It’s ‘WIP It Up Wednesday’ Time!!

I was running all over the States this last week and forgot entirely about getting signed up for this week’s WIP It Up Wednesday, but oh well….

Here’s the next sneak peek at my current project Master of the Castle: Maddy Mine.

* * * * *

Her need to get distance between them soaring beyond her ability to contain, Maddy yanked back out of his grip. She had no idea where on this island she was supposed to go, but she grabbed her purse off the end of the bed and one of the three pairs of shoes still lying in her partially unpacked suitcase. She didn’t stop to put them on before making a beeline for the bedroom patio door.

“Maddy, damn it,” he growled. Growled! As if she were the one being unreasonable here! For the second time, she slammed (still without meaning too; her hands wouldn’t stop shaking) the sliding glass door just as fast as she was through it. Dominick had it open again before she took that first leaping, barefoot step off the sandstone tiles onto the walkway. “I said, stop!”

But she didn’t. Breathing hard, Maddy quickened her pace. She made it as far as the next apartment before he caught her arm again. But this time when he spun her around, as if with a mind all its own, her hand—with one daisy-dotted flipflop and one beige sneaker (because damn if she hadn’t grabbed two completely different shoes in her haste to run away) still dangling from her fingers—lashed out. She slapped him full across the cheek.

That blow stopped him and shocked her so badly she dropped both her shoes and her purse. For the second time in one day, the contents scattered. She could hear the tink-tink-tok of a plastic lipstick case bouncing end-over-end off the tiles and into the plant bed, but she didn’t dare take her eyes off him long enough to go looking for it. They stared at one another, her eyes as huge as dinner plates, appalled by what she’d just done. His narrowed, growing dark as thunderclouds while that flush of rosy pinkness lit up the entire left side of his face.

She’d never hit anyone, ever, not once in all her life. The shame of having done so now rocked her, dissolving her anger and leaving her with nothing but that awful shaking to keep her rooted in front of him.

“I’m so terribly sorry!” she whispered, but apologizes couldn’t undo the damage and the next thing she knew, he had them both off the walkway and into the manicured flower bed.

The rough bark of a citrus tree bumped up hard against her back. She caught her breath; there simply wasn’t time for her to do anything else before his mouth crashed down hard upon hers in the most brutal of kisses. He stole her only breath, conquered it and made it his with the same measure of savagery that buckled her rapidly weakening knees. The bruising grip of his hands on her upper arms abandoned her, but only so he could shift his hold. He grabbed her ass just as fiercely, his fingers digging in, scrubbing her up against that tree as he jerked her right off her tiptoes and yanking her hips into hard contact with his.

She caught his shoulders for balance, but instead of finding stability, he lifted her all the way off her feet. She didn’t fall. With the tree at her back, the sheer size of him kept her pinned.

“No,” she panted against his hungry mouth. “Put me down. I’m too heavy.”

His right hand left her ass, but he didn’t put her down. She barely dropped an inch before it came cracking back into her in a single stinging swat that made her gasp all over again. His next kiss stole that breath too and between the smarting hurt of that spank and the disciplinary squeeze that followed as his fingers dug back into the swells of her bottom, it made her squirm. He hadn’t even told her to turn around first. How could anyone spank so hard without needing a windup first? She almost felt betrayed.


His teeth caught her bottom lip, a nip that could so easily have hurt but which never quite went that far. “Call me by my name,” he demanded, still growling, still dark as a storm. The hard jut of his very aroused cock ground through all the layers of their clothes against her pussy, already pulsing, swelling, heating with liquid fire.

She melted. “Dominick…”

10 thoughts on “It’s ‘WIP It Up Wednesday’ Time!!

  1. My co-worker Mireya read it and was like “OMG you slapped him.” And I was like, “I know! I mean I never thought I’d slap him.” Then another co-worker says “Y’all know this isn’t actually real, right?” So I hand it to her to read and afterwards she was like “OMG! You slapped him.” And I was like, “I know. I mean I never thought I’d slap him.”

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