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Before I launch right into the next Masters of the Castle: Maddy Mine snippet, I’d like to ask a question. Often in the course of writing a book, there are scenes that just don’t make it into the final draft of the story. I have one such scene in this one. I’m wondering, is anyone interested at all in reading a chapter’s worth of this story which will never been seen once the book is actually published? Let me know in the comments if you are.

Also, I said I’d get the blurb done. Um…guess what I didn’t do. Bad Maren. Bad! No biscuit! No spankings either!

* * * * *

“What did you expect?” Lowering himself to perch on the edge of a small table (nailed to the floor, thank god—that made it the only thing on this entire ship currently not moving), Dominick folded his arms across his chest and stretched out his legs, bracing against the rocking floor. Frowning, he sighed across the hold and through the bars of the brig in which Maddy had been detained. He hadn’t really meant for them to clap her in irons, but damn if they hadn’t found some manacles and done it. Sitting in a sulky heap in a dark corner of the completely empty cell, Maddy glared back at him. Her knees were drawn up to her chest, her arms hugged around them, her bound wrists held together, a length of heavy chain dangling down her shin, clinking softly with every lurching back and forth sway of the ship.

She didn’t answer him with her mouth, but ‘drop dead’ was written all over her unsmiling face.

Dominick sighed again, laughed though it wasn’t funny, and then tried a different track. “Do you know what an investor does?”

“I’m not an idiot,” she deadpanned. Not promising, but at least she was talking to him. “Of course, I do.”

“Do you know what an investor’s wife does?”

“Off the top of my head?” she countered. “Walks around the Caribbean looking for as many different ways to be a pain in my ass as she possibly can.”

“Close,” he allowed. “Except it’s not your ass on the line here. It’s Rosa’s, and when you rock her boat it becomes mine. Now I have to go up there—” He pointed through the ceiling to the top deck. “—and make-nice kissy-face with her until she agrees to drop the charges.”

“It’s all part of the job description, right?”

He couldn’t just read ‘drop dead’ on her face, now it was underscored, italicized, and bold. He laughed again. It was even less funny now than before. “Yes,” he eventually agreed. “It is.”

The first tiny crack appeared in her sullen mask. Beneath her anger, he caught his first glimpse of unhappy regret. Then she looked away, swallowed hard, and when she looked back again, her anger was back and her mask bolstered firmly into place. “Then what are you doing down here?”

“Fortunately for me, she is already preoccupied.”

“Found someone else to piss off, did she?”

“Not exactly.” Halfway rolling his eyes, Dominick looked to the ceiling and tried not to be irritated by what he knew was happening above deck. “As appealing as some might fight the idea of being pleasurably plundered on the high seas, I don’t think Rosa quite thought this resort through. Right now, as we speak, half the crew and all the guests—Tessa most certainly included—are lined up along the rails, tossing their breakfasts to the waves. In fact, the only one seeming unaffected by the motions of the ocean is Emil, and that’s because I suspect he remembered his Dramamine.”

Maddy let her mask slip again, this time to a sympathetic wince. “That explains the faint ralphing noises I keep thinking I hear.” She frowned at him. “You don’t seem all that affected, either.”

For the first time since coming aboard the Glory Ho, Dominick smiled and meant it. Pushing off the table, he managed a mostly straight walk over to the cage before taking hold of collar of his shirt and shrugging out far enough to show off his motion sickness patch. “Be prepared,” he drawled. “It is the Boy Scouts’ marching song.”

For the first time since coming aboard the Glory Ho, when Maddy laughed he was inclined to think she meant it too. “Oh, like you were ever a Boy Scout,” she scoffed.

“From Webelos to Eagle Scout,” he confirmed, granting her a relaxed three-fingered salute.

Her chain clinked as she raised her hands to her mouth. Stunned, she stared at him a moment, then laughed. “And then Scout master, I suppose?”

“Nope. Stripper,” he corrected, while she barked another startled laugh. “A slight change in uniform,” he acknowledged, then winked. “But only until I ripped it off.”

* * * * *

Don’t forget to answer my question in the comments: Is anyone interested in reading the deleted scene which will not be published in the book?

And, as always, don’t forget to check out what all the other incredibly talented authors in this week’s WIP It Up Wednesday are doing. Simply click here to check out their blogs. And thanks so much for stopping by!

14 thoughts on “WIP It Up Wednesday 2/3/16

  1. This keeps getting better and better! Cant wait till I know why Maddy’s all shackled up! They have great chemistey our Dark Master D and fiery sub! 🙂 he’s really met his match there. Well I do hope its still march for release, Maren!

    I’ve got the perfect song for Maddy – upcoming artist Alex Vargas “Shackled up” LOL

    And yes – I. Want. More! I’m not picky – all scenes even the ones you delte for now! Keeps me gessing and impatient for this hot hot story!

  2. I will love to read delated scenes. I don’t read a lot of exerpt because I love surprises when I read but delated scenes are an abolute yes.

  3. YES PLEASE Mrs Smith – i would love to read any bits from any & all your books that never made the final cut! – you could start a page on your blog here for them! It is such a shame to cut a scene from any story when you have worked so hard writing it, they should not be deleted or thrown away. i am sure i am not your only fan who would LOVE to read it & more!

  4. Deleted scenes are fun. They always make you wonder ‘why?’ and sometimes they make you say, ‘oh damn’ this is seriously naughTy, it really should have been in the book.
    You’ve got me hungry for more Maren ☺

  5. Loved the ‘Do you know what an investor’s wife does’ comment LOL! Poor old Maddy, though. Wrapped in thick manacles, left in the depths of ship… a sitting duck to any delicious scallywag that might come across her 😀 Okay – what happens next!!

  6. Boy scouts to stripping–that is great. I always love reading stuff that didn’t make into the final draft. Great scene. 🙂

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