Writing as Darla Phelps

Darla Phelps is the name I put all my age play/pet play fantasy novels under. Currently, these titles include:

Daddy's Girl sample

Meggy has found an ad on the Internet for a relationship that she never dreamed possible. The ad is from David, who wants to play being “Daddy” to an adult “little girl”. And she knows she has to meet him. Daddy-David is everything Meggy could have hoped for. Loving, kind, gentle, yet super strict when his bad little girl needs it. And he knows everything bad girls need, super stingy hairbrush spankings when they swear or are sulky, old fashioned temperatures taken the botty way, and hurty enemas when they pretend to be sick. But the day comes when Meggy must leave and become Meg again while she decides if she wants to stay with Daddy-David forever. It’s the hardest thing either of them has ever had to face.

deAkeny's Bride_ARE

The year is 1742. Margot is a young, convent-raised bride. At eighteen, she is taken to her husband’s home. But things are not as she had expected them to be. The companion hired to take her to her husband is a lot like a governess – a very strict one. And when she arrives at her husband’s home, she learns she is to call him… Papa. Margot soon learns she is to occupy a shadowy world, a bride in the truest sense of the world, but also “in the nursery,” subject to the strictest discipline from both “Papa,” and Miss Della.

Lucy & Sara 2

Lucy’s Checkup and Baby Sara, two previously published short stories by ageplay author Darla Phelps, joined together for the first time, revised and released to Kindle!

Lucy’s Checkup: When Lucy’s Daddy decides to travel out of the country, it’s off to the Doctor’s he goes with Lucy firmly in tow. A full head-to-toe check up is just what this doctor orders, much to Lucy’s dismay. But Daddy knows best, and he knows exactly how to make her behave when she is reluctant to take her shots.

Baby Sara: When Andy spots Sara in his toy store, there’s just something about her that tickles his ‘Daddy’ bone. When she slips out of the store with a small stack of coloring books and a new box of crayons, leaving payment shyly tucked into the empty spot in the aisle, that’s when Andy knows: Sara Miller is the very special baby girl he’s been looking for. Now all he has to do is make her his!

WARNING: Together, these two works equal 13,454 words and contain elements of consensual sexual roleplaying, spanking and medical-themed domestic discipline of women of adult and legal age.


Bach never gave much thought to owning a pet until he lost his wife and children. He goes to Exotics, Inc., and buys a human, the latest fad in the pet-trade. Pani is everything he ever hoped for: smart, mischievous, both looking and acting so much like a real child that Bach can almost forget she’s only a pet. At least until her actions begin to go beyond the limits of the subspecies’ intelligence scientifically accredited to the human animal. She speaks, she writes. When she draws a picture of Earth’s solar system, Bach must face the realization that perhaps humans are more than just small, adorable, child-like animals. They might actually be a race of people in their own right.

Note: Of all the ageplay stories I’ve done, this has been the most popular. It is also darker, with a heavy Sci-Fi setting and the discipline is more severe in regards to spankings, medical and anal play. The situation is forced onto Pani at first, so if that doesn’t appeal to you, please don’t buy this book.

Pets 2_ARE

There is no panic quite like waking up in a strange house with no memory of how you’d got there…unless that strange house is also located on a planet inhabited by giants who look on humans as fascinating, child-like pets. For Judy, a successful, liberated woman, being forced into perpetual infancy is intolerable. But how to go about convincing her new ‘Papa’ that she is not a cute and clever animal, but a species of person in her own right. Stubborn and willful and absolutely determined to win back her freedom at any cost…and that includes at the cost of her bottom!

Note: It is by popular request that I’ve gone back to write Pets: Bach’s Story from Pani’s point of view. This fantasy ageplay story involves an adult woman, is a darker Sci-fi than the first book, and the discipline is more severe. The ageplay is forced on Pani at first, so if that doesn’t appeal to you, please don’t buy this book.

Pets 3_ARE

Welcome to Bebe’s world, where for centuries human beings have been the focal point of the exotic pets trade. But now, the government has declared humans an endangered species, shutting off the supply from the wilds of Earth and leaving only those who are born into captivity available as pets.

Meet Bebe, taken from her captive mother at a tender age, she is now the companion of monsters. She has been pampered, loved and cared for all her life. She has never seen Earth, never known the hardships of life in the wild like the humans living in the nature preserves. And yet, life is change, and for Bebe, there is no escaping this one irrefutable, universal fact: An overprotective parent is a good pet’s worst nightmare.

Pets 3 Pack

All three are now available in a Pets 3-Pack.

32 thoughts on “Writing as Darla Phelps

    • Sadly, I don’t have another Darla Phelps in the work right now. All of my attention is on the Masters of the Castle series. I have been asked to do another Pets, one centered around what happened right after Pani and Bach were reunited. But so far, it’s still in the planning phase.

  1. I absolutely loved the PETS books. Each one was terrific in its own way. I’ve read them all twice. I would love to see another about Pani and Bach.

    • I’m so glad you liked the Pets story! 🙂 You’re in good company about wanting another book. I’ve got so much on my plate now, I know it won’t happen this year, but I do plan to do another one. I just don’t know when.

  2. Hi Darla,

    We talked briefly over email about a year ago but I just wanted to publicly repeat here for posterity’s sake how much I enjoy the Pets series. I really do think they’re the best in the genre, and combine so many of my favorite themes in a way I’ve never seen anywhere else. The Pets books have actually inspired me to try writing my own novel after wanting to do so forever. It’s slow (sometimes VERY slow) going, but I do believe that, someday, it will finally be completed. So thank you for that inspiration. 🙂

    Also, just because it can’t hurt to ask…any chance there could be more medical fetish in the next Pets? I’ve had my fingers crossed that Bach will have to take Pani to the “human vet” at some point…;)

    • Thanks, John! It’s nice to hear from you again! I am so caught up in the Masters of the Castle series, I don’t know when I’ll get back to do the next Pets book, but I’m hoping I can do one next year. I will see if I can put some fun medical play into it just for you! 😀

  3. Haha, very glad to hear it! 😀 I eagerly look forward to it whenever it does come out, and of course the rest of your wonderful work in the meantime!

  4. Big fan of the Pets series, and glad to see that you’re considering a 4th. My only inputs would be that the 3rd was perhaps a bit too brutal (I, uh, actually cried for Pani early on, she had it way too rough), and it sort of loses its naughty fun when it’s not a character from Earth going through re-training (otherwise they never really have the intellectual maturity to make the adjustment challenging).

    As a suggestion to counter the others, I probably would prefer a new character over Pani, since we already know how her story goes, and she’s already quite broken in to the world… Even those who she had small encounters with, such as the two girls already owned by the pet store owner, or the similarly-babied girl who she encountered on her first shopping trip, could make for interesting crossovers to hear the backstories of… I’m a big big fan of the surprise domineering ageplay aspect, so would be one person hoping for a return to more of Bach-style themes over Bebe’s.

    • Thanks for your input! I appreciate your suggestions, and you aren’t alone in your feelings about Bebe’s story. I like your suggestions for the next book, if I do ever write one. I’d like to, but right now my dance card is packed! lol I will probably never do another thread along the Bebe lines. To me, that story is already told, but I wouldn’t mind going back to tell some of the other true ‘Pet’ stories. To me, that’s much more interesting.

      • Oops, a slight correction, it was Bebe* who I shed a surprise tear for in Bebe’s story. It really took me by surprise. Glad to hear that you’re intrigued by the idea of about going back eventually. 😀

      • Yeah, that’s what did it for me. I went in expecting a domination romp, ended up finding an empathy I never knew I had for all pets.

      • I’m not sure if you’d be interested, but I did a small drawing which drew some inspiration from Pets’ themes. spankalot-erotica.blogspot.com/2013/09/is-this-only-dress-that-you-have.html

  5. I loved this novel, so much so I promptly bought the other 2 and read them just as quickly although Bach’s story is by far my favourite. Lol, if I owned a paperback copy it would be dog eared by now 🙂

  6. I love all your books, you were the first great author in this genre that I stumbled across. ‘The next ex’ was the first book I read by you and, like Jules, I loved it so much I bought all the other books I could find by you and finished them in a week. The next ex is still one of my favorites but the pets books are just amazing. I really hope you write an addition there one day! Will continue reading all your books as soon as they are out!

    • Aw, thank you! I’m so glad you took the time to write and let me know! 🙂 It’s always fun to hear back from someone who liked something I’ve done. I don’t know if I’ll ever get a chance to write more on The Next Ex. Travis was and still is my ideal dominant–a strong and powerful man with a sense of humor.

  7. I recently started following your blog and just noticed you wrote as Darla Phelps. I LOVE YOUR BOOKS!!!! I’ve re-read the Pets series many times awesome!! lol sorry I got excited, I tried emailing you when I first read them to say all that but couldn’t find an email.

    • Oh, I’m glad you like them! I really enjoyed writing the Pets series, and hopefully it’s not yet finished. Although I’m a little caught up in the Masters of the Castle series at the moment. I tried for a number of years to keep up with different emails for different pen names, but it was just too much. Last year (I think), I finally gave up and just announced all my aliases so if people want to contact me they could.

  8. I’m very excited about reading your Pet’s trilogy after reading a review that I stumbled on connected with one of my favorite authors Trace StJames. The reviewer said she read some of Bach’s story and then some of book 2 from Pani’s perspective and then Bach’s again. What do you recommend? Reading book 1 fully and then book 2 or kind of going back and forth?

    • I would probably read them both together. They are almost chapter for chapter, but you’ll get a nice mix of each one’s perspective. Thank you so much for writing. It was a real pick-me-up to hear from you today. 🙂

  9. I am glad to hear that although it is on the back burner, a new Pets is a possibility. I actually loved Bebe’s story. The brutality and ignorance were very realistic to me. I think it was a great metaphor for our treatment of all of those that are deemed “less than.” Her silence and confusion were so poignant. I understand not doing another, but it was a great story nonetheless. The world that you created is so complete. I would welcome another. I agree that I would prefer another character. Remiek’s or Nils’ pets or even the girl from the pet store. Maybe even a pet combo of girl and boy? I am also loving Masters of the castle so I am glad to hear that those are continuing.

    • I haven’t pinned down what I’d like to do for certain if I ever get the chance to revisit the Pets series. As for the Masters of the Castle, I’m plugging away. There’s lots of ideas several books left in that series yet! 🙂 Thanks for writing, Jean. I enjoyed hearing from you!

  10. having finished all your master of the castle book’s & my next other novelist new book is not out till later this month i need an in between book & i love your writing so much i am going to try more of your work but i can not decide between Daddy’s girl or the Pet’s trilogy – might have to get both!

  11. Can you tell me if you have any plans to continue sara’s story from “Baby Sara”? I really enjoyed it, but want to read more of their developing relationship. Please say yes!!

    • Yes, I do. When will I be able to find the time to devote to finishing their story? Oh wow….that’s the tough question. I honestly don’t know. Maybe this year, but it’s more likely it’ll be next year.

  12. I think you once posted an age-play story on The Writers Coffee Shop, but I don’t recognize or see it listed in these descriptions. Are there other age-play stories you have written that you are planning to make available again? Unfortunately, I don’t remember the name of it….

      • I remember you posting Pets 3. But I swear I remembered a different one also that wasn’t Pet related. I think the girl had a background where she was raised by nuns and really clueless about everything. Something about a leapfrog “game”…or something?

        Ehh…oh well.

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