A Hero for Lauren by Felicity Brandon

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What do you get when five smokin’ hot firemen put themselves up for auction to help with a charitable cause? How about anything a lady could want.

Five brand-new stories. Five weekends their ladies will never forget. These Doms have set the thermostat to ‘Panty Melting’… that is, if they’d let you wear them.

How about a sneak peek at the second story in the set?

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He saved her once, but after Lauren wins a night with her fantasy firefighter, can Blake still be her hero?

Chapter One

She was so damn hot. Excited sweat drenched her body, and Lauren squirmed against the bondage, almost as though she was trying to resist it. If he didn’t know better, he’d have thought she was in distress, but he knew she wasn’t. Far from it, she was heady with arousal as she writhed like a serpent over the muscular thighs of Assistant Chief Anderson, but he only chuckled as he held her in place.

What a vision she was. Young, blonde, and slender, Lauren ticked all of his boxes, but it was more than that. Lauren needed to yield. She needed to give herself to a man like him, and he was the lucky bastard about to claim her.

He raised his right palm again and brought it crashing down over her pert little behind. The sound of the impact resonated around them and, if he wasn’t wrong, it vibrated all the way through her gorgeous little body, sparking a fire in her sex. She gasped at the strike, but then offered him a small moan as her hips rolled backwards. This was all he needed. Her body was begging him to carry on, even if her mouth wasn’t able to comply just yet.

Blake spanked her again, his left hand holding her bound wrists in place in the small of her back. He glanced down at her face to see how she was doing. Pressed into the soft bedding, half of Lauren’s expression was obscured, but he made out one flushed cheek, her eye squeezed shut.

“Are you okay?” His words were stern, but he meant to offer her a life raft should she need one. “Do you want to me to continue?”

She wriggled over him, hardening the length of his cock beneath his pants. “Yes, Sir,” she panted. “Yes, please carry on…”

Blake smiled. Lauren clearly wanted this spanking. She’d had it coming a very long time, and it seemed she was fit to burst with the burden of it. That was okay… Blake Anderson was the type of man who could carry a burden, no problem at all. He raised his palm again, sending it crashing down over her upturned, exposed cheeks. The groaning woman over his lap responded beautifully, engorging his cock further.

Yes, Lauren needed this, but then, he needed it, too. Perhaps this is what they’d both needed for a long time…

* * *

Lauren awoke with a gasp. Sitting bolt upright in bed, she clutched a fistful of sheet against her heaving breasts. Dammit, it had been a dream. Only a dream… She fell back against her covers with exasperation, yet all the while the pulse at her core kept its steady and insistent beat between her legs. In less than two days she was set to meet Blake again for real, the first time since she’d laid eyes on him at the auction. Between now and then, she would have to find some freaking composure.


Chapter Two

It had been five weeks since the auction. Five weeks since she’d had the audacity to accompany Emma and seize the chance for a night with Blake Anderson. Lauren had stayed with Emma for the month after the black-tie event, and just about every night since then she’d dreamt about him. Each was a vivid fantasy of what their date would be like, and always climaxed with the spanking she’d envisaged since she was a teenager.

Lauren inhaled, squeezing her eyes shut as she fought to get control of herself. The date was today, and just the realization of it made her tremble, as a potent mixture of trepidation and excitement gripped her belly. Of course, she’d arrived at the cabin ridiculously early, desperate not to be late. Letting herself in with the key Sophie had arranged, Lauren found the large, open-plan lounge area. She barely recognized it from the busy auction night. The cabin may be made predominantly of wood, but this was a light and airy space.

Checking her watch for the fifth time in about ten minutes, she sighed. The anticipation was killing her, and all of the nervous energy was starting to make her feel a little nauseous. She scurried from the large window to one of the cream sofas, making herself sit down. Get a damn grip, Lauren, she scolded herself. What is Blake going to think if he finds you wandering around like a little lost schoolgirl?

Her mind drifted once again to the night of the auction. Emboldened by two glasses of wine, she had achieved her aim, out-bidding everyone else for her night with Blake. It had cost her more than two thousand dollars, money she couldn’t afford, but she didn’t care about that now. Right now, she was here, and this was really happening. She almost pinched herself to make sure it was real.

After the auction, Blake had found her in the crowd, her attempts to hide behind Emma apparently failing miserably. He’d shaken her hand, his blue eyes beaming as he’d introduced himself. Lauren remembered the way she’d responded with pathetic giggles, relieved mainly that he didn’t recognize her, but then, why would he? It had been years since he’d last seen her. They’d chatted for a while, Blake showering her with attention as they’d exchanged numbers. He was pulling an early shift the next day, so he couldn’t stay, but he’d promised her he’d text, and sure enough, the next day, he had.

A flurry of messages had followed. They were lighthearted and flirty, but Lauren had read and reread each one about a hundred times. Blake Anderson was messaging her? The thought made her pant, sending her heart racing out of control even now as she waited for him. They’d agreed to meet today, and she’d acquiesced to his suggestion of using the cabin as a neutral location. True to his word, he’d also organized the logistics, hiring a chef for their time here. Lauren looked around, taking in the aesthetic of the place again. She knew a little of what went on here, and she clenched her thighs together beneath her linen dress at the idea. This was a BDSM club. Emma had told her about it. People met here to play, and by that, Emma hadn’t meant chess.

“Lauren?” Blake appeared in the doorway, his muscular arm propping him up against the frame as his gaze surveyed the lounge area, landing finally on the young woman sat in the center of it. “Great to see you again.”

The look of him standing there made her flush. She actually felt the heat as it crept up her neck. Oh, my God, she thought, physically fighting the urge to pant, just look at him. He was so tall, so big, and so damn gorgeous. Exactly as she recalled from her childhood fantasies, colossal, with dark, chiseled features, except now he was even finer. His age and experience showed in the way he walked and how he carried himself, and of course, she was all grown up, too.

When Emma had called her with news about the auction, she’d known right there and then that she’d have to bid for Blake, and then she’d heard about the BDSM element, and that had sealed the deal.

And now he’d arrived—and he was all hers for the evening.


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Felicity is a #1 international bestselling, and award winning writer of dark, spanking romance. Head in the clouds, you can usually find her either plotting her next book, hitting the gym, or rocking out to her favourite music. She lives to write though, and is happiest creating desire and kink at her keyboard.

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