Travel Day 1

I don’t think any of us got more than three hours sleep yesterday night, but we hit the road on target at about 5:30 am. Around 10, I realized if I didn’t do something we were going to be in trouble. So, I pulled into a gas station for some more coffee and took a look at the energy drinks. They had a huge assortment of both pills and drinks, but the only ones I recognized (apart from the mini whites) were the 5-Hour Energy drinks. I read the label. Do you know, it says right on those things that the caffeine level is approximate to that of your average 12 oz of coffee?

Twelve freakin’ ounces?! Are you serious?

“I’m gonna need about fifty of these. Just one will never keep me awake!” I grumbled, but I put my faith in advertising and took one. Maximum strength because I was maximum tired; berry flavored because I like berries. Right on the label, it said (and I quote): Great Tasting!

Ladies and gentlemen, that stuff tastes like ass. Berry-flavored ass. It was awful!

Boy howdy, though, does it work! For the next four hours, I was dancing behind the wheel, singing to the music, and every so often catching sideways glances from my extremely un-energized sisters, all of which clearly stated: “We liked you better when you were fighting not to fall asleep.”

“Tomorrow,” I declared, “I’m trying mini whites! A quarter million truckers can’t be wrong!”

By 3 pm, the effects wore off, so I bought two more. Grape-flavored ass this time. That got me the rest of the way to Lowell, Indiana. My sisters immediately crashed into their beds and they’re still sleeping. I stayed up until a little after 9 to chit-chat and catch up on what and how everybody was doing, and then I too went to bed. I was asleep just as soon as my head hit the pillow.

It’s about 4 am as I write this now and I’m surprised I slept so long in one stretch. Normally, I don’t do that. Today, we’ll hit the road by 10 am for the next leg in our adventure. If I need it, I’ve got one more energy drink left (berry flavored again, just in case the grape had a worse-tasting ass). Knock on wood that the car continues to behave as wonderfully at it is and everyone arrives safe and sound.

I’ll talk to you again from Hermatige, Pennsylvania!

2 thoughts on “Travel Day 1

  1. Hey Maren and Sisters!
    Those distances… I cant even imagine how many miles You’re drivning! You can get from one end of Denmark – top of Zealand to the north of Jutland- in about 8 hours! Ok If you want a sightseeing it takes double. By train it takes 6 hours. But its a great adventure – LOL remember to drink your coffee and have great fun! Stay safe – cant wait for the next Update! 😀

  2. Oh Maren, I’m shaking the bed laughing. 😂 Berry and grape flavored ass. Mylanta, that’s good.

    Safety and energy!!


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