Vol. 6

Spanking Tails Vol 6 sampleHauntings, holidays and runaway brides! Spanking Tales Volume VI puts four feisty ladies firmly into the hands of the men who are ready, willing and able to give them what they need most: firm-handed guidance, with an emphasis on the very firm hands! Spankings galore in this four-pack of novellas, including: Rent-A-Bride, Our House, Holiday Bliss, and First Impressions. Pink may not be their favorite colors, but bright hot pink is exactly what they’ll be wearing in the end!

Four short novellas for the price of one! This spanking romance anthology has 50,002 words of red-bottomed fun. If you object to heroes who are unaffected by political correctness and unafraid to turn their lady loves bottom-up, then please don’t buy this book.