Wip It Up Wednesday 1/27/16

Welcome to yet another WIP It Up Wednesday! I’m still hard at work on the next Masters of the Castle: Maddy Mine, although I am coming closer and closer to the end of it. Woot! Ready for the next Master Dominick fix? You know you are! 😉


Now, I will confess: People keep asking, but I don’t yet have a cover to show off, I haven’t written a book description, and I do not have a release date (mostly because I don’t think my publisher knows this book is coming). Yeah, yeah. I know. Bad Maren! No biscuit! I promise, I will try to get at least a story description done in time for next week’s update.

* * * * *

Unable to bear it, Maddy spoke first. “Are you mad?”

His head tipped, but he didn’t turn around. “Damn straight.”

Her hands worried at one another, twisting and twisting at her own fingers, her bottom clenching so hard she swore she could already feel the upcoming spanking she surely had earned. And yet, in a little girl voice, she couldn’t help but ask, “Are you mad at me?”

This time he did turn around. He stared back at her perplexed, although that confusion soon melted away. It left him looking very tired. Like…well, a man who’d just punched a shark.

“No, sweetheart.” He came to her, his hands settling on her shoulders. “I’m not mad at you. This wasn’t your fault.”

“How can you not be mad at me?” she blurted, suddenly desperate for him to see just how guilty she was in all this. “I shouldn’t have gone with them! I should have known better than to leave the resort. Certainly, when Tessa joined us I should have turned straight around and come back!”

“You had no way of knowing you were in any kind of trouble until it happened,” he assured, his hands gliding up from her shoulders to her throat.

Maddy turned her face away, not liking the way his thumbs brushed so gently along her jawline and nowhere near ready to be forgiven. “I could have got you killed.” She covered her mouth, as if just saying such a thing might somehow make it more real.

“Look at me.” He tried to make her, but she pushed his hands away and even tried to pull completely from his reach. Rather than force her to stay, he let go, but he didn’t look happy about it. He breathed in, a deep steadying breath, and when she backed away, he followed her. “Are you done beating yourself up about this, or do you need me to help you get past it?”

She swung to face him again, startled. “What do you mean?”

A corner of his mouth curled. “You know exactly what I mean.”

She fell back a step when he took one towards her, but only the one. After that, she stiffened her legs and her back, fighting hard to ignore the sudden influx of nervous flies that overwhelmed her stomach. Worse, was the urge she had to reach behind her and touch her already tensing bottom. He was experienced enough, he probably knew exactly what he was doing to her. The other side of his mouth turned up now too as he closed the distance between them, stopping much closer than she was prepared for him to be.

“Do you need me,” he asked with such manufactured gentleness, “to punish you so you can stop punishing yourself for something that was in no way your fault?”

Maddy stared at him, that nervous spark inside her growing into real fear. Not of him; she didn’t think she had it in her to be afraid of him, but of what he would do if she said yes. Did she even want to say yes? Unbidden the memory of those five swats with his belt that morning returned. If she touched those two remaining welts, she could still feel a whispering echo of how much those strokes had hurt, but it was such a minor sensation compared to what the actual spanking had been like. Her knees began to tremble, dipping weakly in and out. She tried to shake her head, but when her mouth opened to refuse, what came spilling out of her was a much more terrifying and trembling, “Y-yes. I-I think so.”

Dear god, what had she just committed herself to? Staring up at him with huge eyes, she covered her mouth with both hands again.

“Fine,” he said, and with such a mix of authority and acceptance that for one crazy moment every thought Maddy held suddenly scattered, leaving behind only emptiness…and relief. It was such a strong feeling; it stole the breath right out of her chest, leaving her shaken all the way down to her toes, and yet…

And yet a thin tendril of warmth budded low down in her belly. That tingle of trepidation crawled across her welted buttocks, intensifying and extending down the backs of her thighs and moving up into the shadowy space between. She shivered again as it infiltrated her, phantom fingers that played along her slit at complete odds with the dread for what she knew was coming.

She jumped a little when he moved, but it wasn’t to take her arm or turn her around or even to remove his wide black leather belt. Instead, he held out his hand.

“Panties,” he said. She stared from his hand to him, not moving until he added, “Take them off, Maddy. You’ve lost the right to wear them. Right now, come on.”

That tickle between her legs became centered, unbelievably focused within her now pulsing clit. Lost the right to wear them? She looked at his waiting hand, her gaze slipping past it to his belt buckle. Her scattered thoughts regrouped just enough for her to put two and two together. She’d have to take off her shorts in order to remove her underwear. He would be standing right here, watching while she bared herself in front of him, becoming every bit as vulnerable to his sight as she would be to his whim.

“I’m not going to count to three,” he told her, that slight smile still curling his lips but now dancing alongside that stormy darkness growing once more in the brown of his eyes. “I’m not even going to count to one.” Snapping his fingers, he pointed from her shorts to the ground.

Was it going to be another five strokes, or was it going to be more than that? Hands shaking, Maddy untied the wet sleeves of her sweater from around her waist. Uncertain if it was possible to even survive more than five, she looked around for a place to put it. It seemed so disrespectful to just drop it, a wet heap of dirty white yarn on the security room floor. Right now, disrespectful was the last thing she wanted to be.

Taking it from her numb hands, Dominick solved the problem by tossing her sweater over the back of the nearest empty chair. Robbed of any further delay and afraid of how much worse things might get if he had to snap at her again, Maddy unfastened her shorts. The bottom hem of her tank top barely came down as far as the waist elastic of her lacy pink underwear. Sliding her shorts down her legs, she stepped out and straightened slowly. A woefully inadequate shield, she held the beige cloth against her hips. It didn’t hide her very well. She’d never felt so exposed in front of a man in her life.

* * * * *

Hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s sneak peek!

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24 thoughts on “Wip It Up Wednesday 1/27/16

  1. I can’t wait to find out exactly what she did that warrants that spanking! And then I’m going to try really hard not to be jealous that she’s getting it, too.

    • That’s the hard part, isn’t it? lol Not being jealous. I’ve put a LOT of my own Dom into Dominick, which in some cases has made him incredibly easy to write. In others, I’m afraid I may have given my Dom ideas.

  2. Maddy! You just landed yourself with a spanking that you could have avoided! Can’t help but wonder what she did…? And whether the spanking will be anywhere near as bad as she fears. I do appreciate her dilemma though – sometimes when you do something awful, you just want a way to escape from your guilt. Lovely snippet, Maren 🙂

  3. WOW, Maren! Suspense, need and a Dom in full Dom mode! Hope You’ll get the cover chosen, alerting your editor – cause We are really hooked! LOL awaiting yet another great book! Is it please please dont release it march 30! Cant read that Day!

  4. Damn Mrs Smith, i totally get the emotion in this clip – the needing a spanking to remove the guilt – but being scared of what it details – poor Maddy though a belting & spanking in one day! – We want a cover, a story description & a release date or i’m with holding all cookies!!!

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