Ready for June?

Can you believe the year’s almost half gone already? Let’s break June in right, and by ‘right’ I mean: Let’s do the June Instagram Challenge!



Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. “Maren,” you’re saying, “that’s a helluva lot of blog posts. And you, my girl, are a hideous blogger.”

You’re absolutely right, but I’m also stubborn and I’m gonna make the attempt, damn it. Plus, it’s not blogging. It’s Instagramming…whatever the hell that is, but I’m dedicated, double damn it. So dedicated, in fact, that when my cellphone finally died this morning, I gave up buying a cheap replacement and instead spent a small mortgage payment on something most people would still consider to be a cheap phone. Yup, you heard me. A small mortgage payment. On something that will, at best, last only 1-2 years. The mind boggles and the wallet cries.


That’s a pretty sad wallet, right there. But while new smartphones are neither for the penny-pinching, nor the weak, they do spark cool Facebook conversations. Like this one:

Facebook Friend: What kind of phone did you get?

Me: Samsung Galaxy S5, upgrade from the S3. I looked at the S6, but there’s just no freakin’ way I’m paying $550 for a phone that won’t last more than a year.

Me: And by the way, the only reason I was able to tell you all that, was because the Ex already asked what kind of phone I bought and then quite patiently explained exactly what I have when I told him, “A black one with chrome on the edges. And see the case I got for it? It looks like a pocketbook.”

Facebook Friend: I’m an IPhone gal myself. Got a 6. Now I’m jonesing for at least a 6S plus. Larger amount of storage. I’m never satisfied!!!

Me: I have never even come close to maxing out my storage. I’m not even sure what my storage is.

Me: Or where to find it.

Ya’ll, I’d only just got a decent grip on the rotary before they took it away from us. …Shhh. Listen. If you’re very, very quiet, you can hear an entire generation of young people activating their voice recognition software to ask, “What is a rotary?”


As soon as my new phone finishes charging, I’m going to download a dinosaur ringtone. I do so miss the old sounds. Then I’m going to spend the day getting savvy with apps. I have two days and about twelve years of technology to catch up on. Wish me luck and:



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