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I can’t wait! In seven days, Unbroken will be released in the fabulous 8-book box set by Livia Grant and Jennifer Bene–Black Light: Valentine Roulette! Eight books mean eight authors. Some of whom you might already know and love and some that are like little nuggets of gold you can’t wait to discover. 🙂

Would you like a sneak peek at my contribution to this stunningly beautiful box set?


Isn’t it gorgeous? Trust me, the stories inside are every bit as mouth-wateringly delicious as the guy pictured above.


Here’s the set up: Abby and Newton have never quite gotten along, so when they’re matched up for Black Light’s Roulette event, neither of them is very pleased. However, it’s either submit to the rules or call the club safeword and quit the event. For Abby, quitting–like admitting to weakness–is never an option. But how long can she cling to that resolve once Newton takes her across his knee for the very first time?

* * * * *

He shifted, sweeping one leg out from under her to capture both her kicking ones in a scissoring vise.

“No!” she gasped, but yes was in the heaviness of the hand he now spanked her with. Harder. Faster. A harsh, demanding cadence that grabbed all her attention and brought it crashing back into the here and now of pure physical surrender. He didn’t need a paddle—wooden, Lexan, or otherwise. He didn’t need ropes, either. He held her down with immeasurable strength. A Dom who knew how to conquer and control, to counter the growing frenzy of her struggles because he’d done it before. And like him or not, the submissive inside her responded to that surety, that strength, that inescapable burning pain that mentally calmed and centered her within herself until the franticness of her struggles abandoned her, leaving her to wallow in the growing burn.

* * * * *

Unbroken Blurb:

Abby didn’t know what she’d done to get on club dominant Newton’s bad side, but these days she went out of her way to earn his dark glowering stares. Newton had no idea what he’d done to deserve her sarcasm, but for two long years mischievous sub Abby had gone out of her way to make his life at the clubs a living hell.

Imagine her surprise when Newton also showed up with playbag in hand for Black Light’s first annual event. Imagine his dismay when he spun Abby’s name, attaching himself to her for the duration of the night.

If he thought for one second he could break her… If she thought for one second he was going to put up with it…

Valentine Roulette… Let the games begin.

Coming February 10th!

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4 thoughts on “2/4/17 Saturday Spankings

  1. I loved Newton and Abby’s story. So much wasted time they had hating each other. Can’t wait for the rest of the world to meet them.

  2. Hi! I’m filling in for Kathryn as host of SatSpanks! I can’t wait for this box set to come out! It sounds like Keith and Abby are going to have a lot of fun together,..if only they’d admit it.

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