Titles M-S

Mistress (2)Caught between two warring countries, Olivia is a woman on the run. With her abusive husband dogging at her heels and a newborn baby in her arms, she moves constantly through the London slums, never staying in one place too long, ever mindful of the Baron’s henchmen closing in behind her. Until the day she–quite literally–runs into the arms of a handsome, wealthy rogue.

Marcus Browan has a warm smile and his eyes are kind, but the money and protection he offers her comes with a very high price attached…He wants her, heart, body and soul. And although Olivia does grow to love him in return, her gentle and charming Protector, can she ever really trust him? With her darkest secrets? And more importantly, can she trust him with her heart?


To a power hungry wizard, Summer looked like the perfect sacrificial victim. God knows, finding a virgin in this day and age was damn near impossible, but when one intended to ask a demon for immortality, one had better be willing to pay the ultimate price.

Naked, trussed hand-to-foot on an alter of stone, the only thought in Summer’s panic-stricken mind was: This couldn’t be happening to her! But it was, and when the shadows birthed forth an honest to God, sulfurous demon, Summer knew she had no choice but to try and save herself.

Unfortunately, demons are harder to escape than rope bonds. Whisking her off to a deserted island, Morogh is willing enough to heal her injuries but his rescue doesn’t come without a price. And whether she wants to or not, Summer will pay it…even if he must woo her into submission first.


Penelope’s heart is torn. Her aunt’s charitble work among London’s poor has driven her to help. But as the Season begins, just knowing where her hat ribbons and lace embroidery come from–and the plights of those who make such fripperies to survive–is heartrending. At first, stealing from the rich seems like the perfect way to help. She’s not taking much. Just little pieces that she knows won’t be missed, from those who can afford it the most. Yes, her heart’s in the right place; too bad her methods could land her on the gallows!

The Earl of Granville doesn’t need an heiress, so Penelope’s lack of funds are of little concern. It’s her air of mystery that appeals to him the most. As the Season wears on, Niles is drawn ever closer to the lovely Penelope and her odd little habits. Niles is bound and determined to get to the bottom of all her secrets. Particularly since–with Penelope–this particular bottom will likely end tossed across his knee with skirts up and knickers down!

Saga-Constance (2)

Judd Faris rode out of the hills with his last stack of furs in tow. After so many years of working and saving, he finally had enough money to pursue his ultimate dream: that of a lumber mill, a home, and a family to call his own. Yes sirree, a lovely wife and a houseful of kids; nothing else came closer to heaven in his mind than that. Then he clapped eyes on the lovely armful that was Constance, and he knew he’d found his perfect mate. Unfortunately, winning the shy and reluctant Constance to wife quickly proved to be a bit more challenging than he’d first thought. Still, a man had to do what a man had to do. So although it might take a little bit of wooing, a little bit of patience and, when all else failed, a little bit of bare-bottomed, over-the-knee persuasion, this was one challenge Judd was more than ready to tackle head-on. Constance Henry was going to be his wife. Whether she became so with her ability to sit still intact… well, that just remained to be seen.


Freshly divorced and newly-discharged from the military, Quint Rydecker comes home for the first time since his wife left him, expecting to find his house empty and quiet. Then he meets Elsie Redding. Elsie Redding thinks she’s found a place to call her own – an old abandoned farmhouse in the middle of the Utah desert – where she might finally evade the debts and hard times haunting her. Then she meets Quint Rydecker.

Now, like soldiers on opposing fields, Quint and Elsie wage war with that old farmhouse as the only prize. Both are determined to get rid of the other before winter closes in and they find themselves unwillingly stranded together. There are just two problems: no matter how much she tries, Elsie can’t seem to harden herself against the guilt of taking the handsome soldier’s family home; and no matter how much he tries, the longer they’re together, the harder it is for Quint to resist the lovely, kissable and all-too spankable Elsie Redding’s charms.