A Dom in need of girlfriend…

A Dom in need of a girlfriend…

A submissive whose curiosity got the best of her…

The ad read: Submissive Wanted, Three Days Only

Theirs was a temporary relationship contracted not to last… but a lot could happen in three short days.


Excerpt: Chapter One, Part 2 of 4:


Lacey almost jumped out of the booth, at the same time folding her papers with a guilty snap as she met All-I-Want’s questioning eyes. They were blue eyes; very blue. Like, Caribbean ocean waters on a warm and sunny day. Those photos he’d sent her really hadn’t done him justice.

“That didn’t look at all guilty,” he chuckled. His warm tone washed over her, sprouting instant blooms of heat in the pit of her nervous stomach. “Hi.” He held out his hand. “My name is Eric.”

He stood over her, hand outstretched, a briefcase tucked under one arm with a smile curling at the corners of his handsome mouth, and it all seemed so ridiculously non-threatening that Lacey couldn’t help but smile back.

“Hi, sorry!” She almost knocked her water over in a belated attempt to shake before she offended him. “Oh! Oo!” She caught her glass and set it aside before she made things worse, using both their napkins to mop up what little had spilt. “Sorry,” she said again. “I’m a little nervous. I’ve never done this before.”

“That’s okay.” Sliding into the booth on the bench across from hers, Eric held out his hand again.

Hesitating only a little, Lacey shook it a second time. “Lacey,” she greeted.

“Glad to meet you, Lacey.” His smile broadened. He also kept his hand extended. “Did you fill out the contract I sent you, and may I see it?”

Duh. Her face burning, she thrust her many-times-folded and starting-to-fray papers into his waiting hand. “Sorry.”

“That’s three times now that you’ve apologized when you haven’t done anything wrong.” His smile held only the slightest censure; one that he softened with a wink. “I think you can stop that now.”

“Sorry,” she said again, then winced. “I mean… okay, right.”

Laying his briefcase on the bench beside him, Eric pulled out a pen. “Coffee, please,” he told the waitress when she came to take his order. He glanced to Lacey, eyebrows arched. “Have you eaten lunch?”

She hadn’t even eaten breakfast. Her nerves wouldn’t let her, but if she ordered something he might try to buy it for her. She wasn’t prepared for that, so Lacey lied. “Sure.”

“Do you mind if I eat?” he asked. “I’m starved.”

“Oh no, please! Go right ahead.”

He ordered a burger and fries, with a side salad added on. As soon as the waitress had gone, his head bowed once more over the contract. He took his time, the tip of the pen keeping track of what question he was on, and making it easy for Lacey to follow along. The silence as he read was stomach-churningly absolute, and smothering. Why was she so nervous? It wasn’t as if she had anything invested in this. Either one of them could get up and walk away; no big deal. Maybe that was why. Maybe it was because the harder she tried to convince herself this was no big deal, the more it began to feel like she was putting herself on an auction block. With no bidders in the crowd, no less. Because if there was an interested bidder, why wasn’t he saying anything? So far, Eric had looked over two pages of answers without a sound. Not a grunt or a thoughtful hum. Nothing.

That didn’t bode well. He hated her. She’d answered something wrong, and any minute now he was going to raise his head, look dead at her and say…

“I like this,” Eric said, startling her as he flipped the page to continue checking questions on the other side. “We’re closely matched in preferences. Submissive, three years’ experience. Tell me about that? What does ‘experienced’ mean to you?”

Of course, he would ask that.

“Um… well.” She wasn’t much better than a newbie, really. Rubbing her sweaty palms against her thighs, Lacey did her best to make herself sound more knowledgeable than she was. “I-I’ve been in the scene since I moved here a few years ago. I joined my local dungeon. They meet pretty regularly—”

“They meet, but you don’t?”

He would pick up on that.

“I’ve attended when I could, but I haven’t in about six months or so.”

“Why not?” When she hesitated, he glanced up at her with a knowing glint narrowing his eyes. “Few partnerships in life can succeed without trust. Police and firemen are the only people who, maybe, might need it more than we do. For that reason, honesty is the one thing I’m most hard-nosed about. I won’t play with a partner I can’t trust, and I wouldn’t expect you to either. I promise I won’t ever lie to you, but you need to give me that same courtesy. If it’s uncomfortable, say so. If you don’t want to do it, tell me that. If you’re scared, I want to know. But don’t lie, all right?”

Half the knots in her stomach tightened to chokeholds. Strangely though, the other half relaxed. “O-okay. Um, well… there’s this guy who comes to the play parties and… well, he keeps asking me to scene with him. But, um…”

“You don’t want to,” he guessed.

She rubbed her palms over her thighs again. “No, he’s… very scary.” Her voice went Little before she could catch it. She cleared her throat twice before it would go back again. “He likes electric play, and he has this taser…”

“Okay,” Eric said softly. “Thank you for being honest with me. I know it’s hard, especially when we don’t know each other, and you’ve probably spent most of your life trying to keep the submissive aspect of your sexuality hidden.  I appreciate that.” He turned to the next page of the contract. “Did you notice there is no section in here for electric play?”

She hadn’t actually. She’d been more overwhelmed by the parts that were included—Shibari, impact, sensation play, role-play, and the Little section that had stirred more fantasies than any other part, and which she had agonized over the longest before leaving it out entirely. Oh God, and then there was that incredibly hot and stomach-quivering section on different forms of sex and erotic play-slash-punishment.

“I had wondered,” she lied, mostly because she didn’t want him to think she was too inexperienced or unobservant. Or worse, uninterested.

“This is the list I use when screening potential play partners.” He paused long enough to accept the salad the returning waitress set on the table. “Thank you,” he told her, then waited for her to move on before continuing. “Everything on this list is here because it interests me. I have done electric play in the past. I did it because I am a dungeon monitor for my local group, and if you don’t know how to do something correctly, how can you tell if it’s being done incorrectly?”

“Right.” That made sense.

“It’s not my favorite kink, which is why it’s not on my list.” He arched his eyebrows, canting his head slightly. “To each their own, but I can’t imagine using a taser.”

She couldn’t imagine wanting one used on her, but a woman at her group sure did. She had a scene with one at least once every few months. The sound was so terrifying, Lacey couldn’t bear to stay in the building. “So, what are your favorite kinks?”

Smiling, he waggled the list at her. “Everything on here is something I enjoy, to one degree or another.”

Lacey froze. The Little section. Every knot in her gut returned full force. And Lord, but the entire last page was almost exclusively devoted to sex stuff, some of which had been hot enough to spark some serious fantasies after she’d gone to bed. She’d lied on just about all of it, because she just couldn’t bring herself to be that vulnerably honest for the sake of a fake three-day relationship.

“Oh,” Lacey said.

Licking his thumb—her nipples perked at the sight—Eric flipped another page. “There’s not a lot I’m seeing that you dislike outright. You’ve marked a few activities as unfamiliar to you, but you’re willing to try them. I like that.”

Her breasts grew heavy and warm; her nipples tightened even more. She liked a lot of the things Eric had in the sex section of his list. Oral… anal… disciplinary… Just the thought of it brought a rush of wanton desire trickling down into the folds of her labia. She could see herself doing them, not with some faceless, unknown, fantasy Dom, but with Caribbean blue-eyed Eric. Being pressed facedown upon the bed, with the strength of his body pinning her there. His fist locked in the back of her hair. The thickness of his cock pounding into her in a way that was entirely pleasurable, even when it wasn’t comfortable, with the heat of his breath burning hot suggestions in her ear: “This is how bad girls get punished, isn’t it?” Oh, the erotic mortification of having to agree while he growled, “Take your punishment, babygirl. Take it!”

Her whole body erupted in shivers…


Part 3 of 4 will continue tomorrow…

Real by Maren Smith, coming this Friday!

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