Lucy’s Checkup & Baby Sara

Lucy & Sara 2

Lucy’s Checkup and Baby Sara, two previously published short stories by ageplay author Darla Phelps, joined together for the first time, revised and released to Kindle!

Lucy’s Checkup: When Lucy’s Daddy decides to travel out of the country, it’s off to the Doctor’s he goes with Lucy firmly in tow. A full head-to-toe check up is just what this doctor orders, much to Lucy’s dismay. But Daddy knows best, and he knows exactly how to make her behave when she is reluctant to take her shots.

Baby Sara: When Andy spots Sara in his toy store, there’s just something about her that tickles his ‘Daddy’ bone. When she slips out of the store with a small stack of coloring books and a new box of crayons, leaving payment shyly tucked into the empty spot in the aisle, that’s when Andy knows: Sara Miller is the very special baby girl he’s been looking for. Now all he has to do is make her his!

WARNING: Together, these two works equal 13,454 words and contain elements of consensual sexual roleplaying, spanking and medical-themed domestic discipline of women of adult and legal age.