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Get ready for another Master of the Castle – Maddy Mine sneak peek! (If this is the first sneak peek you’ve seen on this, it’s probably because you’re not following me on Facebook. Sadly, I am a LOT more active on Facebook than I am here. Bad Maren! No more spankings for you!)

This is from the next Masters of the Castle book, Maddy Mine, which features Master Dominick and our own dear Maddy Cameron because…well…be careful what you wish for. 🙂


Legs shaking, Maddy jumped up again and again, Dominick stopped her with a snap of his fingers. Her feet obeyed despite her brain. She wanted so badly to leave and yet she couldn’t make them move until, with even greater authority than before, he pointed to her chair. Something in the way he held his gaze said this was the last time he’d make this request without consequence. Her bottom tingled, apprehension prickling through all the layers of her skin. The longer she stood there, the more that sensation intensified until, hands shaking just a bit, Maddy returned to her chair and sat back down.

“Look at me,” he said, no trace of a smile anywhere about him now.

She tried, but it was very, very hard to hold his stare. Not doing as he ordered, however, was equally hard. The end result was obedience delivered through snatching glances that returned to him only to dart away, again and again, while her hands picked at one another in her lap.

“Do I need to stand you up?” he asked, one finger tapping out a warning along the edge of his plate.

That wasn’t what he was really asking though. What he was really saying, was: Did she want him to flex his authority and make her not just stand but turn around, and bend over, presenting her bottom so he could lay into it with one or two or however many disciplinary swats he thought appropriate when delivered in a venue as public as this one.

Did she want that? Mortification burned her face and all that dreadful tingling that had been playing across the surface of her bottom suddenly relocated, shooting straight down to that shadowy point between her tightly clenched legs. It made her feel scared. It made her feel reckless, too.

“Stand up, sit down,” she grumbled. She ought to keep her mouth shut and she knew it, but she’d long since hit that point of being no longer able to. “Make up your mind, why don’t you? All this up and down is getting boring.”

“Fine.” Dominick tossed his napkin onto the table beside his plate. “Up.”

Maddy stabbed a strawberry with her fork. Otherwise she didn’t move. At least, not until he shoved back his chair and stood up beside her. That was when she noticed the way he was frowning at her and suddenly what he was began to take on ominous undertones. Maddy’s irritation died abruptly. All too late, warning bells began to toll inside her head. “I…I was just kidding.”

“Too bad, because I’m not. Up.” Arms at his sides, the finger of one hand flicked repeatedly at its opposing thumb; the only hint he offered to what he was truly feeling under the expressionless mask he wore. “I’m not going to tell you again, Maddy mine. Obey me, right now, or I’m going to take it to the next level. How badly do you want to go there? You have three seconds to decide.”

When he unhooked the bullwhip from his belt and set it on the table, the bottom fell right out of Maddy’s stomach.

“I’m not going to use that,” he said. She was almost reassured until she noticed he was unbuckling his belt. He pulled it free of his pants before palming the ends. With that length of well-worn leather dangling from his hand, all of Maddy’s earlier irritation disappeared. It was now entirely replaced by panic.

Adjusting his grip above the buckle, he answered her unspoken question with a grim and unapologetic, “Yes. This one, I am going to use.”

* * * * *

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19 thoughts on “WIP it up Wednesday

      • LOL – just look at the percentage of MotC up at 72 now! Soooo I’m hoping for march tada!!! Cant wait till the Dark Master of the dungeon meters his special lady 🙂 oh and a good Felding Music today is pure Danish : Patrick Dorgan “Marilyn”

  1. The bullwhip!I think I might have lost the bottom of my stomach, too! But as much as I love the belt, it can be pretty deliciously evil in its own way 🙂 I sense someone’s rear is about to suffer. Roll on next week! I wanna know what happens next..

  2. why is it we never keep our mouths shut till it’s too late, but then maybe it’s because we want what Maddy’s about to get! Glad to see you back Mrs Smith

  3. I’m sorry that I’m late. This week has been a bit crazy. To be honest, most of my weeks here lately have been crazy. I don’t keep up my website/blog well either. Great scene. I love last line. I can’t wait for more. 🙂 🙂

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