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The suffragettes‘Come stay with me while your parents tour Europe,’ Alice had said. ‘It will be fun,’ she’d said. Little did Sadie O’Brien know, but in the years since she’d last seen her childhood friend, Alice had become a tireless champion for the Suffragette’s Movement in New York City of 1912. And naturally, Sadie was swept along each time her friend’s passions ran away with her, for if Alice’s husband could not control her, despite his diligent efforts in the time-honored ways of discipline, what chance did Sadie have? And as if battling for Women’s Rights and against Child Labor was not enough to fill her Summer’s dance card, there was also Mac McCade, newly emerged from her past and annoyingly determined to win Sadie’s affection at any cost to her ideals, her heart… or her bottom.

Treasure 3

Although alone, Nina was more than content with the path her life had taken. She had a job she enjoyed, a little house with a view of the beach, and she was on good terms with the local townsfolk. At least until the night a pirate named Anthony Chance St. Clair stole into her root cellar and turned her life upside down. He was seductive. He was infuriating. He was in search of buried treasure and not at all above taking her captive until he found it again. But the more Nina struggled to win her freedom, the more irresistible he became… except for all those times when he turned her across his knee and soundly smacked her backside. So, even if it killed her–or worse, she never sat again!–Nina was determined. She had to get rid of Chance St. Clair.

Mature subject matter for adults only. 29,943 words

the next ex_ARE

Jamie Miracle was everything Travis could hope for. She was beautiful, kind, sweet, and charming–but what’s more, she was utterly broke. About to be evicted, he offered her a job too good to refuse … as his wife. This would be a strictly business proposition and a temporary one at that–Travis needed another wife like he needed a hole in the head. But he’d see to her financial security, and in return, all she had to do was be a loving spouse and charm the family-oriented Kuronabe’s into signing a very lucrative business venture. With Jamie by his side, there was no way he could lose. Except that it didn’t take Travis long to discover he had a problem with this arrangement: he couldn’t keep his hands off Jamie. He couldn’t stop kissing her; he couldn’t stop spanking her. The closer they drew to the end of their contract, the more Travis became convinced that he had to find a way to make this temporary merger permanent and keep Jamie from becoming his Next Ex.

The Mountain Man_ARE

Tom only made the four-hour drive from his claim to Keno City once a year, and he was only stopped at the mercantile long enough to load up his supplies before he got back on the road and tried to beat Winter in a race home. The good news was, he made it back to his cabin just as the storm that would seal him up for the next six months touched down.

The bad news was, there was a woman tucked in the trailer right between the coffee and the canned peaches, and Tom was pretty sure she hadn’t been on the shopping list when he was reading it off at the store. Blonde hair, blue eyes, too much spirit and not enough sense Nora was everything a placer miner did NOT need complicating his life. Tom had six months before the snow melted and he could take her back to town and find someone else’s doorstep to dump her on…six months to take feisty Nora in hand…if his hand didn’t tire out first.


Mudhole Mill was a ramshackle mining town situated in the middle of absolutely nowhere. So when Cody headed in to get supplies, the last thing he expected to buy was a wife. And yet, when he saw that passing missionary auctioning off his daughter for enough money to keep on traveling, Cody couldn’t help but join the bidding. Who’d have thought he’d win a bride? What’s more, who’d have thought that quiet, skinny girl in the back of her daddy’s wagon would turn into the same bold as brass woman he found himself confronted with the first time he tried to enter his own tent and ran straight into the business end of a pistol. Oh yes, Dulcie was a fiery woman. But after so many cold and lonely nights, a little bit of heat was a welcome thing. And besides, any time Dulcie got a little too big for her britches, well, Cody knew how to take her back down a peg. A man didn’t get to be his age without learning how to light of a few fires of his own–ones that would burn beneath the seat of her skirts and for a good, long time!

The Locket 1

He seemed like such a harmless old man, lonely even, feeding pigeons on a cold park bench. At least that’s what Kylie Morgan thought and sat down beside him. He was charming, smiling, talking to her as if to an old friend, especially about the woman who had been his wife. Meeting her, loving her—even spanking her. A secret spankophile, herself, it was all Kylie could do to keep her interest in that particular fetish hidden. But then he pulled that old and fragile, golden locket out of his coat pocket and placed it ever so carefully around her neck, sending sparks of pure electric awareness racing all through her.

Funny, how the smallest of life’s decisions—like who to sit next to in the park—could change a girl’s life forever.


Please note: This book has coarse language and spanking (both non-consensual and consensual).

The Great Prank_ARE

Brandy just turned eighteen and it`s her last year at St. Walburga`s Catholic High School. Soon, Brandy Smith and Nellie Goodman will pass out of the spotlight of notoriety that they`ve inhabited for the past four years and into the oubliette of obscurity. Unless, that is, they can pull off the Big One…the Great Prank that will set the standard for all eternity and make their names immortal in the annals of St. Walburga`s. All Brandy has to do is come up with an idea…oh, and carry it off under the eagle eye of the Mother Superior and her paddle, known as `The Board of Education`…not to mention avoiding any further `corrective measures` at the hands, or rulers or switches, of the new Science teacher…and of course, she has to do whatever she`s doing before her elusive and as-yet-identified rival can out-prank her.

Oh, it`s going to be a good year.

The Diva v2_ARE

Ida Mayfield had dedicated her life to opera. She’d worked hard, clawing her way up through the ranks to become a world-renowned Diva… Until a horrible car accident brought her whole world crashing down.

It took a full year of rehab and sheer stubborn grit just to get her walking again, but whatever she had to do, Ida did it, working through pain, sweat and tears; through long days of near-nonstop rehearsals until she had once more reached the top. If it took a Vicodin or two to help her through the worst of it… well, she was in pain, so where was the harm? Except that it was taking more and more just to get her through the day, though nobody knew it. Not even Lucian de Averley, the most infuriatingly high-handed man with whom any Diva ever had to work opposite.

Try though she might, it was getting increasingly harder to hide her secrets from him — both those of a medical nature and those infinitely more personal ones that left her hot, flustered and blushing every time he came near her. It was really too bad that he seemed much more inclined to paddle her bottom raw than to kiss and hold her. No, keeping him at arm’s length was really the best decision that Ida could make. Unfortunately, like everything else in her life right now, Lucian was doing his best to make sure it didn’t turn out quite the way she wanted.

Mature subject matter for adults only. 26,923 words