Treasure 3

Although alone, Nina was more than content with the path her life had taken. She had a job she enjoyed, a little house with a view of the beach, and she was on good terms with the local townsfolk. At least until the night a pirate named Anthony Chance St. Clair stole into her root cellar and turned her life upside down. He was seductive. He was infuriating. He was in search of buried treasure and not at all above taking her captive until he found it again. But the more Nina struggled to win her freedom, the more irresistible he became… except for all those times when he turned her across his knee and soundly smacked her backside. So, even if it killed her–or worse, she never sat again!–Nina was determined. She had to get rid of Chance St. Clair.

Mature subject matter for adults only. 29,943 words