Cover Reveal for Maddy Mine!

It’s coming! It’s coming!

It’s coming this Saturday, in fact! Masters of the Castle, book 7: Maddy Mine is publishing in two more days! Would you like a peek at the cover? Of course you do, you naughty minxes, you. To borrow (and modify) a quote from one of my favorite movies (Shaun of the Dead): How’s this for a slice of fried gold?


Speaking of fried gold (not really, I just needed a segue into this next part), how about we play a game? Want to win a free Kindle copy of Maddy Mine when it goes live? Do you want to give me a free copy, you counter. Why yes, yes, I do. In fact, I want to give away three free copies; one today, one tomorrow, and the last on Saturday morning. All you have to do is participate on any of these three days and I will put your name in the squid hat–

Yes, the squid hat.


–and I will draw two names on Saturday and one on Sunday (to give folks a chance to play Saturday’s game). Pretty simple. Ready to play?

Today’s Game: Post in the comments your favorite quote or tell me your favorite scene from ANY of the Masters of the Castle books. See how easy that is? I’m so excited! Two more days and then it’s…Welcome to the Castle!

Master of Castle Submissive


When Marshall is approached for help by another vacation resort, he responds by sending his most notorious sadist, Dungeon Master Dominick. His job: To fly to the Caribbean and help institute the same Safe, Sane and Consensual policies that have made the Castle such a success. Though not at all pleased by the assignment or its disruption to his routine, the last thing Dominick expects are complications…until he bumps into Maddy Cameron. She’s plump, she’s pretty, she’s every bit the complication he doesn’t want or need, and yet he can’t help himself. Every time he gets close, he can’t wait to get closer still, to touch and be touched, to taste her, tease her, torment and possess her. Not just for a few scenes or a few days, but for the rest of his life…if only Maddy’s past scars would let him.

Hired to write a promotional review for a pirate-themed BDSM resort, Maddy looks on the opportunity as if it were a once-in-a-lifetime vacation—a vacation that comes complete with a tall, dark, arrogant and masterfully good-looking dominant thrown in. It’s been four years since her disaster of a divorce, and though she knows she’s neither young enough nor thin enough to keep the attention of someone like Dominick, the allure of an illicit island fling is more than Maddy can resist. Still, flings (like most relationships) don’t last, and better than anyone, Maddy knows the pain of letting herself get too close.

For Dominick, however, a little pain is all in a day’s pleasure. Maddy might not know him well enough now, but she’s about to find out the world’s most infamous Dungeon Master never did take ‘no’ for an answer.

29 thoughts on “Cover Reveal for Maddy Mine!

  1. “From this moment until I release you, your body is no longer yours. Every part of you will be for me and me alone. I will give you to no one else. Who do you belong to Sarah?” So excited about release this Saturday!!!! Thanks for opportunity to win. 🙂

  2. Oh my God, I’m sooo excited! Let’s see….just one scene? I loved when Silver was restrained and did the public show either the twins. OMG, the twins were amazing!

  3. My fave scene is from Chasing Chelsea! Its the “Garden Party” all the wives attend to before the wedding including Chelsea who’s absolutely paralyzed by Jackson and co when the Masters crach the party! Its hilarious when Chelsea runs from the evil twins and encounters the Big Bad Wolf Kane whos nearly seducing Chelsea in the bushes! LOVE that scene – and Chasing Chelsea is so far my absolute fave of the Castle books! LOL – make up your mind Chelsea – they are coming….. My minds eye play that scene….. LOL

  4. Just one is hard, but I do love this scene from Chasing Chelsea during the garden party: “She was up the stairs with the door latch in her hand when she heard Kade call out behind her, the fires of lust and the ice of rejection mingling in every nuance of his voice, “You taste like heaven, Red. Just like fucking heaven.”

    • I’ve got to say, I’m getting a real kick out of seeing which parts of these books folks enjoyed enough that they remember the scenes even a year or more later. 🙂

  5. The time when KayLee (while picking out an implement) something like what if I won’t be able to take it (or maybe she said handle it?) and M.marshal says something like, I’m about to spank you for deciet, I guarantee you won’t be able to take it.

      • A spanking threat and the anticipation…yum!!! I love all the castle books, but that scene is my absolute favorite out of ALL of them, because nothing gets me going more than a well timed/placed threat❤️❤️

  6. Ooh! Looking forward to the release of Maddy Mine, Maren. I have so many favorites, but I love the moment when Dominick tells Kaylee that he’d just returned from his vacation after spending four hours trapped on a plane next to a screaming six-month-old, and asks her to guess whose ass is going to pay for that. Now we get Dominick and Mandy. Can’t wait.

  7. So hard to pick one as love them all. But best scene has to be from Meeting Marshall… “Maren’s eyes narrowed. ” Best out of three,” she challenged……… “One….. ” Two……. “Three……!” All the Castle books are great and read in order when I’m in-between books but Meeting Marshall gave me insight on favorite Authors… Thank you!

  8. Oh heck, I can’t pick out just one, I loved them all. When all the authors sat outside the Head Masters (lmao) waiting to be called in, one by one, it was so funny. If I don’t win it, I will certainly buy it, which I was planning to do anyway. 💕❤️

  9. Master Kade’s description of the connection between a dom and sub through a spanking during the Spanking 101 class in Chasing Chelsea.”This is the most intimate connection a dominant and a submissive could ever have.” Yup -true that! I don’t think I have ever heard it described better.

  10. “Young ladies who get sent to the Master’s office never leave it without their very deserving bottoms being warmed. I believe it says that in the brochure.”
    Kaylee’s Keeper is my favorite in the series. I love this series and can’t wait for Saturday. 🙂

  11. I can’t wait to read another masterpiece from the creator of the Master of the Castle series!!! I already know how great it will be!!

  12. Kaylee screaming ONIONS and the way Jackson had to keep tracking her down.

    When Jackson realized it was Sara in the bathroom. Heart wrenching.

    When Hannah hands Jackson items for Sara and makes comments and Jackson realizes how insecure she is about Sam’s love. Then he remembers seeing the same look on Sara’s face and when he turns he sees the look again but stops and tells Hannah “Sam loves you to pieces.” And poof Hannah’s doubts fade away.

    Sinclair getting nervous at the toy story, dropping stuff and randomly shoving stuff on the counter just in order to get out of there.

    Favorite line ever – “Is this sorta like ‘lick it and it’s yours?'”

    💜 ❤️ 💛 💙 💚

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