WIP It Up Wednesday 2/10/16

Guess what day it is? It’s WIP It Up Wednesday!!! Yay!!!!


I’m still working hard on Maddy Mine. It’s surpassed its anticipated word count, which means, it’s longer than I thought it was going to be. I’m about 5 chapters from the end, at this point. So, woo hoo! There is an end in sight. I am on target to getting this finished this month.  (Please see the above Kermit the Frog gif once more.)

So, ready for this week’s sneak peek at what Maddy and Dominick are up to?


“Cold?” Dominick asked, his hawk eyes missing nothing.

“No, just thinking.” Poking at the pasteles—meat-filled cornmeal Hot Pocket-like pastries both cooked and served wrapped in giant leaves—on her plate, Maddy stole a look around the tavern.

They were the only guests dining here that she could see, but not the only people. It was a busy night in the make-believe town of Fleetwater. Half a dozen soldiers, decked out in the same historical uniforms Dominick had been given, gathered around the bar, laughing and drinking from pewter tankards. Their bright red vests offered flashes of color in between brown and white swish of the tavern wenches’ skirts as they topped off cups and brought more food. It was surprisingly gloomy, considering all the candles and lamps positioned on any and every surface flat enough to accommodate one. One had to look extremely closely to notice, despite their flickering, the candles were electronic and not real flames—something the insurance agents on this practice tour were likely only too quick to notice upon setting foot in each and every establishment.

“About?” Dominick pressed.

She poked her meat pastry again. “Nothing.”

Putting his fork down, Dominick wiped his hands and mouth on his napkin, clearing his throat once as he took care to make sure both mustache and beard were tidy before reaching into his pocket.

“No,” Maddy groaned. “No, no, no. Ple-ease!” Her breath caught on a squeak when she heard the click and felt the immediate hum of the vibrating egg strategically nestled deep inside abruptly come to life. She clutched both her fork and a fistful of her silvery skirts, and tried simply to withstand. “Oh!”

“You haven’t had more than two bites of your supper,” he noted as he calmly resumed eating. “If you’re still thinking about the lack of carrots on this island, I’m going to put you across my knee.”

As if she’d fit. Maddy knew better than to say that aloud, however. He had a very broad lap; she’d fit; he’d make sure of it. He had an even broader hand; one so skilled at building fires in the bottoms of soon-to-be penitent women that she probably wouldn’t even notice how many knotholes existed in the floorboards not two inches from the end of her nose. He’d make sure of that too.

“I’m not thinking about carrots,” she swore, scooting all the way forward in her chair. She’d hoped shifting her perch to the very edge of her seat might change where the egg was humming, but it didn’t. No matter how she moved, it seemed tucked right up against her clit, albeit from the inside out. If anything, she felt the erotic vibration that much more intensely. “Ooo,” she moaned under her breath. “You’re killing me.”

“Only little deaths,” he promised between bites.

* * * * *

I hope you enjoyed this week’s WIP It Up snippet. 🙂 Don’t forget to Click here to check out what all the other talented authors are doing in their current works.

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  1. YAY!!! Kermit! ok mad moment over. For a dungeon Master, Master Dominick is turning out to also be quite sensual, if devious & sadistic lol. Poor Maddy.

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