Vol. 10


The final book in the series is here! Whether for pleasure or punishment or just plain just because, get ready for a red-hot romp with ten young ladies on the verge of discovering you can never be too old to go OTK. Spinsters and matchmakers, lawyers and widows, all are brought back to the straight and narrow by the men who love them enough not to let them get away with it one second more. The magic is real and so is the mayhem. So grab your favorite cuppa and settle in to laugh, cry and squirm along in bottom-clapping time. From sweet to sexy and every blushing shade of red in between, these ten tales will make you long for the days when men were men, the most dominant among them never hesitated to prove it, and their women loved them for it!

Ten short stories (52,784 words) of sexy, sweet spanking fun abound in this romantic anthology. Included are: Words On A Screen, On the Shelf, How To Get A Man To Do Anything, Severing Ties, Coming Home, Stay With Me, The Guardian of the Pool, The Matchmaker’s Cruise, The Raffle, and Waylon’s Letters. If you object to heroes who are as unaffected by political correctness as they are unafraid to turn their lady loves bottom-up, then please don’t buy this book.