One of my favorite fellow authors: Dinah McLeod

Dinah McLeod is one of my favorite author friends. We done live anywhere near one another, but it’s one of those friendships where, if we did live closer, we’d be having coffee, working on our books and hanging out every single week. That sounds like a lot to me, but then…well, I never leave the house. I first edited for Dinah when she was just getting started as an author. What I love about reading her now (apart from the fantastic stories with strong Alpha males who know a good match when they turn her over their knees), is that I get to see just how far her skill as a storyteller has come between then and now.

If you have never tried a Dinah McLeod spanking romance, you are missing out. She’s got two brand new stories out right now, and more on the way. So try one. I dare you not to fall in love both with both the story she weaves and the potential new book boyfriend you never knew your life was missing.

Welcome, Dinah McLeod.

* * * * *

Hello to all of you out in Blog Land! It’s Dinah, and I am pleased to offer an excerpt from my new book “Back in Charge”! Just between you and I, this is a very autobiographical book for me. Every book I’ve written for your enjoyment has something very personal to me. Whether it’s a conversation I’ve actually had in real life, or a personal vice, I always include something very real of myself in the pages you read. This book, however, contains so many of my real life experiences that it almost isn’t fiction at all! Hopefully, though, you find it just as fun to read! 😉

Like Sadie, I have two lovely girls and have recently had a son. Also like Sadie, my real-life domestic discipline relationship began to suffer as a result. My husband didn’t want to risk endangering my pregnancy, so we called a cease and desist on all things spanking, much to my dismay. (I think Sadie might have been more relieved than I was, at least in the beginning!)

After the baby came, I was so busy taking care of him and adjusting to life with a newborn and life as a mother of three that spanking faded to the back of my mind. But when I got a handle on things, that kink came back in full force. Actually, it’s not just a kink to me—it’s a real, pulsing need.

However, like Sadie, both Jim and I were rusty and out of practice. I proceeded to do my best to get my needs met while Jim tried to figure out how to get the household—namely me!—back in line! I hope you enjoy reading about Sadie and Robert’s journey and that this insight into the story makes it all the more real to you!


Dinah McLeod




Sadie is wondering exactly when her perfect life turned into chaos. She’s just had a baby and everything feels out of whack; her sanity, her life as a mother and, most importantly, her marriage. When she meets Lexi at a local MOMs event, the two instantly click. It is wonderful to be able to talk with another adult who understands the whirlwind of playing many roles. As their friendship grows, Sadie shares her concerns that her husband might be hiding something from her. With Lexi’s advice and encouragement, Sadie knows she has to do something. Fearing what she’ll find, she plays detective… and what she discovers has her world tipping even further off- balance.

Robert knows that his wife has not been herself. When her behavior spirals out of control, he believes there is but one solution: he needs to remind her exactly how much he loves her. He knows that they were happiest when they practiced domestic discipline, and begins to attempt to get their marriage back on track. They need to make a change, and he believes that ‘DD boot camp’ will do them both a world of good. The question is, can he get Sadie to give him her consent all over again? Will she agree that what she desperately needs is for him to be back in charge?

* * * * *


His eyebrows knitted together and his mouth turned downward. “Sarah Marie.”

It had been a long, long time since he’d called her by her full name—since he’d said it in that one more misstep voice that told her she was on thin ice. Her pulse picked up and her belly knotted in nervous anticipation. An apology leapt to her lips, but she swallowed it back. She’d show him she wasn’t scared. She’d show him what she thought of his idle threats. “Robert Pattrick,” she retorted, mimicking his stern expression.

“Young lady!” he barked, his nostrils flaring.

Her heart leapt into her throat. Suddenly, it didn’t seem like he was playing and pushing him no longer seemed very wise. Still, even with her insides all knotted up in trepidation, she couldn’t help but notice how hot Robert was. His blue eyes were bright and his jaw clenched—it was a sight that used to be all too familiar, and her body reacted as if it had never forgotten. Her bottom began to tingle, as if in preparation of what was to come and her fight or flight instinct began to rev up. She was leaning heavily toward flight, at the moment. Assuming she was given the chance.

“I don’t know when you began to think that it was OK for you to talk to me like this,” he admonished firmly, “but I think you need a reminder of who makes the rules in this family.”

Flight! Flight! Her body screamed at her. She scrambled to get off the bed, but she got tangled up in the sheets and Robert was too quick for her. In seconds, it seemed, he’d caught her hand and yanked her face-down across his knees.

“What do you think you’re doing?” she demanded, scissoring her legs for all she was worth.

“Wow, I know we’re both a little rusty, but I didn’t think you’d forget everything.”

“Very funny,” Sadie snapped, twisting and trying with all her might to escape his rock-hard thighs.

“I thought so. Glad you’re seeing the lighter side of things, for a change. Your behavior, however, has not been amusing. That’s something I’m going to change.”

“Robert, you can’t do this! You can’t just…just…”

“Spank you?” He guessed, sounding much too smug for her liking.

“Let me go, you jerk!” she spat.

“There you go with the rustiness again. See, Sadie from a year ago would have known better than to call her husband names. Particularly when she was over his lap.”

She craned her neck and glared at him with a look that could have thawed icicles in Alaska. “Let me go!”

“Tsk, tsk, tsk,” he clucked his tongue at her. “Maybe if you had said please. But with such bad manners, I don’t think I can even consider it.”

The pleasure he seemed to take in seeing her helpless and spitting-mad just irked her further. Yet, as much as she strained and fought, she didn’t come anywhere near close to getting away. Damn her short genes! Damn her fragile, weak body! When she got away she was going to finally do that Jillian Michaels workout for her upper arms! Then she’d show him!

Robert waited patiently, doing nothing but watching her fight and struggle until she was wiped out. When she lay over his lap panting and still, he began to lecture.
“This attitude of yours lately has been uncalled for and it’s unacceptable. I know things have changed a lot around here, and I know you’re under stress, but I’m your husband. I want to be your partner, not your enemy.”

“You have a funny way of showing it,” she muttered, but all the rancor was gone from her voice. She was too tired for all that.

“I’m trying to get your attention, Sadie. And I’m doing it in the only way I know how.”

“Well, consider your goal accomplished. If you let me go, we can talk.”

“Nice try, but I like talking this way just fine. I have such a lovely view.”

She snorted in laughter before she could stop herself and Robert surprised her with a smack right on the center of her left cheek.

“I don’t think you’re taking this seriously.”


“You’re not going to talk your way out of this one, Sadie-girl. You’ve had this spanking coming for a long time, and you’re going to get it.”

Before she could think of a reply that might change his mind, he began spanking the seat of her shorts in earnest. It had been a long time—too long. She’d forgotten how much it hurt! Even though she had two layers of protection, somehow his hand still managed to cut through and punish her poor, clenching cheeks.

“This isn’t fair,” she moaned, spank after spank raining down.

“It isn’t? I’ll tell you what I don’t think is fair—the way you’ve been treating this family. You’re moody, you’re distracted and distant. The kids and I deserve better than that from you.”

She opened her mouth to answer, to defend herself, when she realized that she was defenseless. Yes, she had just had a baby. She’d had major surgery, and she was still in recovery, but that didn’t excuse the way she’d been pushing them away. Deep down, she knew that, which was why when she felt more painful, burning spanks land on her posterior, she whimpered and took it.


* * * * *




* * * * *


Nineteen-year-old Scarlett’s life in her daddy’s gentle, loving care is pretty close to perfect as far as she is concerned. Even when Colton spanks her bare bottom soundly for hiding traffic tickets, she knows that in the end he’ll take her in his arms and kiss all her tears away, and she’ll be his good girl again.

When Colton tells her he needs to travel for rodeo business and that he’s trusting her to be a big girl and stay home alone, Scarlett can’t wait to watch chick flicks and eat too much popcorn while holding down the fort. But then her two friends from college talk her into hosting a huge house party—with beer and boys and loud music—and she hesitantly agrees.

After Colton discovers what Scarlett has been up to, he sends a trusted friend to the house to deal with her naughty behavior in his absence. Before she knows it Scarlett is getting the spanking of her life, with more intimate, embarrassing punishments to follow, and she is soon feeling like a very sorry little girl indeed.

Upon coming home, Colton sets out to make sure that Scarlett never lies to him again, but he also makes sure his little girl knows that her daddy loves her more than she can possibly imagine, and though her punishment leaves her bottom sore both inside and out, Colton’s firm but loving discipline also leaves Scarlett feeling happier than ever to be kept by her cowboy daddy.

Publisher’s Note: Kept by Her Cowboy Daddy is the sequel to Her Cowboy Daddy. It is an erotic romance novel that contains spankings, sexual scenes, age play, anal play, elements of medical play, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

* * * * *

“I thought you and I just had a discussion about delaying last night.”

Scarlett’s eyes popped open, but before she could react, Aunt Tish was already sitting on the bed. No sooner had she sat down, she’d already pulled a wiggling, protesting Scarlett over her lap.

“Oh, so you’re awake now, are you? Fancy that.”

Before she could say anything to her defense—not that there was much she could say. Aunt Tish was unmovable like that—the spanks were already raining down on her pajama bottoms. They fell quickly, one after the other, right on the same spot at the center of her bottom. “I’m sorry!” she squealed, kicking her legs.

“Yes, I imagine you are,” came the crisp reply.

“Please stop! I’ll be good!”

“That’s what they all say.” The words were followed by spank after firm spank.

Yes, it was hard to imagine a man reining this woman in. Harder than any calculus problem she’d ever encountered.

“Are you going to be a good girl now?”

“Yes ma’am!” she cried out. “Please, I’ll be good now!”

“Very well.” Aunt Tish released her and watched as she leapt up and grabbed her burning bottom. She’d managed to renew the fire she’d lit yesterday and Scarlett wasn’t taking it well. “Now’s your chance to prove it.”


“I talked to your daddy this morning.”

How was it possible that even as she winced she wished she’d been the one to talk to him? How, even the prospect of talking to him made her come alive from the inside?

“I told him that you behaved rather well, after a time.”

Scarlett bit her lip. She didn’t imagine he liked hearing that and she knew she’d hear about it when he got home.

“And he expressed his desire that you be further chastised for your stunt yesterday evening.”

She swallowed hard. She knew that she would be punished when he got home, it hadn’t occurred to her that he would ask Aunt Tish to spank her again.

“Get those pajamas off, please. Be quick about it now.”

She didn’t have to be told twice. It hadn’t been even twenty-four hours in this lady’s presence and yet all protests and thoughts of modesty vanished. She stripped down as quickly as she possibly could, silently beaming at Aunt Tish’s nod of approval.

“Come with me, please.”

Scarlett followed behind dutifully, not even bothering to question where they were headed. She’d see soon enough.

Aunt Tish stopped in front of the bathroom and paused, gesturing her inside. Scarlett hesitated, but only for the fraction of an instant before she walked in. Aunt Tish followed at her heels and switched on the light which, this early in the morning, seemed much brighter than usual. It didn’t seem to bother Aunt Tish who began bustling around, opening drawers and rifling around. Scarlett was still blinking from the light when Aunt Tish moved back and began to explain the instruments in front of her.

There was really no explanation necessary. She knew what an enema kit looked like. Her mouth had gone dry at the sight of it which was why she kept silent while Aunt Tish talked.

“Your daddy thought that it was past time that you be given a good cleaning. And I have to say, after our little chat last night, I agree. You have to learn to take responsibility for your choices, Little One.”

Scarlett gulped, swallowing back all the fearful, pleading protests that sprung to her lips. She knew that no matter what she said, she’d be getting an enema, so better just take it and get it over with.

“Knickers down.”





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