Angel of Hawkhaven

Angel of Hawkhaven_ARE

Ella Rayette hadn’t felt the touch of fine clothes or known any security since the night her father died. Now, all grown up and struggling to survive in the hells of London’s gambling district, all of Ella’s best efforts have come down to this: a cruel beating at the hands of her employer, surrounded by the jeering patrons she’d once served. Or, at least, it would have come to that, if not for the angel who saved her. He whisked her out of Hell, took her home in a fine carriage, gave her two pounds to help keep back the wolf of starvation and even offered her a job caring for his invalid sister. A job! Had she known he might do that, she’d never have stolen his waistwatch. Ella watched him ride away with the timepiece burning a hole in her pocket. It was a struggle not to feel badly about the theft but she needed the money far more than her angel. And really, unless she took him up on the promise of that job, what were the chances she’d ever see him again anyway? You’ll love this new spanking romance from Maren Smith! For adults only.