How to live without a man

How To Live Without A Man 2

They were seven friends, thrown together over the course of attending class after dismal and uninspiring self-help class. For over a year, they’d tried to bring the magic back, rekindle the spark, light the fires. They’d tweezed, plucked, shaped up, slimmed down, jazzercised, sexercised—hell, they even attended a course on masturbation, and for what? Aileen and her husband were still more roommates than lovers, Vivian’s ex-husband was still a cheating bastard, Gail’s left her for his twenty-something secretary, and the list just went on and on. When the self-help classes stop working, what else is there to do but give up and form your own group?

Except that now, all of a sudden men are coming out of the woodwork and the only thing they have in common is a strong arm, an iron palm and the willingness to put them both to use—including Aileen’s husband, whose determination to re-open the lines of communication begins with a long-overdue trip across his knee!

Welcome to How To Live Without A Man—meetings every Monday night. Bring your best potluck and a pillow for sitting.

This modern-day spanking romance consists of seven chapters/45,264 words. If you are at all bothered by heroes who don’t think twice about turning their lady-loves bottom-up, then please don’t buy this book.