Saga: Constance

Saga-Constance (2)

Judd Faris rode out of the hills with his last stack of furs in tow. After so many years of working and saving, he finally had enough money to pursue his ultimate dream: that of a lumber mill, a home, and a family to call his own. Yes sirree, a lovely wife and a houseful of kids; nothing else came closer to heaven in his mind than that. Then he clapped eyes on the lovely armful that was Constance, and he knew he’d found his perfect mate. Unfortunately, winning the shy and reluctant Constance to wife quickly proved to be a bit more challenging than he’d first thought. Still, a man had to do what a man had to do. So although it might take a little bit of wooing, a little bit of patience and, when all else failed, a little bit of bare-bottomed, over-the-knee persuasion, this was one challenge Judd was more than ready to tackle head-on. Constance Henry was going to be his wife. Whether she became so with her ability to sit still intact… well, that just remained to be seen.