Taken by Author Jane Henry

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“He acted immediately, tugging me so close my body brushed up against his. With his mouth up to my ear he hissed, “You’re my submissive tonight, Baby. I suggest you watch your tone of voice. You’ll defer to me with respect, or I’ll make good use of one of those benches in the middle of the room.”

I pretended to scratch my forehead with my middle finger, effectively flipping him off, but he merely narrowed his eyes with a look of smug satisfaction.

Shit. Maybe playing with fire was a bad idea. I cleared my throat.

“Yes, Master. Whatever you say, Master. I hear and obey.”

Two could play at sarcasm.

His nostrils flared and his lips thinned as he looked past me to the woman at the wheel. “Emma, give her the ball again, please. We’ll spin three activities while we’re here so we don’t need to come back up to the stage later.”

Since I’d witnessed another dom requesting the same thing, I wasn’t surprised when Emma held out the ball again. Taking it without a word, I watched as the second ball dropped.

Even though it had been way too long since I’d been with a guy, this was the stupidest thing I’d ever done, like going into a grocery store with a wad of cash and an empty stomach. I hated him. Hated him. I wanted to hurt him. And yet, being near him again, my body betrayed me. Instead of cold apathy, I felt turned on, which made me so angry I threw the ball into the wheel again, barely hearing the next line.

“Sybian orgasm torture.”

“Hard limit,” I said, glad I’d entered that on my application. Chase would know, but I wanted to repeat it for Brayden’s benefit.

If I was gonna spend the night with him, he would make me come.

He chuckled low, and for a moment I wondered if he could read my mind.


I grew dizzy with fury, my cheeks aflame as for the fourth time, I dropped the ball to pick another kink. “Whipping.”

Brayden’s lips quirked up ever so slightly at the edges.


“You sure about that? You’ve never been on the receiving end of a whipping from me, Baby. Damn, the opportunities lost…”

The way he said ‘baby’ made me want to throat punch him. Despite the fact that my stupid, stupid body responded, the low husky way he talked about whipping me made my belly dip and my breasts swell. Oh, God.

“Fine, Brayden,” I hissed, furious at him for making me horny.

He clucked his tongue and shook his head, mocking in a sing-song voice, “Baby’s cruisin’ for a bruisin’. Gonna get tied up and whipped thoroughly and fucked senseless.” He shook his head and said with a sigh, “Should’ve maybe done this a long time ago.”

I glared.

“And the last one?” Brayden asked.

A third roll, and I held my breath.


Brayden muttered under his breath with dripping sarcasm, “Great, just what she needs, to be tied up a little tighter.”

“Fuck you,” I hissed.

Brayden clucked his tongue. “And that, Baby, just earned you your first punishment.”


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