She never dreamed she’d be paired with her ex.

One sub and one Dom play a game of chance–but Dane’s playing for Keeps. Will the odds be in his favor?


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Measha Stone was another author that I’d not read before I was invited to join in this boxed set. It’s always so much fun when you get to sample the work of an author you’ve never tried before.

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Blurb for Bared:

Riley can’t remember the last time she played with a Top she couldn’t manipulate. That’s the problem. She wants something more than topping from the bottom, and she’s convinced herself that the Valentine Roulette event is the place to find it.

But when she’s paired up with her ex, her confidence waivers. Dane knows her too well, has been watching her for months, and he’s not going to give up this time. Will he be able to breach that wall she’s been building since she ran out on him all those years ago? Or will she run again, lose the game, and her chance at love?


Excerpt for Bared:

With a light shove, he let go of her hair and stood in front of her, again appraising her. “I’ve always loved your tits, Riley.” He cradled them in his hands, assessing the weight of them. “Nice and heavy. Do they take a nice beating?”  One more thing on the list of things he’d wanted to try, but she’d been afraid. What if she had liked it? What would that have meant for them? “I asked you a question, girl. Answer me.”  He slapped her hip.

She caught herself before losing her balance and glared at him.

His response to her expression came swiftly. “If you get off the chair, you’ll get a whipping. In front of everyone. You’ll have to tell them all you didn’t obey, you didn’t listen and ask them to watch your punishment. That’s what’s going to happen if you don’t follow directions.”

“You almost knocked me off,” she snapped, righting her position to get her balance back.

His arm wrapped around her while he positioned himself to her side, keeping her front side exposed but secured on the chair. A volley of hard slaps to the front of her thighs had her dancing in his grasp and yelping. “Your job is to stay put. If you can’t do that, then you’ll be begging for an audience to watch your belting.”

“Okay!” She squeezed her eyes shut and calmed her breathing. No way she could do that. Having an audience for a punishment was one thing, having to handpick that audience would be too much.

“Good.” His palms ran over her thighs, soothing away the burn. “Now. Teasing. That’s your favorite thing, so we’ll start there.” He plucked a black marker from his back pocket and uncapped it. “Don’t worry pretty girl, it’s washable. I wouldn’t want to mark this beautiful skin for too long.”

The chilled tip of the marker pressed into her skin. Dragging the marker one way then the other across her chest, she had a good idea of what he was doing. But he didn’t leave her in the dark either.

Once done, he stepped back and looked at his handy work. “Perfect.” He didn’t recap the marker though. “Do you want to know what I wrote?”

“No, sir.” She swallowed. Hearing him say it, confirming it, wouldn’t make it easier.

“Sure you do, but you’re afraid. No worries, I’m going to tell you anyway.” He pressed a fingertip to the marking and checked his finger. “All dry.” A grin pulled at his lips. “T-E-A-S-E.” He traced each letter with his fingertip as he spelled out the word. Her chest constricted, her breath caught, but she managed not to physically flinch.

Riley noticed a few girls walking past them pointing at her. They smiled, and the tall blonde in the middle giggled. Heat crawled up her neck and over her face. Calling her a tease was one thing, but now he’d labeled her – tagged her for everyone in the dungeon to see.


Meet the Author:

Measha Stone lives in the western suburbs of Chicago with her husband and three children. While working toward her degree in Creative Writing from Southern New Hampshire University, she wrote mostly in the thriller genre, but her heart lies in Romance. BDSM Erotic Romance is where she lives and breathes, because what’s pleasure without a little pain?  When she’s not writing, she’s reading and goofing off with her kids.



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