When Duncan MacRae met the new superintendent of the Caxton Home for Orphans, he was, to say the least, not pleased. Sadie was much too bright for such an austere place. She was also much too talkative, much too beautiful and her head was full of all the wrong reforms. Unfortunately, he was in no position to summarily have her replaced. The best he could do was teach her how a proper orphanage should be run. But ‘under his wing’ was more like over his knee! And his feisty Sadie was becoming more unnervingly beautiful with every heated confrontation between them, both on and off his lap! Oh no! Friends, they were not! But unless he could get his increasingly passionate nature–and Sadie–under firm control, their safe, comfortable roles as ‘enemies’ was about to come to a screeching, earth-shattering, smiling, laughing, entirely too-kissable stop. For adults only.