my…Jinxie’s Orchids is a 47,890 word historical romance that features spanking, interracial sexual situations, and some naked romping through the jungle. If you are uncomfortable with such content, please do not purchase this book. You have been warned.

KatyRunAway (2)

Katie Furlow couldn’t take it—not one more fight, not one more day, sharing her father’s house with a man who was not her father. It was unbearable, and so she ran away, stubbornly determined never to go home again. That was a vow she thought she’d have no trouble keeping until the day Cal Beckton, a high-handed cowboy from her past, walked into the saloon where she worked and suddenly all hell broke loose.

From the moment Cal saw Katie kicking up her heels and flashing her bloomers to the hoots and hollers of a crowded dancehall, Cal’s temper was stoked and his mind was set. By train, by stage, by any means necessary, he was going to take Katie home—where she belonged, where she’d be safe, whether she wanted him to or not, even if he had to drag her there by her ear. Even if he had to put her across his knee and paddle her backside raw! Unfortunately, it all proved to be a job far easier said than accomplished, and with a woman like Katie fighting him every inch of the way, Cal wasn’t sure which might wear out first: her bottom or his hand!

Originally published on Discipline and Desire as ‘Run Away’, this is a 5 chapter/22,363 word historical western novella that features spanking and romance. If you are at all bothered by heroes who don’t think twice about turning their lady-loves bottom-up, then please don’t buy this book.

Kindred Spirits_ARE

When Mindy Caveat decided to go to town, she had no idea fate was about to change her life. The back roads of North Carolina are an easy place for the unwary to find trouble, and suddenly surrounded by the local town bullies, trouble is exactly what Mindy knows she’s in. Until Colton Waters, a very unlikely knight in shining armor, happens by.

Never in her wildest dreams did Mindy—a confirmed and secret spankophile—ever think she’d find true love. Not in Redneck Central U.S.A. But Colton quickly proves not only does he know what she wants, he knows what she needs…and he’s every bit man enough to give it to her!

Life After Rachel_ARE

There weren’t many folks who’d equate an Indian war party to a miracle, but Reverend John White did. He believed in miracles; it went with the job. But this particular miracle…well, it was a doozy and her name was Ane, the only surviving member of a doomed westward-bound wagon train.

In the span of a single day, the young Norwegian woman had lost her entire family, her husband, even her infant daughter. Having been in America for less than a month, she couldn’t even speak her rescuers’ language, but the Lord worked in mysterious ways and necessity had a way of making itself clear no matter what the obstacles.

So off Ane went, to a hardscrabble farm a few miles out of Redemption to care for the baby who needed her to survive and for the heart-broken man who, fight it though he tried, needed her even more.

The Locket 1

He seemed like such a harmless old man, lonely even, feeding pigeons on a cold park bench. At least that’s what Kylie Morgan thought and sat down beside him. He was charming, smiling, talking to her as if to an old friend, especially about the woman who had been his wife. Meeting her, loving her—even spanking her. A secret spankophile, herself, it was all Kylie could do to keep her interest in that particular fetish hidden. But then he pulled that old and fragile, golden locket out of his coat pocket and placed it ever so carefully around her neck, sending sparks of pure electric awareness racing all through her.

Funny, how the smallest of life’s decisions—like who to sit next to in the park—could change a girl’s life forever.


Please note: This book has coarse language and spanking (both non-consensual and consensual).


Mudhole Mill was a ramshackle mining town situated in the middle of absolutely nowhere. So when Cody headed in to get supplies, the last thing he expected to buy was a wife. And yet, when he saw that passing missionary auctioning off his daughter for enough money to keep on traveling, Cody couldn’t help but join the bidding. Who’d have thought he’d win a bride? What’s more, who’d have thought that quiet, skinny girl in the back of her daddy’s wagon would turn into the same bold as brass woman he found himself confronted with the first time he tried to enter his own tent and ran straight into the business end of a pistol. Oh yes, Dulcie was a fiery woman. But after so many cold and lonely nights, a little bit of heat was a welcome thing. And besides, any time Dulcie got a little too big for her britches, well, Cody knew how to take her back down a peg. A man didn’t get to be his age without learning how to light of a few fires of his own–ones that would burn beneath the seat of her skirts and for a good, long time!

Mistress (2)

Caught between two warring countries, Olivia is a woman on the run. With her abusive husband dogging at her heels and a newborn baby in her arms, she moves constantly through the London slums, never staying in one place too long, ever mindful of the Baron’s henchmen closing in behind her. Until the day she–quite literally–runs into the arms of a handsome, wealthy rogue.

Marcus Browan has a warm smile and his eyes are kind, but the money and protection he offers her comes with a very high price attached…He wants her, heart, body and soul. And although Olivia does grow to love him in return, her gentle and charming Protector, can she ever really trust him? With her darkest secrets? And more importantly, can she trust him with her heart?


To a power hungry wizard, Summer looked like the perfect sacrificial victim. God knows, finding a virgin in this day and age was damn near impossible, but when one intended to ask a demon for immortality, one had better be willing to pay the ultimate price.

Naked, trussed hand-to-foot on an alter of stone, the only thought in Summer’s panic-stricken mind was: This couldn’t be happening to her! But it was, and when the shadows birthed forth an honest to God, sulfurous demon, Summer knew she had no choice but to try and save herself.

Unfortunately, demons are harder to escape than rope bonds. Whisking her off to a deserted island, Morogh is willing enough to heal her injuries but his rescue doesn’t come without a price. And whether she wants to or not, Summer will pay it…even if he must woo her into submission first.

The Mountain Man_ARE

Tom only made the four-hour drive from his claim to Keno City once a year, and he was only stopped at the mercantile long enough to load up his supplies before he got back on the road and tried to beat Winter in a race home. The good news was, he made it back to his cabin just as the storm that would seal him up for the next six months touched down.

The bad news was, there was a woman tucked in the trailer right between the coffee and the canned peaches, and Tom was pretty sure she hadn’t been on the shopping list when he was reading it off at the store. Blonde hair, blue eyes, too much spirit and not enough sense Nora was everything a placer miner did NOT need complicating his life. Tom had six months before the snow melted and he could take her back to town and find someone else’s doorstep to dump her on…six months to take feisty Nora in hand…if his hand didn’t tire out first.


Penelope’s heart is torn. Her aunt’s charitble work among London’s poor has driven her to help. But as the Season begins, just knowing where her hat ribbons and lace embroidery come from–and the plights of those who make such fripperies to survive–is heartrending. At first, stealing from the rich seems like the perfect way to help. She’s not taking much. Just little pieces that she knows won’t be missed, from those who can afford it the most. Yes, her heart’s in the right place; too bad her methods could land her on the gallows!

The Earl of Granville doesn’t need an heiress, so Penelope’s lack of funds are of little concern. It’s her air of mystery that appeals to him the most. As the Season wears on, Niles is drawn ever closer to the lovely Penelope and her odd little habits. Niles is bound and determined to get to the bottom of all her secrets. Particularly since–with Penelope–this particular bottom will likely end tossed across his knee with skirts up and knickers down!

the next ex_ARE

Jamie Miracle was everything Travis could hope for. She was beautiful, kind, sweet, and charming–but what’s more, she was utterly broke. About to be evicted, he offered her a job too good to refuse … as his wife. This would be a strictly business proposition and a temporary one at that–Travis needed another wife like he needed a hole in the head. But he’d see to her financial security, and in return, all she had to do was be a loving spouse and charm the family-oriented Kuronabe’s into signing a very lucrative business venture. With Jamie by his side, there was no way he could lose. Except that it didn’t take Travis long to discover he had a problem with this arrangement: he couldn’t keep his hands off Jamie. He couldn’t stop kissing her; he couldn’t stop spanking her. The closer they drew to the end of their contract, the more Travis became convinced that he had to find a way to make this temporary merger permanent and keep Jamie from becoming his Next Ex.

Saga-Constance (2)

Judd Faris rode out of the hills with his last stack of furs in tow. After so many years of working and saving, he finally had enough money to pursue his ultimate dream: that of a lumber mill, a home, and a family to call his own. Yes sirree, a lovely wife and a houseful of kids; nothing else came closer to heaven in his mind than that. Then he clapped eyes on the lovely armful that was Constance, and he knew he’d found his perfect mate. Unfortunately, winning the shy and reluctant Constance to wife quickly proved to be a bit more challenging than he’d first thought. Still, a man had to do what a man had to do. So although it might take a little bit of wooing, a little bit of patience and, when all else failed, a little bit of bare-bottomed, over-the-knee persuasion, this was one challenge Judd was more than ready to tackle head-on. Constance Henry was going to be his wife. Whether she became so with her ability to sit still intact… well, that just remained to be seen.










Freshly divorced and newly-discharged from the military, Quint Rydecker comes home for the first time since his wife left him, expecting to find his house empty and quiet. Then he meets Elsie Redding. Elsie Redding thinks she’s found a place to call her own – an old abandoned farmhouse in the middle of the Utah desert – where she might finally evade the debts and hard times haunting her. Then she meets Quint Rydecker.

Now, like soldiers on opposing fields, Quint and Elsie wage war with that old farmhouse as the only prize. Both are determined to get rid of the other before winter closes in and they find themselves unwillingly stranded together. There are just two problems: no matter how much she tries, Elsie can’t seem to harden herself against the guilt of taking the handsome soldier’s family home; and no matter how much he tries, the longer they’re together, the harder it is for Quint to resist the lovely, kissable and all-too spankable Elsie Redding’s charms.

Spanking Tails Vol 1 sample

Indulge your favorite spanking fantasies. Spanking Tails – Volume 1 has everything from college girls and seniors getting their just desserts, historical knights jousting for fair–if disobedient–maidens, Vikings raiders taking on more than they can handle–almost, paranormal ghostly bare bottom activities, and mischievous modern day pranksters getting the comeuppances they so richly deserve by the long-suffering and hard-handed men of their dreams.

These eleven tales include: Saturday’s Itinerary, The Butler’s Brush, Golden Adonis, The Ghost and Miss Moore, The Viking, The Tournament, Hell Hath No Fury…, …Like A Woman Scorned, Revenge Is A Fish Best Served Old!, The Glass Eye, and O Christmas Tree.


Indulge your favorite spanking fantasies. Spanking Tails Volume II has everything you ever dreamed of. From the invention of the very first spanking, to the invention of a robot with a mind of its own, here are eight tales of disobedient young women hard at work earning a dose of that good old fashioned bare-bottom medicine that their men are only too willing to lovingly dish out. These eight tales include: How It All Began, The Agency: Autumn’s Session, Lap Dancing, Jack and the Beanstalks, Reckless, Attitude Adjuster, Bluebeard’s Eighth Wife, and Dusty Britches.

This is an 8 story, 39,075 word spanking romance anthology. If you object to heroes who are unaffected by political correctness and unafraid to turn their lady loves bottom-up, then please don’t buy this book.


Devils and angels, good girls and bad—these eight short stories detail the lengths to which some women will go to get their naughty bare bottoms turned a rosy shade of pink. So curl up by the fireplace and let your favorite spanking fantasies run amok with Spanking Tails Volume III! These eight short stories include: The Good Wife, Dragons and Dungeons, Charlie’s Angel, The Price, Spankings All Around, Certifiable, Arctic Attitude, and The Dean’s Office.

This is an 8 story/32,138 word spanking romance anthology. If you object to heroes who are unaffected by political correctness and unafraid to turn their lady loves bottom-up, then please don’t buy this book


Ready or not, here we come! Spanking Tales Volume IV takes us on another romp through the bedroom with eight more playful tales of naughty wives, girlfriends and women in general, doing their best to misbehave and getting their just desserts in the end—their very red ends—by the long-suffering men who know and love them best. Included in this anthology are: The Good Neighbor, Love You, Too, Mr. Paddle, Camping, The Connoisseur, Winkles the Christmas Elf, Secretaries Day, and Gavin’s Wife. So grab your wooden-backed hairbrush, your favorite pillow, and let the spankings begin!

This is an 8 story/35,525 word spanking romance anthology. If you object to heroes who are unaffected by political correctness and unafraid to turn their lady loves bottom-up, then please don’t buy this book.


Curses, cannons and ex-boyfriends to die for! Spanking Tales Volume V is packed full of heroes who know how to keep their ladies both safe and bottom-rubbingly sorry, all at the same time! This four-pack of novellas includes: The Curse, Harmony, The Bodyguard, and Monkey Business. So, grab your favorite hot cup of comfort tea and let the even hotter spankings begin!

Four short novellas for the price of one! This spanking romance anthology has 51,207 words of red-bottomed fun. If you object to heroes who are unaffected by political correctness and unafraid to turn their lady loves bottom-up, then please don’t buy this book.

Spanking Tails Vol 6 sample

Hauntings, holidays and runaway brides! Spanking Tales Volume VI puts four feisty ladies firmly into the hands of the men who are ready, willing and able to give them what they need most: firm-handed guidance, with an emphasis on the very firm hands! Spankings galore in this four-pack of novellas, including: Rent-A-Bride, Our House, Holiday Bliss, and First Impressions. Pink may not be their favorite colors, but bright hot pink is exactly what they’ll be wearing in the end!

Four short novellas for the price of one! This spanking romance anthology has 50,002 words of red-bottomed fun. If you object to heroes who are unaffected by political correctness and unafraid to turn their lady loves bottom-up, then please don’t buy this book.


For lovers of romantic spankings everywhere, sit back and let your imagination be swept away by this delightful collection of nine M/F short stories. From playful to serious to downright disciplinary, these nine lovely ladies learn you can never outgrow the positive benefits resulting from a dose of that good, old-fashioned, bare-bottom medicine! From gardening assistants to mischievous maids to modern-day housewives seeking that extra little ‘helping’ hand, let this book reaffirm your faith in no-nonsense men who aren’t afraid to give the ladies in their lives exactly what they’ve been looking for!

Nine short stories make up this spanking romance anthology with 48,052 words of red-bottomed fun. If you object to heroes who are unaffected by political correctness and unafraid to turn their lady loves bottom-up, then please don’t buy this book.


From brats to brides and every measure of woman in between—be she a feisty gun-toting rancher to scintillating gambler to overwhelmed mother—if a hot, red butt is what you’re looking for, then look no further. Spanking Tails has returned with eight misbehaving ladies who can’t help but butt heads with the intractable and strong-armed heroes who love them and yet who also know when a little OTK time can often make all the difference in the world!

Eight short stories (44,049 words) make up this brand-new spanking anthology from fan favorite Maren Smith. If you object to heroes who are unaffected by political correctness and unafraid to turn their lady loves bottom-up, then please don’t buy this book.


From fun and laughter to well-deserved tears, welcome back for another bottom-blushing helping of Spanking Tails! Disobedient wives, snarky next-door neighbors, penitents who aren’t—get ready for another heaping helping of young ladies doing everything they can to earn their next trip over the knee. Hands, hairbrushes and switches—oh my! Grab your softest pillow and settle in for another round of nine young ladies who don’t know the meaning of ‘stop while you’re ahead’ and the men who are, even now, rolling up their sleeves.

Nine short stories (45,278 words) make up this romantic spanking anthology from fan favorite Maren Smith and include: The Barking Lot, The Penitent, Family, Warming the Bunny, Closet Kinks, Implements, Mfg., Seven’s the Charm, The Invitation, and Wiles. If you object to heroes who are unaffected by political correctness and unafraid to turn their lady loves bottom-up, then please don’t buy this book.


The final book in the series is here! Whether for pleasure or punishment or just plain just because, get ready for a red-hot romp with ten young ladies on the verge of discovering you can never be too old to go OTK. Spinsters and matchmakers, lawyers and widows, all are brought back to the straight and narrow by the men who love them enough not to let them get away with it one second more. The magic is real and so is the mayhem. So grab your favorite cuppa and settle in to laugh, cry and squirm along in bottom-clapping time. From sweet to sexy and every blushing shade of red in between, these ten tales will make you long for the days when men were men, the most dominant among them never hesitated to prove it, and their women loved them for it!

Ten short stories (52,784 words) of sexy, sweet spanking fun abound in this romantic anthology. Included are: Words On A Screen, On the Shelf, How To Get A Man To Do Anything, Severing Ties, Coming Home, Stay With Me, The Guardian of the Pool, The Matchmaker’s Cruise, The Raffle, and Waylon’s Letters. If you object to heroes who are as unaffected by political correctness as they are unafraid to turn their lady loves bottom-up, then please don’t buy this book.

The suffragettes

‘Come stay with me while your parents tour Europe,’ Alice had said. ‘It will be fun,’ she’d said. Little did Sadie O’Brien know, but in the years since she’d last seen her childhood friend, Alice had become a tireless champion for the Suffragette’s Movement in New York City of 1912. And naturally, Sadie was swept along each time her friend’s passions ran away with her, for if Alice’s husband could not control her, despite his diligent efforts in the time-honored ways of discipline, what chance did Sadie have? And as if battling for Women’s Rights and against Child Labor was not enough to fill her Summer’s dance card, there was also Mac McCade, newly emerged from her past and annoyingly determined to win Sadie’s affection at any cost to her ideals, her heart… or her bottom.

Treasure 3

Although alone, Nina was more than content with the path her life had taken. She had a job she enjoyed, a little house with a view of the beach, and she was on good terms with the local townsfolk. At least until the night a pirate named Anthony Chance St. Clair stole into her root cellar and turned her life upside down. He was seductive. He was infuriating. He was in search of buried treasure and not at all above taking her captive until he found it again. But the more Nina struggled to win her freedom, the more irresistible he became… except for all those times when he turned her across his knee and soundly smacked her backside. So, even if it killed her–or worse, she never sat again!–Nina was determined. She had to get rid of Chance St. Clair.

Mature subject matter for adults only. 29,943 words

Varden's Lady_ARE

After Mallory’s car accident, an angel appeared to lead her to her new celestial home, but Mallory wasn’t ready to go. So when another woman burst through the clouds, leaving behind a dying body, Mallory leapt back to Earth, to a second chance for life. Duke Varden had had his fill of treacherous women. His lovely wife had killed what little love he’d had, seven long years before. But when she suffered a mishap giving birth, suddenly she was not her usual, viscous self. Now she was laughing, calling herself Mallory, and turning his life upside-down. But Varden refused to be drawn in by the same deceptive charms that had fooled him once before. Mallory was having the time of her life jogging through the castle, gambling with the guards and gradually gaining the love of the stranger who was her husband. So what if she had to suffer a spiteful mother-in-law, an evil brother-in-law and a husband full of icy condemnation. Wasn’t winning the love of a lifetime worth all that?

20 thoughts on “Writing as Maren Smith

  1. I ‘m looking forward to reading Kaylees Keeper. I ‘ve just finished Holding Hannah and felt it really set the scene well. And I do so want to read more about Master Sam and Hannah! So here’s hoping this series takes off for you. Thanks for all the lovely stories.

  2. I have read most of your books , the first was mountain man and it remains one of my favourites along with the suffragettes. I was wondering if you were going to write the stories of Serenity and Grace featured in Saga Constances story. I loved that book it made me laugh out loud. I read at a time in my life when a good laugh was badly needed. So thank you so much for all the good stories, laughs and great characters. I always think a character is great when you want to know what happened to them when the book ends. So keep up the good work. Unfortunately your castle series is not my cup of tea but I cann,t wait for your next book. I like the cowboys. Thanks again for all the enjoyment you have given me. Liv

    • It’s all right if you don’t like the Castle series. The world would be a boring place if we all liked the exact same thing. 🙂 Initially Saga was supposed to be three books, but then my computer crashed and took my notes for Grace’s and Serenity’s stories with it. One day I do hope to write them anyway. But I have to get some things cleared off my plate first. I’m glad you enjoy some of my stories. I hope I can write one soon that you’ll like every bit as much. Maybe with cowboys in it. 🙂

  3. Hi so I Just read your Saga: Constance’s story and was wondering if you planned to write about the other two sisters. With it being a saga I wasn’t sure if that was in label alone or if you were actually continuing that story. I fell in love with this story so I do hope it is one you plan to continue with.

  4. wow I just read the above response and that was pretty much my answer, lol. Sorry about that! ok so begging it now seems we are, find it in your heart to grace us with Serenity’s story if just, I was in love with her cowboy and so sad when he didnt get his happy ending…. :{ so please if you get that tingle in your fingertips, consider Serenitys story please

  5. I’ve just finished the four books in the Masters of the Castle series and was happy to see that you are continuing it! What a wonderful series, one can’t help but care and become invested in the characters. Can’t wait for Chasing Chelsea!!

  6. Varden’s Lady is still my favorite of all your books (although the Masters of the Castle series is a close second!). It is a romance that happens to have spanking in it, and it is a wonderfully romantic tale. I love the characters and the way that Varden finally sees Mallory for who she really is – it’s just a wonderful book!

  7. Hi Maren, I just finished Have Paddle, Will Travel. What a great book! I was so happy to be able to leave the first review on Amazon (under Jule Kijek). I just LOVED the humor about Vance’s nipples getting burned off with the blow torch and the request for donations in lieu of flowers. I was laughing so hard I scared my cats of the couch.

    I also loved the part where Ettie writes a book about a Mountain Man and the girl that stows away in the back of his truck when he goes out to buy his winter supplies. Who knew Ettie (and not you) wrote one of my favorite books? That was brilliant! Thanks for a great New Years Eve read. Keep the hits coming in 2015!

    • Jule, You’ve just made my morning and my New Year! Thank you so much. I’m so glad you enjoyed the story (even at the expense of your poor cats’ peace of minds). I truly appreciate your taking the time to write and let me know. 🙂

  8. Hello Maren~
    I soooo enjoyed “Meeting Marshall”. . . it was delightful! However, “Owning O” was not just a well written story, it was masterfully crafted. It was one of the rare stories I’ve read that I did not want to end! I’ve enjoyed your Castle series, reading about tastes different from my own, but none the less, a part of the BDSM world. “O” touched chords deep inside. No matter what Master Marshall says. . . I thank you for sharing her story!
    Quite simply. . . . Brava!!

  9. I love the Castle series, probably the funniest line is when Tabby offers to Ro-sham-bo you for Dominick.I laughed out loud. Now that Jackson, Kade, Sam, and Marshall are off the market, can we hear more about Mr. Bigandscary?

  10. Hi Maren,

    I only discovered your books a few weeks ago. You were a ‘if you like this book you might also like this book” on Amazon. That book was Kaylee’s Keeper. I fell instantly in love with the Masters of the Caste and then spent the rest of my holiday reading the rest of the series. I also discovered Maggie Ryan when reading When the Gavel falls, so more reading to do.

    Thanks you for giving me hours of enjoyment.


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