The Diva

The Diva v2_ARE

Ida Mayfield had dedicated her life to opera. She’d worked hard, clawing her way up through the ranks to become a world-renowned Diva… Until a horrible car accident brought her whole world crashing down.

It took a full year of rehab and sheer stubborn grit just to get her walking again, but whatever she had to do, Ida did it, working through pain, sweat and tears; through long days of near-nonstop rehearsals until she had once more reached the top. If it took a Vicodin or two to help her through the worst of it… well, she was in pain, so where was the harm? Except that it was taking more and more just to get her through the day, though nobody knew it. Not even Lucian de Averley, the most infuriatingly high-handed man with whom any Diva ever had to work opposite.

Try though she might, it was getting increasingly harder to hide her secrets from him — both those of a medical nature and those infinitely more personal ones that left her hot, flustered and blushing every time he came near her. It was really too bad that he seemed much more inclined to paddle her bottom raw than to kiss and hold her. No, keeping him at arm’s length was really the best decision that Ida could make. Unfortunately, like everything else in her life right now, Lucian was doing his best to make sure it didn’t turn out quite the way she wanted.

Mature subject matter for adults only. 26,923 words