Audrey had her popcorn, ice cream and Diet Coke, perfectly chilled and ready for consumption, as well as a stack of her favorite B-flick movies at her side when a sudden stroke of lightning zapped her out of her living room. The next thing she knew, she was behind the wheel of a beat-up, old dinosaur of a pickup, bouncing along an unpaved road, and nothing was in color. When a six-foot tall spider dashed across the road in front of her, suddenly Audrey knew: She was in the movie!

Now Audrey must follow the script of the worst film ever to be put to paper, do battle against huge man-eating spiders (made in Japan, naturally), and pray that sometime before the credits roll and the film fades to black, she gets magically zapped back out into the real world. And she has to do it all while in the company of the most maddening human being alive: Morgan Kreiter, a man who doesn’t hesitate to put her over his knee and paddle her backside if she doesn’t follow her lines. Impossible man! She’s so hoping he gets eaten next!