See what the reviewers are saying!

I’m playing on Katherine Deane’s blog today. Come visit us, but not before you take a look at what the reviewers are saying. Or rather, how about instead we see what the READERS are saying?

la isla

Nina –

I’m on my second session – just looooove the book – but I want all details fresh in mind writing my 5 star review at Amazon. 🙂
To all not reading yet – this is one of the best books so far in 2016 – you’re not doing yourself a service not buying yet!!!

Mary –

Yesterday after reading Maddy Mine (without stopping) I also reread Holding Hannah and Keeping Kaylee lol it was a good day I loved it. I see myself in Maddy’s character so it’s great for me. Where’s my dungeon master? Lol!

Kristy –
To the wonderful author of the Masters of the Castle series,

I love your work! I am such a fan that I’ve read them all–some of them, twice! Furthermore, your last work, entitled “Maddy Mine” inspired me to begin a fun writing project of my own, which I fully intend to show you when it’s done. If it’s ever done.

Barbara –

I have to begin by saying you are one of my favorite authors!  I just purchased your latest Masters of the Castle book MADDY MINE, and I also got your novella MEETING MARSHALL.  It was hilarious!

SH –

Oh my, I’m still trying to fully absorb this fantastic story! Maren Smith has hit a home run with this book! Dominick could not be any more dominant if he tried and Maddy is absolutely perfect for him. Together they are like fireworks on the Fourth of July! A very well written, thought provoking, steamy fun filled adventure you really don’t want to miss!

Get your copy today! Available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Blushing Books!

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