In light of Jimmy Thomas…

Okay, I thought I was going to say one more thing and then be done with it, but a lot of questions were raised by other authors, artists, and readers, and I’d love the chance to answer them where it won’t get lost in the Facebook ether.

First of all, if you don’t know what the hubbub is about, here is the rant made by Jimmy Thomas, which I understand he has since removed. I made screenshots.


Jimmy Thomas Part 1

Jimmy Thomas Part 2

#1.) Boycotting all existing books that have this man’s face on it, won’t hurt him. He already got paid. It only hurts the author and publisher, neither of whom deserve it if that book was released long before the comments were made. I don’t even believe that on the readers end, boycotting all books with his face on it needs to be the way to go. I think it needs to fall on authors and publishers not to buy his photos to start with.

#2.) No, authors do not get to choose with most publishers what goes on the cover of their books, HOWEVER, they are not powerless to prevent his picture from going on the next release. If you have a book already accepted for publication, contact your publisher with copies of these screenshots and kindly ask if it might be possible to use any other model but Jimmy Thomas on your book. I have never met the publisher who would not agree to that. Not once in 23+ years. If your book has just been accepted for publication, then before you sign the contract, ask that an addendum be added that stipulates no Jimmy Thomas stockphotos be used in the creation of your cover. That is such a minor point of conflict, I can’t imagine any publishing house that would not immediately agree to that.

#3.) If you have him on one or two past books, there are a ton of cover artists who have come out of the void offering to re-do your cover for FREE or at a greatly reduced rate. Take them up on this!

#4.) If you don’t care, don’t do anything. No one is going to force anyone to take any kind of stand on Jimmy Thomas. If you agree with him, fine. If you partially agree, but disapprove of the way he delivered his message, that’s fine too. If you feel as insulted as I do about his condescending, judgmental rant, then that’s great too. There is one very easy thing we authors, publishers and independent cover artists can do about it and that’s not to put our money in his pocket by purchasing his stockphotos for our Indie releases and by politely asking our publishers if they wouldn’t mind using anyone but Jimmy Thomas in the cover art they chose.



4 thoughts on “In light of Jimmy Thomas…

  1. I have ignored several insensitive and ill-informed comments from Jimmy Thomas for a while. However, today, it struck me how psychologically damaging this man’s public statements were. I work with those battling all types of medical, emotional, and psychological traumas and those come in all shapes and sizes. (the traumas and the people) Our delivery of information is key in how it is received. It doesn’t matter what you meant if it is received badly, therefore, even if he delivered an apology at this point it will not negate the pain he has caused by his words. Self centered, ill placed righteousness is something I abhor. Based on his faulty, grandiose conclusions, I wonder if going out on his own wasn’t just a personal choice but a livelihood necessity.

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