“I will place a collar around your throat tight enough to remind you every moment that you belong to me.”


Are you getting sick of looking at that naked chest yet? Not me. I have licked it so many times… my laptop monitor has never been so clean.

Sophie Kisker was a brand new author for me before joining in this anthology. She’s now on my one-click list! I thoroughly enjoyed Stripped. If your tastes in well-written spanking/BDSM romances are anything like mine (and why are you here if they’re not?), then I expect you’re going to absolutely love her too!


Blurb for Stripped:

Adam Quinn and Sari Friesen have been matched for Valentine Roulette.  He likes her curves and her smile.  She likes his dark eyes and his self-assured dominance.

But life hasn’t been easy for either of them, and trust comes slowly.  If they can work together for three hours as dom and sub, through a hot wax scene, a whipping, and a capture fantasy, they’ll win the prize.

But the secret that one of them is keeping threatens to strip away the tenuous attraction that’s growing with every spank, whimper, and moan.  At the end of the night, will there be anything left to salvage for a future?

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His warm hand caressed her skin with long strokes and gentle squeezes. She made little noises of appreciation.  Her legs relaxed and fell apart.  He must have taken that as inspiration, for his hand dipped between her legs, cupping her smooth mound.  She breathed out a sigh.

“I hope to get to know this pussy better by the end of the night,” he whispered. She tensed without meaning to and then made herself relax, hoping he hadn’t noticed.  But apparently, he did pay close attention.

“Why the fear?”


“Because I’m just a little nervous, sir.  I’ve mostly played with people I knew well.  This is new.”

Liar, liar, pants on fire…


At the end of the night, will a secret strip away their chance at love?

Author Bio

Sophie Kisker started composing stories of domination and submission long ago, but it wasn’t until she met others on the internet that she realized she wasn’t alone.   Her stories are sometimes dark and uncomfortable, but they will always have a happy ending.  She’s a true believer that romantic love and a whip can make a great combination.

During the day, Sophie is busy with job and family, but in the evening, her laptop comes out, her imagination gets going, and she morphs into a recluse who would be happy living in a cave, as long as it had wireless internet and an espresso machine.


Where to Find Sophie

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