Varden’s Lady

Varden's Lady_ARE

After Mallory’s car accident, an angel appeared to lead her to her new celestial home, but Mallory wasn’t ready to go. So when another woman burst through the clouds, leaving behind a dying body, Mallory leapt back to Earth, to a second chance for life. Duke Varden had had his fill of treacherous women. His lovely wife had killed what little love he’d had, seven long years before. But when she suffered a mishap giving birth, suddenly she was not her usual, viscous self. Now she was laughing, calling herself Mallory, and turning his life upside-down. But Varden refused to be drawn in by the same deceptive charms that had fooled him once before. Mallory was having the time of her life jogging through the castle, gambling with the guards and gradually gaining the love of the stranger who was her husband. So what if she had to suffer a spiteful mother-in-law, an evil brother-in-law and a husband full of icy condemnation. Wasn’t winning the love of a lifetime worth all that?