Eyes… Ears… Teeth… Oh Please, Mr. Big Bad Wolffe…

What has Little Red shivering as she steps into the forest? The dark or the knowledge who is waiting behind the cottage door?


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Regina Redd is a young professional woman during the week… and becomes Little Red when with her Dom/daddy, Drake Wolffe. On the day a red envelope arrives, the moment she lifts the embossed black seal, she knows the weekend ahead will require everything she has inside… her deepest desires will be met, her darkest needs fulfilled.

You need not bring anything—everything you need shall be provided. Those are the words she reads… the ones that shall begin her journey.

How will Master Wolffe guide his Little Red through this erotic, intimate journey to push her limits, to learn she can soar so much higher than she ever dreamed? Will the cost be too high or will she treasure the first journey to Grandma’s Cottage and look forward to the next?

This story will answer those questions as Regina leaves her professional image behind and takes on the role of Little Red… a naughty, saucy little one who craves her big, bad wolf’s every touch.



Miss Regina Redd. Not the politically correct Ms.—no, he was far too proper to lower himself to use a title he’d consider inappropriate. One was either a “Miss or a Mrs.” There was no in-between. Turning the envelope over, she felt her face heating anew as she gazed at the seal. She could remember the first time he’d shown it to her—her cheeks had flushed then as well. Knowing that he’d actually commissioned an artist to create a tool that, when pressed into hot wax, would replicate the very ass she was currently seated upon, had her finger shaking. Realizing that it was tapping against the seal as if… oh, God, spanking it, she jerked her finger away and with a final, hard swallow, she reached up to remove the antique hair pin helping to secure the mass of her curls in place, the auburn locks sliding down to cover her shoulders like a cape. Slipping the tip of the pin beneath the black wax, she gently lifted. The wax broke free of its hold, allowing the flap to loosen. Regina withdrew the heavy cardstock inside. It too was red, elegant and beautiful and yet, without reading the words, the black script was able to reduce her to a quivering mass of delighted anticipation as well as shuddering despair.

My darling little Red,

You do remember what happens to naughty little girls, don’t you? That’s right… they are required to make atonement for their naughtiness. When that naughtiness has been exceptional, the requirement moves to an entirely different level. Your attendance is required to discuss the progression from a simple chastisement to a much more, shall we say, involved punishment.

At six o’clock this evening, Mr. Grimm will arrive to escort you to me. You need not pack. Everything you need will be provided.

Prepare your mind to be ready to make your full confession. Prepare your heart to accept your discipline as you follow the instructions you’ll be given to begin our little tale.

Any deviations from the rules will have additional consequences and, my naughty girl, as your current list will require a great deal to clear your slate, it would be in your best interest to follow every instruction to the letter.

Until you kneel naked at my feet…

 All my love,

 Master W

 Yes, she knew what happened to naughty girls. They were punished… they were punished until they were very, very sorry for making bad choices.


DISCLAMER: This story contains the spanking of adult women, elements of BDSM, role playing involving elements of age-play, explicit sexual scenes including anal play. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase this book.


Author Bio

Maggie Ryan

USA Today Bestselling Author

#1 International Best Selling Author in Victorian/Historical, Contemporary and Western Erotic Romance

Fantasy is a world that offers endless possibilities. Whether you travel back in time to when the plains were open, take a journey to the cobblestone streets of London, or take a fairytale you had read to you in your childhood, every letter of every word offers infinite possibilities. I love to write stories that take a reader on a journey, one they can disappear into, to experience what might have been.

Some of her other titles include:

Charming Isabella

Becoming His: The Teaching of Rebecca

Louisa Revealed

Lord Edward’s Law Claimed

Lucy Surrenders

Lucy’s Journey Home



Blessed Beginnings

Miss Summers’ School

Cherry’s Jubilee

Lilly Blossoms

Realizing Her Dream (with Laurel Jean)

A Little Sunshine (with Abbie Adams)

His Passionate Pioneer

My Sassy Settler

His Errant Educator

My Capricious Cowgirl

Ever Lasting Hope An Author’s Angst

Vintage Values My Charming Valentine

The Christmas Pickle

Treasured Submission

Summer Solace

Rosie’s Resolution

Designed for Submission

A Submissive’s Dream


A Submssive’s Gift

Jewel’s Gems

Rescuing Ruby Red

Diamond in the Rough (with Abbie Adams)

Gabe’s Golden Girl

In His Hands

Leather and Grace

Maddox – Black Stallion Trilogy – Book 1 (with Alta Hensley)


Check out Maggie’s blog at http://www.maggieryanauthor.com

Twitter: @maggieblushing

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Seven best-selling authors in one darkly erotic anthology. These ain’t your grandma’s fairytales!

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