Saturday Morning for the Smiths

This morning’s conversation:

Me: I want French toast.

R: We have the stuff to make that?

Me: Almost. We just need a few more eggs, some milk, a loaf of bread and bacon.

Coming down the hall, my Ex: What are we talking about?

R: French toast. Maren wants some, but we don’t have the stuff to make it and L took the car to the Dr.

Me, protesting: We’ve got almost everything we need.

R: No, apparently we’re missing everything but the syrup.

Me: I’m pretty sure we’re going to have to buy syrup too. But we do have cinnamon.

My Ex: You don’t put bacon on French toast.

…And that right there, ladies and gentlemen, is why he’s my Ex.


Yeah, okay… I know it’s not French toast, but it’s what we had in the house. lol

8 thoughts on “Saturday Morning for the Smiths

  1. I think you DO need bacon for French toast. We’ve had similar conversations here. “let’s have omelettes.” “But we don’t have any bacon.” Really even breakfast sausage will do, but I need a salty meat with my breakfast food.

  2. So I’m cheat eating today and I agree with you! Yummy syrup with bacon or sausage on EITHER French Toast or Pancakes! Salty and sweet, with a healthy bit of carbs thrown in! Mouth watering!

  3. You should have called L. and had him/her pick up the necessities on the way home from the Dr. And yes, there are times when bacon is a necessity!!

  4. Hi Mrs Smith, LOL never had french toast but i bet it’s yummy with bacon .. what doesn’t go with bacon! Love the picture. Poor ex lol
    slave c

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