Golden Song

Golden Song_ARE

Psychic Polly Martin saw him for the first time standing across the subway car. She knew he couldn’t be real. No one was that tall, that strong, that handsome. No one growled like that, so low and seductive under his breath, a rumbling sound that moved through her traitor’s body like a physical caress. Certainly no one had eyes like he did—glowing and yellow, vaguely reptilian in the way he watched her, so hungry and intent. Predatory, even as he smiled.

No, there was no way a man like that could be real. She had to be hallucinating. And really, after four very long days without sleep, the only thing that ought to surprise her about that was that it hadn’t happened sooner.

Warning: This is an erotic romance novelette is 23k words in length (78 printed pages) and involves dragon shape-shifters. There are explicit sex scenes, menage situations and anal intercourse. If you find any of that disturbing, you might not want to purchase this story.

Available for $2.99 at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.