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How To Live Without A Man 2

They were seven friends, thrown together over the course of attending class after dismal and uninspiring self-help class. For over a year, they’d tried to bring the magic back, rekindle the spark, light the fires. They’d tweezed, plucked, shaped up, slimmed down, jazzercised, sexercised—hell, they even attended a course on masturbation, and for what? Aileen and her husband were still more roommates than lovers, Vivian’s ex-husband was still a cheating bastard, Gail’s left her for his twenty-something secretary, and the list just went on and on. When the self-help classes stop working, what else is there to do but give up and form your own group?

Except that now, all of a sudden men are coming out of the woodwork and the only thing they have in common is a strong arm, an iron palm and the willingness to put them both to use—including Aileen’s husband, whose determination to re-open the lines of communication begins with a long-overdue trip across his knee!

Welcome to How To Live Without A Man—meetings every Monday night. Bring your best potluck and a pillow for sitting.

This modern-day spanking romance consists of seven chapters/45,264 words. If you are at all bothered by heroes who don’t think twice about turning their lady-loves bottom-up, then please don’t buy this book.


Levina “Jinxie” Wainwright knows there’s more to life than copying file cards in the tombs of her fiancé’s museum. What she doesn’t know is what that ‘more’ might be.

While unpacking a crate shipped from the Amazon, she finds a strange flower smashed in amongst the packing leaves. One of the best amateur botanists in Boston, when Levina can’t readily identify the orchid, she knows she’s found something special, something previously unknown to science, something that could help prove she’s more than just a jinx. All she has to do is journey to the Amazon, find more of these strange orchids and bring them home again.

What could possibly go wrong?

Jaguars, caimans and headhunters, oh my…Jinxie’s Orchids is a 47,890 word historical romance that features spanking, interracial sexual situations, and some naked romping through the jungle. If you are uncomfortable with such content, please do not purchase this book. You have been warned.

KatyRunAway (2)

Katie Furlow couldn’t take it—not one more fight, not one more day, sharing her father’s house with a man who was not her father. It was unbearable, and so she ran away, stubbornly determined never to go home again. That was a vow she thought she’d have no trouble keeping until the day Cal Beckton, a high-handed cowboy from her past, walked into the saloon where she worked and suddenly all hell broke loose.

From the moment Cal saw Katie kicking up her heels and flashing her bloomers to the hoots and hollers of a crowded dancehall, Cal’s temper was stoked and his mind was set. By train, by stage, by any means necessary, he was going to take Katie home—where she belonged, where she’d be safe, whether she wanted him to or not, even if he had to drag her there by her ear. Even if he had to put her across his knee and paddle her backside raw! Unfortunately, it all proved to be a job far easier said than accomplished, and with a woman like Katie fighting him every inch of the way, Cal wasn’t sure which might wear out first: her bottom or his hand!

Originally published on Discipline and Desire as ‘Run Away’, this is a 5 chapter/22,363 word historical western novella that features spanking and romance. If you are at all bothered by heroes who don’t think twice about turning their lady-loves bottom-up, then please don’t buy this book.

Kindred Spirits_ARE

When Mindy Caveat decided to go to town, she had no idea fate was about to change her life. The back roads of North Carolina are an easy place for the unwary to find trouble, and suddenly surrounded by the local town bullies, trouble is exactly what Mindy knows she’s in. Until Colton Waters, a very unlikely knight in shining armor, happens by.

Never in her wildest dreams did Mindy—a confirmed and secret spankophile—ever think she’d find true love. Not in Redneck Central U.S.A. But Colton quickly proves not only does he know what she wants, he knows what she needs…and he’s every bit man enough to give it to her!

Life After Rachel_ARE

There weren’t many folks who’d equate an Indian war party to a miracle, but Reverend John White did. He believed in miracles; it went with the job. But this particular miracle…well, it was a doozy and her name was Ane, the only surviving member of a doomed westward-bound wagon train.

In the span of a single day, the young Norwegian woman had lost her entire family, her husband, even her infant daughter. Having been in America for less than a month, she couldn’t even speak her rescuers’ language, but the Lord worked in mysterious ways and necessity had a way of making itself clear no matter what the obstacles.

So off Ane went, to a hardscrabble farm a few miles out of Redemption to care for the baby who needed her to survive and for the heart-broken man who, fight it though he tried, needed her even more.