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I am an author of predominantly spanking-oriented romances. I have been writing and/or publishing under one name or another for over *cough* 20 *cough-cough* years. I am currently hard at work on the Masters of the Castle and Red Petticoat series, and a brand new, super-secret project with Blushing. Shhh! You didn’t hear that from me.

You can find my work on Blushingbooks.com, Amazon, Smashwords, and Barnes and Noble, among others. Leave a comment. I’d love to hear from you. πŸ™‚

You can also find me on Goodreads and Facebook.

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  1. I love your books. I have read most of them in the past two years. They are realistic, at times funny and before I did not know so much was available in my favorite subject.

  2. I loved Saga: Constance! LOVED! It felt like maybe there were stories coming for Grace and Serenity. Please write their stories!

    • I always intended to write those other stories, and wrap up the flashbacks in a little love story of their own, but omg, the lack of breathing room these days. lol. I will see what I can do, Paula. πŸ™‚ Thank you for writing. It’s always nice to hear when a story strikes a chord with a reader.

      • I’d adore to read more in the Saga series too .LOVED Constances story especially the flashbacks lol Just finished the three Castle books .Great books.

      • I’d love to finish that series, but my oh my, the sheer quantity of books bubbling on the front burners! I can’t even see the back burners from here.

  3. I found you on Blushing Books and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your Castle series! Each book is truly amazing. I would love the opportunity to pick your brain about a few things, if you wouldn’t mind. If you wouldn’t, ind, my email is **edited out**. You are truly gifted, Maren!!!

  4. I second Paula’s request. I often browse on Amazon thinking I’d missed the follow up stories to Saga. There aren’t too many auto buys for me, but you are definitely at the top of the list. Great voice + excellent editing = favorite author no matter what genre you are writing.

  5. i’ve just read Holding Hannah, the way she just went with Master Sam without thinking because she was so desperate to experience what felt right was both horrifying & totally understandable. i’ve been through such a situation, unlike Hannah i was unucky it ended badly for me. But your book is so well written i am going to read more of your book’s now & will recommend you to others.

    • Thank you! I was unlucky as well. My first forays into this lifestyle, I let myself be guided by my own sub frenzy and I was not very smart about my safety in regards to who I went home with. Live (fortunately) and learn.

    • Thank you! I was unlucky as well. My first forays into this lifestyle, I let myself be guided by my own sub frenzy and I was not very smart about my safety in regards to who I went home with. Live (fortunately) and learn.

  6. Thank you for your reply, sub frenzy if thats what it’s called for me was like a full on panic attack of wanting/needing to experiment but like you with no thought for my own safety or the consequences. reading Kaylee’s keeper i think you have written about me from a character pov but kaylee has experienced every one of my fantasies in one book! i hope you continue this series of book’s i’ve never read anything that has felt so real to me personally. And so well written i really can not wait to read saving sarah.

    • Thank you so much! I put a lot of myself into Kaylee, but I’ve kind of been doing that in each of the books in this series. My intent is to branch out a little from just spanking and show all the other little nuances of what BDSM play can involve, to show they aren’t scary, that it can be sexy, fun and beautiful. I hope you enjoy Saving Sara!

  7. hi Mrs Smith i’ve finished Saving Sarah & just brought Mira’s Miracle even though it is not by you. i’m really not into F/f i prefer M/f or M/m but it is part of the set & will probably have info on other character’s who i already know from the first book’s so i can keep up with them. i really like how you bring in the wider range of BDSM but a lot of it scare’s me especially the electric & fire play both hard limit’s for me but you do write it with great understanding a feel for the character’s safety. i look forward to your next book in this set.

    • I experimented with both fire play and violet wands when I was preparing to write this series. Electricity scares me stupid. That has always been a hard limit for me, too. But I was determined to know what it felt like, so I asked a very nice man to give me a run-through of what electric play was about and I discovered it wasn’t half as bad as I was afraid it was going to be. The fire play was wonderful from start to finish! I absolutely love the feel of that, which I guess is why it’s been such a successful massage treatment for many centuries. If you ever feel like venturing out of your comfort zone and you find yourself at a munch with someone who is experienced in cupping and fire play, I would seriously recommend trying that. There is no pain involved. It is just warmth and the gentle sensation of being stroked.

      As for my next book, I am slowly but surely working my was through the gamut of different BDSM experiences that you may not often or even ever read about otherwise. πŸ™‚ Book 4 is coming out in the next few weeks and Master Parker has more than a few sensual surprises for his longtime friend and newbie sub, Sinclair.

  8. Hi again Mrs Smith, the fact you actually experienced what you have written about is what make’s your writing so wonderful & believable even in the fanstasy castle setting. i think you are very brave to step outside your comfort zone & try thing’s that are on your limit’s list! i am really intrigued by book 4 is that a M/m relationship. i eagerly await it, as i finished mira’s miracle in one day! not really my cup of tea sorry to say but i liked the fact Selena & Bill were there & still getting married. wish there was a way to write to you that was less in the public. As i would like to explain a little more with out everyone reading it! Oh well.Thank you for this wonderful series of books

  9. I was just wondering if there would be a full length Masters of the Castle story for Sam and Hannah. I thought I had read somewhere that there would be but I am not sure. Thanks…..

    • Yes, there will. It was supposed to be the fourth book, but for what I want to do with that story, my publisher is a little leery. So, it will be the book I end the series on, and I’m telling everyone right now, I will pull no punches. They are going to have their HEA the way I originally envisioned it.

  10. Now I am very intrigued…..can’t wait to read it even though I will be sad to see the series end. How many books do you envision in the series?

  11. Hello, I’m reading all your books I can find. I would like to know if the WIP Ana Adored and Last Dance for Cadence are in a series or are stand alone books, Thank you

    • Hi Maria! Last Dance for Cadence is part of the Corbin’s Bend series (9 to 10 books all written by different authors). But, like all the Corbin’s Bend books, they can be read as stand alone novellas. Ana Adored is a Masters of the Castle F/f spin off that I will be co-writing with an author friend of mine, Anastasia Vitsky. I don’t typically do F/f and I don’t expect most of my readers to pick up that book, but when I imagined the Masters of the Castle series, I imagined a place where anyone who could and be free to practice their kink drama- and judgment-free. In that regard, doing an F/f makes sense to me.

  12. Hi Maren, I loved your Corbin’s bend book, it is my favourite one of the series. Actually I love all your books truth be told. I have just spent a weekend reading the Castle series, now there’s a place I’d like to visit! Thanks for all your great books
    love Jan,xx

  13. Hi Maren, I am a huge fan of yours! I have read many of your book. Vardens Lady being one of my favorite books! Also the MotC series. Outstanding! I look forward to each new book. I just finished reading Karly’s Wolf. WOW, what a great read. I left you a 5 star review on Amazon (one of two reviews as I type this). I was a bit reluctant to buy it when I read there was no spanking in it (that being my kink) but after posting on Katherine Deane’s blog she assured me it was a hot sexy book. She was right! It was over the moon (werewolf pun intended) outstanding!

    With a daughter in Nursing School, I must be super selective in my Kindle spending. I was down to $4.04 on my gift card when I bought Karly’s Wolf. Boy, it was soooo worth it. I can’t wait till your Corbin’s Bend book comes out. Your first book in the series tied with Tara’s book for my favorite.

  14. Hi Maren,

    I was wondering if you will be continuing with the series in the “saga: constance’s story”? Will you be writing stories on her two sisters as well?

  15. I am just in awe to find out that you are Darla Phelps…I have read Pets 3 Bebe so many times considering that I rarely read SCI-FI BDSM (I love both genres but not combined). Tral is one of my favorite fictional character of all times:-)
    Although it’s taken me few years to be able to read Judgment again, I am also very glad to learn you are Denise Hall too. I loved the plot and the style of Judgment, it was the harsh punishment that put me off a little. Nevertheless, re-reading it brought me here…yay… And now that I know Masters of the Castle’s books are also yours, I am more tempted to start the series.

    • Aww! Thank you, Gamell. Judgment was one of the very first books I ever wrote. I’ve learned a lot since then. You will not find that same dynamic in the Masters of the Castle series. Which isn’t to say you won’t find punishment spankings (because nobody wants to live in a world without those…unless they’ve misbehaved, then they probably do wish they did), you just won’t find the severity. Tral is one of my favorite characters too. He’s dominant when he has to be, has a kind heart, and tends to take the bad with a grain of humor. Bebe was a different kind of book for me to write, but it stands out as my favorite of the Pets series.

  16. I have read all The Castle stories, and love it so much I am 7500 words into my own weekend saga of a great older Dom who hopes to spend part of his retirement as a Master-in-residence, and a widowed lady whose late husband encouraged her to get her bottom warmed at regular intervals after his demise.

    That story is fated to join seventy five thousand other unpublished words in the depths of my ‘C’ drive. Thank you so much for inventing such a perfectly delicious playground. Jean A. M.

  17. I love your Masters of the Castle series. I was wondering if you are still writing. I was asking because I have not seen activity here in your website or fb. I hope you are because I love your writing. If you are when will there possibly be another book in this series.

    • I am still writing. I am eyebrows deep in the last edit of a project that has consumed me for the last five months. I’m almost finished and then I will be turning my attention back to the Masters of the Castle series. I hope to have another (Master Dominick’s story) done before Christmas. πŸ™‚ Thank you so much for being patient with me.

      • Oh I was wanting to ask exactly that same thing!! Glad to hear there is more to come. I have read the print off the masters of the castle series!!!lol
        love Jan,xx

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