Hero To Obey now available for pre-order, only .99 cents for all!

Your hot, dominant military heroes are waiting—and they expect your complete submission.


My latest project–super secret until now–the pre-order link has just gone live and I’ve been given permission at last to speak about my newest release! ‘A Little Love’ is only one of 22 awesome stories revolving around military men. Purchase now and you’ll get the whole box set for only .99 cents! This is a TEMPORARY price and the box set will NOT be available for long, so don’t wait long to get your copy. It won’t get any better than .99 cents.

And yet, you ask, what am I getting for that phenomenally excellent price?

Good question. There are some truly awesome writers participating in this box set: Selena Kitt, Paige Tyler, Sierra Cartwright, Alta Hensley, Sue Lyndon, Renee Rose, Vanessa Vale, Desiree Holt, Abbie Adams, Tabitha Black, Zoe Blake, Bethany Burke, Alexa Day, Livia Grant, Yasmine Hyde, Isabella Kole, Cerise Noble, Kate Richards, Maggie Ryan, Lee Savino, Maddie Taylor and me, of course.

That’s a lot of talent. That’s a lot of stories, too. Way too many to detail in one post, especially when I have a pizza in the oven ready to come out in about ten minutes. So how about we take the next few days and I’ll post the promo blurb for each story so you can get a better idea of what you’ll be buying? And this good looking guy on the cover? His name is John Quinlan and he is freakin’ awesome! He has his own bit of news regarding this series, although I don’t think he’s ready yet to reveal it. You’re going to want to know about it when it happens because prizes will be involved. Be patient, be patient. I’ll let you know just as soon as he makes the announcement. You’re definitely going to want to participate.

And now, the stories in Hero To Obey:

In His Hands by Maggie Ryan


Call Sign: Thunder by Livia Grant


Call Sign: Passing Through by Alexa Day


Exfil by Bethany Burke


A Soldier To Cry On by Abbie Adams


and my own submission, A Little Love by Maren Smith



Check back tomorrow for the next set of stories available in this massive (both in size and talent…is it okay to say that about a set I’m a part of?) military box set, set to be released on June 28, just in time for the Fourth of July!


7 thoughts on “Hero To Obey now available for pre-order, only .99 cents for all!

  1. Maren!! Keeping secrets is not nice! LOL Especially one – nope 22 naughty ones! Ok I took the bait: pre-ordered and cant wait! Nice little B-Day present for myself! 🙂 argh who am I kidding? Big nice present 🙂

  2. Dear Mrs Smith,
    ANY boxset with you in is going to be MASSIVELY AWESOME!!! In fact you are probably the only reason i’d buy this set as i do not read any of these other authors {although i’ll give them a fair try}. Hope offer is available in the UK too?
    slave c

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