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Coming August 7th, the next titillating story in the new Masters of the Castle box set: Witness Protection Program.

Harboring Holly by Raisa Greywood

Can he save her twice?

Two years ago, Agent Flint Turner met his dream girl. The only good he’d ever done during his undercover assignment was to help her escape one of the most vicious criminals in FBI history.

After witnessing the murder of her best friend, Holly Dansen finds safety in the Castle. When she sees the killer and his henchman, she thinks her life is over, but is determined to protect her newfound family.

But Mario isn’t what he seems, and she doesn’t know what to believe. The chemistry is bubbling between them, but can she trust him to keep her safe?



He wasn’t sure he could speak. The translucent silk of her costume fell between her knees. Instead of concealing her mound, it highlighted every delicious curve of her pussy. He was so entranced by the vision at his feet, he missed what she said next.

She reached out and flicked a nail against his shinbone. “Are you listening, Flint? This is important!”

“Master Miguel, kajira.” He tugged the chain gently, making her sway forward. Crouching down, he pinched her chin between two fingers. “I’ve never done a Gorean roleplay, but I do remember Slaver’s Kiss.”

Her lips parted as her eyes widened. A faint pink blush colored her chest, rising up until it turned her cheeks the same sweet shade. “I apologize, Master Miguel.”

“Good girl.” He let go of her chin and stood up. “Slaver’s Kiss, Holly.”

Straightening her legs until she rested on her knees, she bent forward at the waist to lay her face on the floor then folded her hands behind her head. The back of her costume fell against her skin, revealing her beautiful ass and pussy to his avid gaze.

The position hid her face completely, even better than the first had done. He wouldn’t use it unless he had to, though. He didn’t want anyone else seeing Holly’s charms. Unfortunately, he was going to have to use the position for its intended purpose before breakfast. Neither one of them could afford for her to slip up and call him by his real name.

He stepped past her and reached into the dresser drawer for an appropriate implement and gawked at the selection. The drawer held everything from a rabbit fur flogger to a wicked dragon’s tongue. Canes of several sizes rested in an umbrella stand set off to one side. Choosing a relatively benign deerskin flogger, he turned to face her as he shut the drawer. She flinched at the sound, making him grin, but she was too well-schooled to lift her head.

“I think someone has forgotten their place and needs a reminder,” he said, lifting the silk to reveal the pale globes of her ass. Very faint tan lines decorated the pale skin where a bikini would have covered her, and he couldn’t wait to mark her pristine flesh with a few pink stripes.

“Yes, Master Miguel.” She shifted, parting her thighs as she settled into her position, hissing out a breath when he trailed the flogger across her backside.

He bit back a pained groan when a trickle of moisture escaped to trickle down her bared thighs. He wanted nothing more than to lick that bit of wetness from her flesh, but first things first. “Do you want to know how many you’ll be getting, kajira?”

“It will be as many as you think I deserve, Master.”

He snapped the flogger across her ass, keeping the stroke light to see how she reacted. When she didn’t make a sound, he continued. Floggers had a wonderful tendency to build. Gentle strokes got stingy after a while, and he wasn’t in any hurry to stop.

Unfortunately, they didn’t have time for him to bring her to the edge of her endurance, and their first scene together was definitely not a good place to try. He let the tails of the flogger fall just a little harder as he painted her bottom with crisscrossing blows. Her fair skin blushed into pink as he focused all his attention on her, waiting for just a peep of discomfort to escape her lips.


About Raisa Greywood:

Raisa is an up and coming author of romance with a dark and naughty twist. Her heroes are sometimes flawed but always the alpha in the room, while her heroines are atypical and can take anything those bossy alphas dish out.

She is the winner of the 2017 “Ignite the Flame” contest sponsored by Central Ohio Fiction Writers in the Paranormal category. The one thing that Raisa most loves is tipping tropes on their ears and making fun of them. She also adores alliteration.

She’s lived all over the world but currently resides in the Midwestern United States with her husband, two irascible cats, and a big bay rescue horse.

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