It’s Tomorrow! It’s Tomorrow!

One more snippet, one more day. Then it’s here!! Thank you, everybody, for putting up with me this week. I hope you enjoyed these snippets of Garrett and Lydia. As always, on the morning of release day I will post the first chapter so those of you who remain undecided can determine whether you’d like to invest in this romance and those of you who were decided way back in July, when I first mentioned I ‘might’ like to write another story, will have something to read while we wait for Warming Emerald to go live. 🙂

Set up: Lydia is in one jail cell, Millicent Crankshaw is in the other, and Garrett has arrived to pay Lydia’s fine.

Sneak Peek #7:

“And if you expect me to spank you for that, then you don’t know me half as well as I’d hoped you would by now,” Garrett replied. Just like he wasn’t sure when the dancing had started, he wasn’t sure he could pinpoint the exact moment when they both stopped moving. They stared at one another: her, fuming; him, striving for patience. “Your friend Gabriel would have, and yes, that is one of the least of my reasons for paying your fine. I didn’t want him punishing you for something I don’t feel warranted that kind of discipline.”

Her frown deepened. “Y-you… aren’t going to spank me for hitting her?”

“I’m not going to pin a medal on you either, but no. I’m not.”

“I didn’t take part in throwing shit at her, so if you think you’re going to—”

“If I’d been there, I’d have been hard-pressed not to throw an apple or two myself,” Garrett said, ignoring Millicent’s indignant squawk.

Visibly thrown off-balance, Lydia studied him. She was trying to harden herself, but something about that didn’t seem genuine either. He could see the reluctant confusion deep inside her every time she tried so hard to look away and yet couldn’t. “So, you’re going to spank me for no reason?”

“No,” he countered. “I’m going to spank you because you didn’t think. You let your temper lead you without considering the consequences.”

Her body stiffened beneath his hands. “You’re going to spank me for losing my temper, then.”

“Yes, I am.” His smile softened. “But only after you agree with me that you deserve it.”

“I’ll never agree to that, and you’re at least two cows short of a stampede if you think I will.”

* * * * *

So, what do you think? Is he two cows short of a stampede, or is she about to find out how truly sorry she really is?



She is the ‘savage’ of the Red Petticoat Saloon, a white woman raised by Indians only to be ripped from her adopted family by enemy soldiers and—with her half-breed son in tow—forced back into a life she does not remember or want. She does not smile; she does not trust, but she will, for a few extra dollars, put her buckskins on before taking a man to bed. Called Emerald, she has bitten more customers than she has forgiven. It never once occurred to her that anyone would find that treatment enamoring… until the day of the Great Brawl when the eldest Drake brother stormed the Red Petticoat in his vengeful hunt for Gabe and the youngest, Garrett, tackled her to the floor. She’d lived up to her reputation that day, grinding her teeth into the palm of his hand until she tasted blood, and forever won herself the erstwhile affections of a man who refused to understand the concept of ‘get lost’.

No one knew how to hide behind a smile like Garrett Drake. Haunted by a past he would never honor with words, he knew the soul-biting pain of incorporeal scars when he saw it. And from the moment he clapped eyes on Emerald—and she clamped her sharp little teeth on him, painting her lips with his blood—Garrett recognized his suffering soul’s long absent mate. She was prickly, temperamental, tense… afraid… what about that could draw him as intensely as it did, he had no idea, but the more she insisted he go away, the more impossible he found it to leave.

And then soldiers came to Culpepper Cove with orders to remove Emerald’s very young son to a reservation in which she could not go. After that, leaving ceased to be an option. Armed with an off-kilter joke and a smile, Garrett allied himself to the woman he loved…whether she wanted him to or not. Because she was warming to him, by God, and that right there made everything he was about to do worth it.

* * * * *

Like all the Red Petticoat Saloon books, Warming Emerald is a standalone story. That means you don’t have to read them all to understand what’s going on in this book. However, you might want to read them all simply because, like Pringles potato chips, it’s hard to stop at just one!

About The Red Petticoat series:

The Red Petticoat Saloon series is a collection of books written by #1 and USA Today bestselling authors. Each book tells the unique story of a different woman, ‘a gem’, who comes to the saloon to find a safe haven and discovers they become part of a family. Recurring characters appear in each book to allow readers a continuity as they learn about the women who have learned to bend but have not broken under the harshness that life has to offer. It is a series where strong, loving men find not only entertainment at the saloon but the special women who reside under its roof.

Come visit and learn more about The Red Petticoat Saloon.

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Rose’s Redemption by Dinah McLeod

Rose is a career prostitute that lucks out when Madame Jewel picks her up to be one of her gems. Hardened by the life she’s had, she doesn’t believe in love until she meets Thomas Rockwell, who shows her what a real man is like.

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