Incubus Moon

Incubus Moon_ARE

Ishara, the Goddess of Life and Birth, once wandered the world of men and she loved them. She loved them so much that she gave birth to the incubi and spread her children among all who worshipped her. But her ‘gifts’ were not well-received and her children grew hungry and cruel. Now, centuries later, demons overrun the world and man is fast becoming an endangered species.

When the tiny farming community of Breckenhold is attacked, Veda becomes its only survivor and her life inextricably changed. Her body and will no longer her own—the captive plaything of the incubi who save her—it is to this shunned and forgotten goddess that Veda must now go if she hopes to stop Ishara’s savage children before her people and all of those she now holds dear are hunted into extinction.

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