Black Sheep

Black Sheep_ARE

Never in his wildest dreams would Leverton Strathsford have imagined that his family was broke. Upon his father’s demise, however, the ugly truth was revealed: everything they owned had been mortgaged to support a wildly imprudent gambler’s bad habits. Condemned to make his own way in the world, Leverton had no choice but to find a job.

And so, to Dallyhone Bog he went, responding to an advertisement for an estate manager. But when he arrived, for the second time in nine short days, he learned that life isn’t always as it seems. The lord of the manor which Leverton would now call ‘home’ was in actuality — a woman! And not just any woman, but a maddeningly, ravishingly lovely young woman with an equally maddening penchant for doing the most outlandish and unladylike things.

Leverton hadn’t been a servant very long, but he suspected there might be rules against estate managers paddling their employers. Certainly there had to be rules against falling in love with them. And it was unfortunate really, because before the week was out, he just might be guilty of both.

Spanking romance at its best! Mature subject matter for adults only. 30,965 words