The Next Ex

the next ex_ARE

Jamie Miracle was everything Travis could hope for. She was beautiful, kind, sweet, and charming–but what’s more, she was utterly broke. About to be evicted, he offered her a job too good to refuse … as his wife. This would be a strictly business proposition and a temporary one at that–Travis needed another wife like he needed a hole in the head. But he’d see to her financial security, and in return, all she had to do was be a loving spouse and charm the family-oriented Kuronabe’s into signing a very lucrative business venture. With Jamie by his side, there was no way he could lose. Except that it didn’t take Travis long to discover he had a problem with this arrangement: he couldn’t keep his hands off Jamie. He couldn’t stop kissing her; he couldn’t stop spanking her. The closer they drew to the end of their contract, the more Travis became convinced that he had to find a way to make this temporary merger permanent and keep Jamie from becoming his Next Ex.