Lovely gray morning!

I feel pretty today. That doesn’t happen very often, but that’s how I feel. The weather is comfortable and nowhere near as hot as it has been. My mama hen has accepted the four chicks I ‘adopted’ from the local Atwoods, so all’s well on that front. She’s probably wondering how she managed to hatch four babies out of one old golf ball, but I believe in rewarding patience and she’s been trying to hatch that cussed thing for months!

Yesterday I submitted a re-edited and revised version of Life After Rachel to go into the Cowboy Discipline pack set that is scheduled to be released August 3rd.  So I am back to writing today and have set my goal at 2k or bust! It might not be possible, though. My laptop has lost its internal fan and/or heat sink. It’s overheating pretty quickly, but I can kinda limp it along by running the overhead fan and a box fan right next to me.

All day yesterday I was on the phone trying to find a local computer parts store, but no one wants to sell the part by itself. They want to sell a severely marked up price on the part plus labor and install it for me. Well, I’m sorry, but I don’t see the wisdom in paying $70 when I can pay $8 (including shipping) and install it myself. For the convenience and support of my local shops, I’d willingly pay $15 for that part, but I don’t turn my laptop over to anyone. I ended up having to buy the part online. It should be here by Saturday. Until then. D is going to loan me some kind of cold mat meant to go underneath laptops. Not sure how it works, but I’m game to try. I pick it up tomorrow and I should be good to go for my trip next Tuesday.

Woot, woot!

That’s right, Maren and her author siblings are leaving the menfolk at home and hitting the road. We’re going to drive to New Hampshire by way of every ‘World’s Largest *insert whatever here*’ and if we can afford to, we’ll be coming back via the Reading Terminal Market in Pennsylvania. If you’ve never been, you absolutely must go. It’s AWESOME! We might have to stop in Hershey too. Did you know they have a singing cow ride in the middle of the chocolate factory? They do. It’s been years since I was last there, but I can still hear the animatronic cows singing about milk chocolate. Click here if you don’t believe me. Between the cows and the chocolate, Hershey has it’s own gravitational pull that’ll yank two hormonal women and an unsupervised Little clean off the highway and into the factory parking lot.

Unlike my trip to New Orleans, this time I will be taking pictures of every hotel misadventure I come across, because–my God!–can I ever find them. The first night is going to be the best, though. We’ll be staying with a friend I’ve only been able to get with maybe 4-5 times in the 14 years we’ve known one another. I saw her and her husband last year, but it’s never enough.

Ah well, you’re all caught up on what’s happening over here. Time to get to work, listen to music (my playlist is eclectic. I listen to EVERYTHING. You’ve been warned), and write until I can’t writes no more! Have an awesome day, everybody, and if you’re keeping track, the next in the Red Petticoat series will be coming out tomorrow!

Claiming Coral by Maddie Taylor. I can’t wait!


4 thoughts on “Lovely gray morning!

  1. Hi Mrs Smith, i am glad you feel pretty because you are a lovely person & deserve to! YAY for Mama hen & the 4 chicks. i hope your revised book will go into the set! Oh poor laptop, my Beast had a similar issue & over heated it ended up affecting the graphics & sound! Laptops are tricky to fix but if you can do it yourself i do not blame you, i hated sending mine away for repairs! Make sure you back up everything first before you do anything! & yes a cooling mat or cooling tray/stand for laptops really helps! Hope you & yours have a fun, safe & interesting trip! Can’t wait for all the news & photos! Take care & don’t spend the whole trip in Hersheys LOL & have a great time with your friends while you visit. HUGE HUGS

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