The Locket

The Locket 1

He seemed like such a harmless old man, lonely even, feeding pigeons on a cold park bench. At least that’s what Kylie Morgan thought and sat down beside him. He was charming, smiling, talking to her as if to an old friend, especially about the woman who had been his wife. Meeting her, loving her—even spanking her. A secret spankophile, herself, it was all Kylie could do to keep her interest in that particular fetish hidden. But then he pulled that old and fragile, golden locket out of his coat pocket and placed it ever so carefully around her neck, sending sparks of pure electric awareness racing all through her.

Funny, how the smallest of life’s decisions—like who to sit next to in the park—could change a girl’s life forever.


Please note: This book has coarse language and spanking (both non-consensual and consensual).