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Angel of Hawkhaven_ARE

Ella Rayette hadn’t felt the touch of fine clothes or known any security since the night her father died. Now, all grown up and struggling to survive in the hells of London’s gambling district, all of Ella’s best efforts have come down to this: a cruel beating at the hands of her employer, surrounded by the jeering patrons she’d once served. Or, at least, it would have come to that, if not for the angel who saved her. He whisked her out of Hell, took her home in a fine carriage, gave her two pounds to help keep back the wolf of starvation and even offered her a job caring for his invalid sister. A job! Had she known he might do that, she’d never have stolen his waistwatch. Ella watched him ride away with the timepiece burning a hole in her pocket. It was a struggle not to feel badly about the theft but she needed the money far more than her angel. And really, unless she took him up on the promise of that job, what were the chances she’d ever see him again anyway? You’ll love this new spanking romance from Maren Smith! For adults only.


Audrey had her popcorn, ice cream and Diet Coke, perfectly chilled and ready for consumption, as well as a stack of her favorite B-flick movies at her side when a sudden stroke of lightning zapped her out of her living room. The next thing she knew, she was behind the wheel of a beat-up, old dinosaur of a pickup, bouncing along an unpaved road, and nothing was in color. When a six-foot tall spider dashed across the road in front of her, suddenly Audrey knew: She was in the movie!

Now Audrey must follow the script of the worst film ever to be put to paper, do battle against huge man-eating spiders (made in Japan, naturally), and pray that sometime before the credits roll and the film fades to black, she gets magically zapped back out into the real world. And she has to do it all while in the company of the most maddening human being alive: Morgan Kreiter, a man who doesn’t hesitate to put her over his knee and paddle her backside if she doesn’t follow her lines. Impossible man! She’s so hoping he gets eaten next!

Black Sheep_ARE

Never in his wildest dreams would Leverton Strathsford have imagined that his family was broke. Upon his father’s demise, however, the ugly truth was revealed: everything they owned had been mortgaged to support a wildly imprudent gambler’s bad habits. Condemned to make his own way in the world, Leverton had no choice but to find a job.

And so, to Dallyhone Bog he went, responding to an advertisement for an estate manager. But when he arrived, for the second time in nine short days, he learned that life isn’t always as it seems. The lord of the manor which Leverton would now call ‘home’ was in actuality — a woman! And not just any woman, but a maddeningly, ravishingly lovely young woman with an equally maddening penchant for doing the most outlandish and unladylike things.

Leverton hadn’t been a servant very long, but he suspected there might be rules against estate managers paddling their employers. Certainly there had to be rules against falling in love with them. And it was unfortunate really, because before the week was out, he just might be guilty of both.

Spanking romance at its best! Mature subject matter for adults only. 30,965 words


After years of loyal service to Ethelred the Unready, Tremen of Southby has received the greatest prize that any third son of a nobleman could hope for: Lands of his own. And not just any parcel of much-coveted property, but Burkshire Keep, a significant holding along a key section of the Welsh coast. All he has to do now is keep it from falling into the hands of the marauding Vikings, defeat the scheming Robert (who desires the Keep above all else), and woo the warrior maiden who lives there–Hallie, his wife by proxy.

Of the three, the first two tasks are quickly proved the easiest to accomplish by far. Fortunately for Tremen, a lifetime of battle has strengthened his right arm. He’s confident that, given enough time, enough patience–and enough birch switches freshly cut from the garden–eventually, he’ll bring even a head-strong woman like his wife to heel…that is, if she doesn’t outrun, out-fight, or even outright kill him first.


When Duncan MacRae met the new superintendent of the Caxton Home for Orphans, he was, to say the least, not pleased. Sadie was much too bright for such an austere place. She was also much too talkative, much too beautiful and her head was full of all the wrong reforms. Unfortunately, he was in no position to summarily have her replaced. The best he could do was teach her how a proper orphanage should be run. But ‘under his wing’ was more like over his knee! And his feisty Sadie was becoming more unnervingly beautiful with every heated confrontation between them, both on and off his lap! Oh no! Friends, they were not! But unless he could get his increasingly passionate nature–and Sadie–under firm control, their safe, comfortable roles as ‘enemies’ was about to come to a screeching, earth-shattering, smiling, laughing, entirely too-kissable stop. For adults only.


Originally title Bippity Boppity Boo (Books 1 and 2), it has since been renamed.

Two stories for the price of one, right here for your reading pleasure. Jack Morgan had been out of work for nearly two months. He’d finally lost the fight and was made homeless by a woman with purple hair, spent fifty-five fruitless days job hunting, ate pizza from a dumpster, and sat through over a hundred interviews with the rejection notices to prove it. He knew what desperation felt like, because certainly desperation was the driving force that propelled him past that Help Wanted sign in the window and into a very ordinary looking lobby. He needed a job, and he’d do anything to get one–even if that meant working for a place like Fairy Godmothers, Inc. Except, there was no way he’d ever wave that cussed wand. A man just had to have some pride. Although that long whippy end certainly did pack one hell of a sting…

Mature subject matter for adults only. 22,701 words