Twisted Fairy Tales… Putting Bad, Bad Goldilocks In Chains

I’ve got two hours before it’s time to run the kittens to the vet for their first round of shots. Time to get some serious work done on my latest WIP, which is going into some really, really dark places.


I’m a few chapters away from the end of this project and I just can’t tell you how sad I am to see it end. I have never had so much fun twisting a much beloved fairy tale like I did this one. But really, if you’re going to break into the house of three dominant were-bears, what do you expect to happen?


A sharp hiss as Kaden whipped the crop back yet again.

Prickles of hot sweat and icy dread tickled down her spine. Her eyes widened, staring into Bain’s heavy-lidded gaze as his arm tightened around her waist and two fingers became three now, slowly, blessedly—oh dear God, too much!—forcing their way in. She sucked a shrill squeak of air—


—and exhaled the first real shout to be ripped from her since her capture. The force of the crop as it struck, burrowing into the fleshy undercurve of her ass, catching her full across the highly sensitive crease that bisected her buttocks from her infinitely more tender thighs, knocked her right off her toes. She’d have swung free if not for Bain’s grip on her pussy and waist, and Arsen’s now-pinching fingers as he twisted her unguarded nipple in a way that would have elicited its own yelp were she not already consumed by the agony of that last strike.

“Uh!” Goldi gasped through her gag as the crop whipped back yet again and Kaden took aim lower still. “Nuh!”

“No is not a safeword,” Bain said, husky and smirking, and Goldi clutched frantically at her chains when she heard it—that hiss of leather as it rent the air and struck.

She howled, her gag muffling every four-lettered word she spewed as she heaved in her bonds, arching and humping and—oh no, no no!—cumming, the rip of that involuntary spasm seizing at her womb, tearing every nerve up from her core and down into her badly shaking legs. There was no breathing through this. There was no breath left for her at all as her body locked, riding the spasms that sparked in her pussy, ignited in the lines across her ass, and swept out to ravage all the rest of her in shocks of absolute hunger and hurt.

“F-f-fugg!” she gasped once the ferocity of the spasms had died enough to allow her to move, to breathe… to think.

“Yeah,” Bain agreed, just as breathless and now every bit as hungry as she had been. “Cut her down,” he ordered. “Bend her over. I want my cock in her mouth while you give the next set.”


Poor Goldi, I think she’s got one helluva long punishment night ahead of her.

One thought on “Twisted Fairy Tales… Putting Bad, Bad Goldilocks In Chains

  1. Hi Mrs Smith, i have read a couple of fairy tails redone like this series .. i think it’s a great idea .. your story sounds like a lot of fun .. hhhmmm Werebears! YUM! Lucky Goldi 3 men/Werebears to punish her 😉 .. sounds like she’s in for one hell of a sexy night .. glad you are exploring this darker side i look forward to reading this 🙂

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