The Fifth Book in the Masters of the Castle: Witness Protection Program

The new exciting addition to the Masters of the Castle boxed set, Witness Protection Program, is now live. Eight new stories by ten awesome authors, for only $.87 each. This price will not last much longer, so hurry and get your copy today!


Want a sneak peak at the stories inside? Take a look at Controlling Carlie by the fabulous BJ Wane!


Chapter One

“You know what I want, little one.” He pointed to the sofa. “And what to do. Present that ass for me.”

As always, that dark, commanding tone sent a delicious shiver of anticipation rippling down her spine. Her hands went to the hem of her short skirt and hiked it up. Keeping her eyes leveled on his bright green, enigmatic gaze, she hooked her thumbs into her panties and slowly lowered them to mid-thigh, no further. He liked it when she left them on. Turning, she bent and braced her hands on the seat of the sofa, her back tense as she waited with bated breath for what he would do. Was he in the mood for her pussy, or ass tonight? She never knew, and he rarely let her know beforehand.

“Sir?” she asked, her voice a quiver of both longing and unease when she heard the telltale sound of his belt being pulled off. She tightened her buttocks, preparing for the lick of pain against her flesh, and the pleasure she never failed to reap from it.

His wide palm cupped one buttock and squeezed. “You’ve been so good today, little one, you deserve a reward. Five swats with my belt. You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

“Oh, yes, please, Sir.” She quit questioning why she enjoyed his dominance so much, how she could find such pleasure from the pain, and his pleasure in delivering it. It was what it was, and he had always been the one, the only one, she could imagine giving up herself, her very soul to.

“I do love hearing you beg.”

The swoosh of the folded-over, wide black leather always preceded the strike, and she curled her fingers into the sofa to brace for the slash. He didn’t begin with a slow warm-up, like he would if he was intent on giving her a long session. Instead, the first strike delivered a fiery hot streak blazing across the middle of her butt. She sucked in a deep breath and waited… waited… there. The heat made its slow way down to her pussy, warming and dampening her sheath with the throb of arousal.

“Oh, God,” she moaned upon the next blow which landed right below the first. “Please.” How pathetic was it, she was already so needy for him he’d reduced her to begging?

“That’s my girl,” he crooned with the delivery of the third swat. With one finger, he traced over the ache and pushed gently, drawing another moan from her. “Pretty. So pretty, I find myself hard-pressed to wait much longer to fuck you.”

“Then don’t,” she tossed back, unable to hold back an impish, teasing grin.

He huffed out a laugh and snapped the leather just under the curve of her buttocks, on that ‘oh, so sensitive’ skin that damn near sent her face down on the cushion. “That’s what your impatience will get you.”

By the time he finished the fifth and last stroke and dropped the belt, her ass was a mass of pulsating, heated flesh, much like her pussy. A hard thrust of three fingers deep inside her drew her to her toes, a few deep plunges with strategic glides over her clit sent her whirling toward a climax that he stopped short of exploding with his sudden withdrawal.

“Not yet.” With a wet glide up her crack, he pressed against her anus. “Deep breath and push out.”

She didn’t need his instruction but cherished it anyway. It proved he looked out for her, cared enough to make sure she was prepared for whatever he did, and always would be. Breaching the tight rim of her back hole, he entered her with two of his pussy-dampened fingers, forcing her to blow out the deep inhale he just told her to take. Then his cock nudged her seam, sliding between her slick folds with the ease of a knife through softened butter.

“Fuck, but I love being inside you.”

Not as much, couldn’t possibly be as much as she loved having him inside her, she thought as he set up the familiar rhythm of shafting her vagina while finger-fucking her ass at the same time. A cry spilled from her lips as his driving plunges sent her down to her elbows, leaving her hips elevated higher, and making it easier for him to deliver those downward thrusts even harder and deeper.

More… more… more… she chanted inside her head while she spiraled out of control and the darkness behind her closed eyes lit up with the sparks of pleasure sweeping her body. How could anything feel so good, how could she crave this, him so much…

“I wish I knew.” Carlie Simms saved and closed the file then swung her gaze from the computer to stare out the window of the small book store she managed. When writing those scenes, she always pictured herself in the place of her character, submitting to the only man she ever fantasized about in that way. Just how long was she going to put her life on hold for a man who refused to see her as anything but a little sister? The bad part was she couldn’t blame him. With her mousy brown hair, boring brown eyes and short, round figure, she wasn’t someone who made men pause for a second look. And Luke Montgomery, well, he’d always drawn women’s eyes like a damn magnet, and she assumed he still did.

She didn’t even know if she was submissive or not, into kink, or how much kink. Her sex life had always been as pathetic as the way she pined over Luke, month after month, year after year. She’d always been better at seeing to her own orgasms than the few men she’d allowed into her bed. But in her dreams, Luke always drove her to the highest peaks by using methods she’d only read about and heard about through the local BDSM club grapevine.

It had been over seven months since he’d returned for a visit to Granger, Ohio, the small hometown they’d both grown up in. His frequent calls, texts and e-mails to check up on her were never enough to appease her craving to see him, talk to him in person, to just be near him.

“God, I’m pitiful.” Rubbing her brow, she heaved a dispirited sigh and glanced around the still empty book store. The Saturday morning regulars would be in soon to check out the week’s new releases, those who still preferred paperbacks, and she always looked forward to chatting with them. She read everything from historical romances to nail-biting suspense to gory horror and currently waited with gut-clenching anxiety to hear whether her last erotic mystery submission would be accepted by one of the biggest publishers in New York. Books were all she’d had to keep her company since Luke moved to Maryland after joining the FBI. Between writing her own fantasy-filled stories and selling others, she’d lived in a vacuum of other people’s lives for far too long, always waiting, hoping for a sign she could be more in his eyes than Evan’s little sister.

Carlie’s heart still ached when she thought of her brother. At the tender age of thirteen, she had thought nothing could be harder than losing her mother, leaving her twenty-year-old brother, Evan, as her guardian. They’d spent those first months dealing with their grief and anger by lashing out at each other, then found it easier to cope by clinging together. His death in a car accident ten years later almost destroyed her. If it hadn’t been for Evan’s best friend, Luke, she wouldn’t have made it through that dark time. She never imagined she would later resent the close bond the two had shared since grade school that made Luke promise Evan he would always look out for her and protect her like a sister should anything happen to Evan. Her brother had been gone five years now, and she still missed him as much as she craved to be more in Luke’s eyes than the little sister he never had.

The bell over the door pealed and Carlie looked up, smiling when her best friend, Jana breezed inside. “Whew! It’s going to be another hot one,” Jana commented, strolling over to the counter and leaning on her arms to gaze down at her. “Please tell me your smoothie machine is working.”

“Yes, I had it fixed a few days ago.” Nudging her glasses back up, Carlie rose, stretched, then turned toward the industrial blender, asking over her shoulder, “What kind?”

“Banana. Have you heard anything yet?”

Jana was the only one who knew about her writing, the only one she let read her work and whom she trusted to keep it quiet. Even though everyone in town knew what went on up at the Castle, few would ever admit to being a guest for fear of self-appointed morality-enforcers showing up on their lawns. Carlie was a private person and didn’t want anyone to know about her writing, at least not until she’d been accepted. If that ever happened, she’d be glad to shout it out herself.

“No, but it’s only been a month.” She peeled a banana and tossed it in with the yogurt and fruit juice. “What’re your plans for today?”

“Well, in about an hour, I’ll be on the bus up to the Castle for the night. When are you going to be ready for some hands-on research? Thanks.” Jana took the cold drink from her and brought the straw to her mouth with a sigh.

“Maybe soon. I don’t know.” That had been Carlie’s standard response for years now. The truth was, she feared reality would never live up to her fantasies, that BDSM wasn’t her thing because the only one she could ever imagine herself doing anything kinky with was Luke. Even though he’d been a Master at the Castle for years, he’d never hinted she held any appeal for him other than as a friend and the girl next door he promised her brother he’d look out for.

“Right,” Jana drawled. “That line has gotten old. Someday I’ll talk you into it, wait and see.” The door opened again, letting in a blast of August heat along with two customers. “I gotta run.” She grabbed a romance off the new release rack and plopped down money for both the book and smoothie. “I’ll come over tomorrow and fill you in. You’ll be so jealous you won’t be able to wait until your next day off to go.”

Carlie smiled at her persistent friend. “Seems I’ve heard that line before.” She waved her off, eying the eager bounce to her step with a wave of jealousy. She didn’t need to hear any more about Jana’s experiences at the Castle to stir her interest in something she’d never had the guts to try. Until she could imagine herself exploring the kinks the BDSM club was well known for with someone other than Luke, who showed no interest in her that way, she wouldn’t humiliate or disappoint herself by caving to curiosity.

By the time five o’clock rolled around, she was more than ready to head home. She’d sold more smoothies and cold drinks than books, which wasn’t unusual. If it weren’t for the trade-ins and the on-line sales of used books, she doubted the store would stay open. The owners, Maggie and John Klein, opened the small book store and café over thirty years ago. They closed the café when they retired and hired her to run the rest, leaving only the drinks, cold in the summer and hot in the winter, for customers to indulge in when they came in.

Carlie walked the few blocks to her residential neighborhood, and as she turned the corner onto her street, her eyes automatically went to the house next to hers, Luke’s home. Her shoulders slumped in disappointment when his sporty, black Mazda remained absent and the house showed no signs of anyone being home. Why she continued to look for him, she didn’t know. He always told her when he would be coming back to Granger for a visit, and had mentioned just last week, the last time she’d heard from him, that he had no plans to return anytime soon.

Strolling up the walk to the front porch of her two-story Craftsman, she noticed the weeds amassing in her gardens, but didn’t have the energy to mess with them tonight. After changing clothes and pouring a tall glass of iced tea, she sat on her front steps to enjoy the quiet evening before trying to come up with something for dinner. A squeal of laughter drew her gaze down the street where the neighbor kids were riding their bikes. Her lips curled at the corners as she recalled a spill she’d taken on her own bike when she’d been six. Both knees were bloody scrapes, and she’d lifted her tear-soaked face to see thirteen-year-old Luke leaning over her with a concerned look, a lock of ink-black hair falling over his forehead.

“Let me help you, little one,” he said as he wrapped his hands around her arms.

Carlie couldn’t help it, she giggled, her heart turning over at the soft look in his green gaze. “Evan says I’m fat.”

“Big brothers are supposed to tease little sisters.” He brushed off her shorts then lifted her bike. “I’m sure you can find a way to get even with him. You better go in and have your mom wash those scrapes.”

He tugged her hair then jogged back over to his front yard where he’d been mowing. Carlie sighed, falling in love and vowing to marry her knight in shining armor someday.

Carlie scoffed now, thinking about what an idiot she’d been for mooning over a man for so long. She knew if she ever needed anything, all she had to do was pick up the phone and call Luke. After Evan’s death, he’d stayed with her for over a week, helped her with funeral arrangements, sleeping in Evan’s room so neither of them would have to be alone with their grief yet. And one night, he’d held her in her bed while she cried her heart out, staying with her until morning, his tall, hard body curved around hers. It had been after that night that her fantasies had taken a turn toward kink.

Then out of the blue, a month later he’d come over to tell her he’d found a place in a small town in West Virginia less than an hour’s drive from Washington and would be moving there permanently. The gleam of excitement in his eyes was something she’d never seen before. The only time since that he hadn’t seemed thrilled with his career had been at the beginning of the year when he’d returned for a brief visit.

She’d hardly seen him during that week and figured he’d spent most of his time at the Castle. Along with the jealousy eating away at her had been concern over the bleak expression in his eyes and the angry tone in his voice when she’d asked him how work was.

“I hope to God you never learn first-hand just how low some people can sink, little one.” He nudged her glasses up with one finger, saying, “You keep looking at the world out of your rose-colored glasses. There’s nothing wrong with that, regardless of what others might think.”

He had been happy during his Christmas break the month before that. He and his father, who lived in a retirement community now, invited her for dinner and Luke had appeared to be in good spirits then. She never learned what happened in the weeks following that caused the change in him, and he still refused to talk about it. With a sigh, Carlie pushed to her feet and went inside. No use sitting there pining over what could never be.


Oh. My. God!” With a squeal, Carlie pushed back from her computer, jumped up and did a jig around the den. “They loved it! Woo hoo! I’m going to be published!” With an exalted laugh, she scooped up her phone and pressed Jana’s number. Had it really been just three days since she told her friend she didn’t expect to hear from the publisher for weeks? “I’ve been accepted!” she sang into the phone the second Jana picked up.

“Are you freaking kidding me? I’ll be right over.” Carlie looked at her buzzing phone and shook her head. What would she have done all these years without her best friend?

Checking her wine supply, she pulled out two bottles from the small wine refrigerator that had been a birthday gift from Luke, the only other person who knew her as well as Jana. Well, maybe not quite as well as Jana did. He wasn’t aware of her interest in exploring BDSM with him as her Dom. He still told her she looked at the world through rose-colored glasses, wanting to see only the good in people. That may be true, but she’d rather do that than turn a blind eye to what was right in front of her, like he’d done with her.

Shaking her head, she shoved aside thoughts of Luke, and the urge to call him and tell him her news. The advance royalty check mentioned in her letter of acceptance took her by surprise and gave her even more to think about. Maybe it was time she gave some thought to moving away from her home town and starting over somewhere else, somewhere constant memories of her black-haired, green-eyed neighbor who would always look upon her as Evan’s little sister wouldn’t haunt her on a regular basis.

“Tell me you’ve already ordered pizza,” Jana demanded the minute she breezed inside Carlie’s house and hugged her with a squeal. “I’m so thrilled for you!”

“Thanks, Jana, and yes, I’ve ordered pizza with the works and have the wine ready to pour.” Turning to the counter, she didn’t stint filling the two glasses before handing one to Jana with a clink and a toast. “To the big check in the mail that will help me start a new chapter in my life away from Granger.”

“What? You’re thinking of leaving?” Tears filled Jana’s blue eyes and Carlie hugged her again.

“Not far, I promise.” She stepped back and sipped her wine, leaning against the counter. Two months ago, she finished her kitchen remodel, changing everything by adding a black, grey and white, multi-colored glass backsplash to the refurbished white cabinets and grey-marbled quartz countertops, as well new black-stainless-steel appliances. Her contractor had even turned a never-used closet into the walk-in pantry she’d always wanted. With the kitchen completed, her house updating projects were finished, something she’d been working on for over two years. It seemed a shame to sell it now that the house she grew up in reflected her taste and style from top to bottom, but the desire to get away, work on new memories instead of wallowing in old and longing for something, someone she would never have pulled stronger than the nostalgia of her past.

“I’m researching small towns in Pennsylvania, close to both New York and Ohio.”

“Not running off to the big city?” The relief on Jana’s face tugged at Carlie’s conscience. She would miss being able to see her friend whenever she wanted.

“No, I’m a small-town girl, just like you. You could come with me. Nursing jobs must be fairly easy to get.”

Jana shook her head as Carlie knew she would. “No. I’ve been with Dr. Sheldon for ten years and he’s been good to me. Besides, I love it here.”

Carlie snorted. “You love the Castle, you’re not fooling me.”

“That has a lot to do with it. Speaking of which.” She strolled over to Carlie’s desk and booted up her computer.

The doorbell chimed, and Carlie questioned on her way to answer it, “What’re you doing?”

“Pulling up the Castle’s application. You don’t have much time if you’re going to be on the bus with me come Friday. They’ll need a health report, among other things.”

Carlie paid for the pizza, shut the door, plopped the box that smelled so good on the counter and marched over to her desk. “I never said…”

Jana whirled on her with fire in her eyes. “No, you just tossed out you’ve gotten your big break and you’re leaving. Now it’s my turn to throw something at you. We’re going to celebrate your contract by you spending the weekend at the Castle. I read the book you’re currently working on and it’s filled with your fantasies, the same ones you’ve been having for years. If you’re serious about moving, I may never get another chance to talk you into exploring what I know you will love. Besides,” she added, throwing out her trump card, “you owe me since you’re the one leaving me here all alone.”

Okay, so that line did generate a frisson of guilt, but Carlie narrowed her eyes, took a big bite of pizza and swallowed before replying, “First, you’re never alone. You can, and have had, any guy you ever wanted, and you have a lot more friends than I do, most of them members at the Castle. Second, you’re right, it is time I explored those fantasies.” The utter shock on her friend’s face would have been comical if Carlie’s stomach hadn’t bunched into a knot of nerves, leaving her to cringe on the inside. She meant it when she said it was time she indulged in the kinks she wrote about, if for no other reason than gaining first-hand knowledge for her writing. But the mere thought of submitting to a man other than Luke left her cold. He’d been the only one she wanted for most of her life and she couldn’t see that changing before Friday, or even before she started her new life elsewhere. Still, she could suck it up and fake it for the sake of friendship and in the name of research. She hoped.

“Well, it’s about time, girlfriend. I figured we’d have to go through both bottles of wine before I talked you into agreeing. Let’s eat, then I’ll walk you through the application.”

“You’ll be there, right?”

“You bet, but after we go through orientation with the other guests, you’ll be assigned to a room and a Dom. I’ll ask for our rooms to be side by side. We can keep in touch by calling or texting each other from our rooms or the Media Room. But,” she warned with a shudder, “don’t get caught with any modern-day devices outside those two places. There’s a strict rule of keeping with the medieval time-period.”

Carlie mentally shook her head, trying not to second-guess what she’d just agreed to. Watching Jana fold her five-foot-six, slender body onto a stool at the counter as she grabbed a large slice of pizza, she envied her metabolism that allowed her to pack away those calories without gaining weight. With her blonde hair and blue eyes, she’d been turning men’s heads since her sixteenth birthday, making Carlie even more aware of her short, round figure and plain coloring. Indulging in her fetish for brightly colored framed glasses continued to be her one concession to drawing attention on herself. If she had to wear the damn things, at least she could have an array of styles and colors to choose from.

After downing her glass, she refilled it and plunked down next to Jana. “Okay, eat, drink and sign me up before I change my mind. And if I don’t like it, or my Dom, I just may take a spanker to you.”

Jana giggled. “Sorry, I don’t swing that way, but if you decide you do, I’ll introduce you…”

Carlie held up a hand. “Don’t go there. I’m having enough trouble as it is.”


Bio for BJ Wane

I live in the Midwest with my husband and our standard poodle mix.  I love dogs, enjoy spending time with my daughter, reading and working puzzles.  We have traveled extensively throughout the states, Canada and just once overseas, but I now much prefer being homebody.  I worked for a while writing articles for a local magazine but soon found my interest in writing for myself peaking.  My first book was strictly spanking erotica, but I slowly evolved to writing erotic spanking romance with a touch of suspense.  My favorite genre to read is suspense.

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