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Denise Hall is the name I write under when my stories border harder core (or at least, harder than I put in my romances). It was my first pen name back when I wrote for Blue Moon Books and Masquerade. These titles include:

A Brief Education sample

The ad read: Disobedient young lady requires strict disciplinarian to administer bare bottom punishments. Must be consistent, harsh when necessary, and know how to pamper after discipline is done…

The second after Toby placed that ad she wanted to snatch back the paper and throw it away. She had never engaged in any masochistic activity before, but her curiosity was getting the best of her. After observing her neighbors licentious activities through her window, all she could think about was bringing her own fantasies to life. But where could she find a suitable partner to help her achieve that goal? The subway? The Omnibus? The park? Placing the ad in the paper was the hardest thing Toby had ever done, but the promise of delicious submission kept tempting her with every reply.

The Companion sample

Carla spends her days answering phones at the Sureware Customer Service Center, a sterile workplace she’d be only too happy to leave. One day, an anonymous admirer calls with an intriguing proposition. How would she like working for him–as his personal phone sex operator? He offers to pay royally for Carla’s long-distance attentions, and the lovely young woman finally agrees to the arrangement. Only upon signing her contract does Carla realize that her employer expects their sessions to be as real as possible, even sending her a companion who will help her enact the scenarios upon which he’ll be eavesdropping.


Judgment–the ultimate disciplinary establishment, a forbidding mountain fortress where unfortunate young women are taken and trained to become the perfect submissives for a world-wide market. Abandoned to the whims of Judgment’s ruthless masters, Callie McGuire descends into the depths of this prison, discovering a new capacity for sensuality as she becomes Mischief, the personal plaything of the Mountain Lord.

judgment 2 Mercy 2

Judgment, the most feared disciplinary establishment in the world–where women are taken and ruthlessly trained as slaves to those few men strong enough and wealthy enough to buy them. For years Mary Blackwell has watched from the shadows as her position was usurped by the product her husband bought from that fearsome mountain fortress. But when her husband unexpectedly died and the Mountain Lord returned to claim his property, for the first time Mary could see what she truly longs to be. She offers herself up willingly, becoming the only woman in history to ever to enter Judgment willingly. And through her submission, she discovers a new capacity for pain and sensuality that takes her far beyond anything she has ever dreamed!

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  1. Ok now this is more like it. Of all your books and I’ve read a fair few 3 of these have gone into my all time favourites list…straight to the top. The Companion, Judgement and Judgement 2… A brief education was too tame lol. Pretty please could I have more of the same…no making it easy to swallow. I have really struggled to find similarly well crafted stories with the same delicious dark edge. Your character’s all seem so alive, I’m half in love with your heroes (can they actually be called that?) and so very glad I’m safely on the other side of the page and not the one quaking in front of them. Please keep up the brilliant work!

    • Sadly, I don’t think I’m going to do any more Denise Hall books. These were the first I ever wrote. I was seventeen and hadn’t yet sampled the very adult world of BDSM, so many of the scenes are harsh in a way only a sub in her very first state of sub-frenzy could make them. I don’t regret writing them–not by any means–but at this point I’ve got too many alias and need to trim down. If I ever do another really harsh one, I will revive Denise Hall to publish it under, but the closest you’re going to find to these in my current works are my Masters of the Castle series.

      • I am so, so, so disappointed to read this! I just finished JUDGMENT & MERCY and I am in love with them! I just looked you up for the sole purpose of finding out if you would be writing a 3rd book in that series and am devastated to see that that it’s not at all on your radar.

        I had had these books on my list of books to read for a while but was prompted to finally start reading them when the the Erogenous Zone group on Goodreads selected them as June’s book of the month group reads. Not one negative word has been said about either of your books, everyone absolutely loves them!! Am I guilt tripping you yet? Should I keep trying or is there no point? Just kidding! Seriously though, I do hope you might one day have a change of heart because your JUDGMENT series is absolutely amazing! After reading these books, I can’t wait to see what else you have written. I wish you the best of luck with all of your writing!

      • I sincerely hope you pen more Masters of the Castle stories.. These are by far my all time favorites. I have read and reread them several times. I am anxiously awaiting another in the series.

  2. Sorry to hear there won’t be more, but I understand. The two judgment books were also ‘hard’ to take for many…me included. But I also couldn’t put them down. Gripping from start to finish.

    • There’s something freeing in writing these more hardcore stories, but I’ve got just too many irons in the fire and I am not a speedy writer. I just can’t turn out enough new material in a year to keep this many pen names going. If ever I do get bit by the urge to write another hard captive bdsm story, I will be publishing it under Denise Hall, but for now I don’t see myself going in that direction. 🙁

  3. This is so funny to me since my married name is Denise Hall! Never dreamed I would be the namesake author of naughty books! heheh My maiden name is much more unusual and I am wondering why you chose such a plain name with all the names in the world to choose from?

    • Literally, I picked it out of the phone book. 🙂 I closed my eyes, flipped open the book and pointed at Hall. I’d always liked the name Denise and so that was my first pen name, picked some 20 years ago. lol There’s also a Denise Hall who does travel books.

  4. Maren Smith you are a great author! Without knowing, I was reading books from what I believed to be different authors and loving the books. When I realized all books where from the same author I was blown away! Kind of awsome that my favourite authors turned out to be one person! 🙂

    Denise Halls books are the best! My favourite is Judgement which I have re-read many times. I am a submissive who really dont like pain or humiliation. But I still have pretty dark and hardcore fantasies though, which books such as Judgement are perfect for. Captive bdsm is my favourite bdsm theme. I really hope there will be more books from Denise Hall *cough* Judgement series*cough*! I have been craving books with a darker edge for a while now, hence the re-readings of Judgement!
    But on a happier note, I see that I have completley missed The companion! Which I will purchase to my kindle and start reading in about 5 minutes, yaay!\(^-^)/

    Keep up the good work! 😀

  5. It was 1999 or 2000 when I stumbled across Judgement just when I was exploring the BDSM scene. While I realized it was not realistic damn! Hot! To this day it is my favorite “before bed” book. I love the hardcore genre but I love your Castle books for the realism. So my husband thanks you for writing “Kink Before It Was Cool!” Keep the stories coming!!

  6. Maren, I actually read judgement in print. An ex loaned it to me. I fall into the world of judgement so comfortably. I understand Mercy standing at the fates. I have purchased my own copies of both books to read again and again. I know you said you do not have the time to write a third Judgement Book, I would beg….but instead I will ask if you know of other hard core stories like judgement. I have read and love the Masters of the castle series you write. I feel what I am in ecstasy with is the personalities of the Masters, the gentleness and kindness towards the slaves underneath. I for one would love to see Cobb taken down a peg and his heart opened up by his own personal. You have actually inspired me to write my own hard core.

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